Feltman Brothers Holiday Collection

Make your little one’s 1st Christmas extra special with a Feltman Brothers dress. This holiday dress has vintage inspired design and beautiful intricate hand-embroidery. The delicate holiday colors are the perfect pop of holiday spirit against the perfect crisp white. Classy French lace along the color makes this piece extra fancy for those special holiday occasions. A coordinating boy’s creeper makes for adorable “twinning” for families of multiple kiddos. Be sure to check out the rest of Feltman Brothers distinctive collection for authentic and timeless fashion for babies and toddlers!

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BirdRock Baby

BirdRock Baby offers certified organic clothing for babies and the cutest moccasins you’ll ever see. They have products for both boys and girls, and a lot of patterns to choose from. All of their products come with a lifetime guarantee, which is so great when dealing with kids clothing and/or shoes. For every BirdRock Baby item that is sold, they donate food for one day to a child in need. How awesome that you can give a gift that you choose to someone you know and then know that a child in need is getting food from that purchase. An amazing blessing, especially around the holidays.

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MamaMayI Sight and Sounds Cards

Mama May I is a handmade shop dedicated to making learning into play and encouraging playing to learn. Their crafted toys are made of high quality natural materials and are designed with developing brains and exploring hands in mind. Mama May I toys allow children from birth to elementary to use their imagination by playing with open ended toys that are simple yet engaging. In addition, their research based designs help children of all ages develop and exercise fine motor skills and explore the world around them. Mama May I’s baby collection has toys that cultivate brain development and babbling fun! Sight and Sounds Cards are one of Mama May I’s toys that are perfect for baby starting from day one. Each hand crafted card has a high contrast black and white print side, great for little eyes and growing brains. The reverse side has one of six colors and a different texture to be explored and investigated. When shaken, each card has a different musical sound, making it a fun reward for busy moving hands. The Sight and Sounds Cards are a sweet whimsical gift that will grow with new baby from the start!

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KeaBabies All-in-1 Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby wearing is such a great way to bond and connect with a new baby. If you know someone who is pregnant or just had a baby, this carrier is a great gift idea. This wrap is breathable, versatile, and super stretchy. Some of the versatile options include, but are not limited to: baby sling, postpartum belt, nursing cover, baby swaddle blanket. Available in 11 color options, you’re sure to find one that you like. The one size fits all wrap carrier will bring the gift of bonding with baby to any new mom (or dad) you know.

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Develop, Observe, Learn, Create, Educate. These are all things we want for our growing kiddos. Sensory skills can be developed with the wide variety of textured fabrics used on the products. Colors will be observed and cause and effect will be learned through the different activities provided by the toys. Creating a fun learning experience is easy when planning with the variety of toys offered. Educating through play is one of the best ways for kiddos to learn; these Dolce toys are perfect for this type of learning. 

DOLCE Pull Along Color Snail

This adorable and brightly colored snail is perfect for growing toddlers. The pull toy will allow the kiddo to practice walking as well as learning cause and effect. The shell of the snail uncoils and reveals lots of different learning toys in individual pockets. The learning activities included on the snail include: mirror, crinkle squeakers, and teathers. Not only are bright colors included on the snail, but much of the snail is black and white too. This is good for baby eyes and seeing contrasting colors. The color snail is great for infants and toddlers. 

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DOLCE Sensory Dragonfly

This beautiful dragonfly can be hung from your stroller or crib, or anywhere! Not only is this toy visually stimulating for baby, but it will stimulate their hearing too. With lots of different fabrics, colors, textures, and sounds, baby will be fully engaged when playing. Features of the dragonfly include: waterfall beads, teether, crinkle wings, and ribbon tags. Not to mention the different colors and fabrics used to make this dragonfly bright and colorful. This dragonfly is great for little babies!

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EMF Radiation Protection Blanket

Protection from EMF Radiation is important for all. This blanket is filled with multiple layers of shielding so that it blocks up to 100% of wireless radiation. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic on the cloth exterior due to the 100% organic bamboo. This blanket is super soft. A great gift for an expecting mom, the blanket is perfect to use for pregnancy and maternity. Keep little baby safe with the radiation blocking blanket. 

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Lullabuddy portable music player

This portable music player and speaker is loaded with two hours of Mae Robertson’s award-winning lullabies and love songs. Small enough for portable use, the speaker can be taken anywhere. This way, when baby is fussy, calmness is just a push of a button away. Not only is Lullabuddy a lifesaver, but it’s easy to use; anyone will be able to figure out how to get it to work. The speaker can be played for up to 18 hours and has a shuffle play option. Just simply press play! Allow the stress and fatigue to fade quickly as the Lullabuddy brings peace and calm into the home.

