We’ve all been there. You walk into your bedroom and it lacks inspiration. You’re bored of the same old layout and unimaginative carpet. You don’t experience any joy looking at the color of the walls. It’s time to redecorate. 


Luckily, redecorating a bedroom can be a rewarding experience. For one thing, it can give you a better night’s sleep because you’ll feel more excited about going to bed. Generally, the space will have more positive energy. So, what are the key things to consider when redecorating a bedroom?  


Color scheme

The first thing you should think about when redecorating a bedroom is the color scheme. This will influence every other decision you make during the process. Wall color is the most important: as this is the room you sleep in, pick a color that will make you feel calm and relaxed. When it comes to painting, you’ll need to make sure that you lay down cloths or papers and avoid splattering your skirting boards (check out those from skirtings r us). Generally, picking colors that complement each other and don’t clash is the most important, so make sure you do your research, make a color board and try out some combinations before choosing. 



A bedroom should be without chaos. Being where you sleep, it’s important for the room to feel as tidy and stress-free as possible. If there are dirty clothes all over the floor or the space feels cluttered, this could enter your subconscious state and impact the way you sleep. So, when decorating, it’s important to consider your storage options and consider ways to keep the space tidy. This might mean adapting a storage unit or shelves, or getting a bed with inbuilt storage. Whatever you pick, make sure it works for you and allows you to keep the space tidy, organized and efficient.  



A bedroom must also be comfy. That’s a necessity. It’s no good having a beautifully organized bedroom that looks wonderful if you can’t sink into the pillows and truly relax there. So, make sure everything you pick has your comfort and relaxation as its priority. Is that designer bed with a water mattress going to give you the best night’s sleep? Or will you be more comfortable with something more universal and basic, which prioritizes comfort over appearance?  



Good lighting is essential in all rooms in a house, but it’s especially important in a bedroom. Lighting impacts relaxation, so you’ll need to make sure that you pick lighting options that allow you to relax. This might mean lamps that have dimming options, or the ability to change a setting depending on your mood. You might also want a reading light for when you just can’t put down that book before bed. Natural light is also another thing to consider. It’s important to make sure that you have good quality curtains or blinds that won’t allow the daylight to wake you up before you’re ready.

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