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How You Can Have More Fun Starting Today

Do you wish you lived a life filled with fun, instead of a life filled with existential dread? Perhaps you wish you could be more laid back, but you feel like something is stopping you. Below, we’ll take a look at how you can have more fun, starting today. Remember, fun should be practiced just like anything else!


Do Something That Scares You

Doing things that scare you may not seem like fun initially, but you will love how they make you feel afterwards. Whether it’s speaking to somebody you like or taking part in a press up competition, try it! You will learn from it whatever happens. 


Stay Mindful 

Staying mindful of each moment will not only allow you to live in it, it’ll help you to see what moments require your seriousness and which you can be more lighthearted in. You don’t need to take everything so seriously! Have fun with everything you do, whether you’re speaking to a client at work or getting dressed. Wear a funky piece of jewelry. Share a joke. You won’t die! 


Do One Thing You Really Enjoy

Choose one thing you really enjoy to do today. It might be painting, reading, or even singing at the top of your lungs in the shower. You should aim to do at least one thing you really enjoy every day. 


Do Something Spontaneous 

Why not do something spontaneous? Go out for lunch with a friend or even head to a broad way show! Let the infographic below decide for you. 


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