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Cali’s Books

Kids love books, and books are such a great gift for anyone. Cali’s Books are unique in that they use sound to develop skills. While reading books kids can listen to classics like The Nutcracker and Mozart, and more fun songs like Jingle Bells and Patty Cake. Reading is such an important skill for kids to learn, so why not start them at a young age. These books will engage kids of all ages and will inspire them to love to read. 

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Baby Banana Brush

After a terrible fall involving a little mouth and a hard toothbrush, Baby Banana came to life. These baby toothbrushes were created to keep the mouths of children safe and to prevent injuries due to hard plastic impaling the mouth. The new Mystical Dragon and are made from 100% flexible, food-grade silicone. This reduces the risk of mouth injury enormously. Brushes massage the teeth and gums gently, acting as a teether. This develops good oral hygiene habits early in children. The brushes are dishwasher and freezer safe, and BPA, latex, and phthalate free – super safe for kiddos! Give this fun gift go a new baby, and their mouths will be grateful!

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The floor under the dinning room table is probably a lot messier than we all would like. This SplatMat is the perfect solution. Durable and reusable, floors will be sticky no more. Simply place the mat under a child’s chair or high chair to catch spilled food. When it gets messy, shake it out outside or wipe it down with a dame cloth. This mat perfect for travel and can fit into diaper bags , purses, backpacks, and more. An extra large size gives the floor great coverage, ensuring that the mess stays on the mat. Not only is this mat great for using under the chair at the table, but it doubles as a protector during art projects. The multipurpose mat is great for not only babies, but toddlers and beyond!

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Founded on adventure, the Humble-Bee brand creates products that go with you. Staying active and engaged requires high quality products that won’t wear out quickly; that’s what Humble-Bee strives for. This Free Spirit Diaper Backpack is made especially for the active parent. The bag is ultra-lightweight and super durable. Fully machine washable and easy to wipe clean, this bag will stay looking sharp for a long time. The interior of the bag includes many pockets and sleeve for a tablet or laptop. Lots of exterior pockets are included to keep essentials accessible. One side of the bag features a large insulated pocket on that fits up to two bottles. Accessories included with the bag include: 1 hot and cold gel pack, 1 extra large changing pad, 2 detachable, reflective stroller straps, and 1 changing kit for wipes, diaper, and/or diaper sack roll storage. This bag is seriously top of the line and durable. Any parent would love for their baby to receive this bag.

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New baby’s call for new clothes. And not just new clothes, but CUTE, new clothes. ZippyJamz creates their clothes with thoughtful details throughout them. Their clothing line is made from premium GOTS organic cotton and designed with fully-lined YKK zippers. Food-grade silicone grips cover the feet, making slipping much less likely for kiddo. The best part about these pjs though, the two zipper design. This unique, paten-pending design makes diaper changing super convenient. The first zipper, like many sleepers, is along the front making dressing baby easy. The second zipper is sewn along the inseam. so in the middle of the night, babies stay warm and almost fully covered in their sleepy state. This design allows  diaper changes to be quick and easy for parents and cozy and comfortable for baby.

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Evolved Parent Company

Founded with a simple mission in mind – making the lives of parents just a little simpler. Just what every parents what, isn’t that right? After their daughter, the creators of the company took baby products and made them better. The tasks that happen on a daily basis with kiddos have been made simpler, faster, and better with The Evolved Parent Company.

The Super Spoon

This baby spoon is specially designed to help assist children scoop food at any angle. The special angle and design encourages babies to learn self-feeding. Gentle on gums and teeth, this spoon features a deep scoop made with soft, flexible food-grade silicone. That means the spoon is BPA-free, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe. Freezer friendly, the super spoon is a teether too! The spoon is a great gift for new parents or for newly eating kiddos.

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All babies could use a good teether, and this box set is nothing but extraordinary. With two set options to choose from – animals and fruit, these 6 fun shaped teethers are all you’ll need. For boys or girls, this accessory set is great for teething kids. Sensory stimulation is also encouraged because they are the perfect size for little hands. The teethers are BPA-free and made with food-grade silicone. This top-quality material is safe for all and very gentle on baby’s gums. Keeping them clean is as easy as throwing them in the dishwasher – every parents dream.

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Baby Bottom Buddy

Mess free diaper changing is music to any parents ears. Parents can now apply diaper rash cream to baby’s bottom without getting cream and mess on their hands. Useful for applying and spreading any type of lotion, cream, or paste to baby’s bottom this tool really helps keep hands clean and bottoms smooth. The diaper cream applicator is made from gentle silicone that is antimicrobial and BPA-free silicone. Safe for baby and useful on sensitive skin. Baby Bottom Buddy can be reused over and over again, simply wash and refill with your favorite cream or lotion. This  is a helpful tool to keep on the changing table or throw in the diaper bag for on the go situations.

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The Elephant Organics

Created by a grandpa who really loves his granddaughter, The Elephant Organics offers high quality, beautiful clothing for babies. The high quality fabrics used in their clothing are eco-friendly and produced in an ethical way. Fair trade practices are utilized through the whole process; a pretty cool aspect of this brand. Fabrics are made with 100% cotton and bamboo. The super soft and stretchy fabric is perfect for a new baby’s skin. All of The Elephant Organics products are free of lead, phthalate, flame-retardant, and many of the chemicals listed under California’s Prop 65. The knot bottom gown is such an adorable newborn essential. This gown ties at the bottom and keeps baby snug and warm; not only that, but diaper changes are super easy too! Be sure to check out the other products on The Elephant Organics  website, they’re all seriously adorable.

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Cutie Pea

Diapers are a necessity when caring for a baby; wipes are too. Cutie Pea products are safe, eco hypoallergenic and made from bamboo. There are no harmful ingredients and no added fragrance; as well as no chlorine, latex, alcohol, dioxin, or phthalates. The Cutie Pea wipes are 100% biodegradable and the diapers are 87% biodegradable – degrading in just 2-3 months! No matter the size, each pack is filled with 30 diapers, and the wipes packs have 75 wipes. Give the gift that all parents and babies need with Cutie Pea eco-friendly products.

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Malarkey Kids – Chew Cube

This super fun modern rattle and teether is perfect for baby. Lots of sensors are stimulated with this teethers including: soft, textured teething edges for tender gums, large holes that are flexible to help with gripping, and a rattle that has a black and white pattern and mirrors to help with stimulating baby’s ears and eyes. The base of the teether is BPA and phthalate-free, and made from 100% food grade silicone. Lots of different colors are available too, so there is something for everyone. Parents will be thrilled with this modern cube for their kiddos.

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Mollie Ollie

This multipurpose organizer is not just for babies, but can be used by everyone in the family – it grows with baby! Having a diaper changing station in the living room? The caddy is perfect for that. Want to organize kids toys in the car, grab the caddy and fill it up. Need a place to keep your craft or sewing supplies? Use the organizer and keep it in an easily accessible location. The Mollie Ollie caddy is seriously so versatile, it will last a lifetime. Three main compartments with a removable velcro divider and seven easy access pockets on the outside of the caddy allow for tons of storage options. Additionally the caddy has a zippered pocket with organizing loops so things can stay put and protected. Made with 5mm heavy duty felt the organizer has strong, sturdy construction. Anyone – baby, kids, adults – will be thrilled to receive this organizer caddy. Use code : 10MamatheFox for 10% off your Mollie Ollie purchase!

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 Kid Proof

If you are having a baby or have a little one in the house then you are going to love Kid Proof. Kid Proof is a spray used to pre-treat cloth items to make it Kid Proof! Spills and messes are happening constantly. Drool, spit up, food, you name it and it will end up on your kids. Kid Proof is a protective spray used to help the items resist liquids. It is 100% safe around children and pets. By using innovative nanotechnology in a water cased carrier you can help safe those expensive baby items. Simply spray the fabric until saturated and wit 24 hours. It will not only help resist liquids but also protects again aberrations and offers US protection.

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Deep Dive Threads/Dinky Dives

Nerd parents assemble! Do you have a superhero in the womb or one who made their escape and is now in the world creating havoc? Deep Dive Threads is a well established online tee-shirt brand that MamatheFox has loved and worn for years. Deep Dive Threads gets that we parents love to get a laugh out of ironic tees and retro styles, so we would love to get the same reactions with our kids oneises. Start you child’s cosplay game strong with Deep Dive Threads. Their styles feature superheros, show characters, and movie characters.  We love the little onesies that turn our babies into Star Wars characters, Rebel Fighters, Spider-man, Beetlejuice, Chuckie, Anna and Elsa, Wreak It Ralph, Captain America, Doctor Who and more.

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Boppy is a pretty well know and well loved brand in the baby community. Their products range from baby necessities to mommy necessities. Boppy is a brand that any veteran, new, or expecting parent wants in their home.

ComfyFit Baby Carrier

This one size fits most baby carrier is perfect for all parents. The lightweight, soft fabric moves with parent and baby and supports any active lifestyle. Boppy’s carrier is designed simply and is super supportive, so no back pain comes with carrying baby. No infant insert is needed with this baby carrier, and babies 8-35 pounds can fit. The waist belt is padded and includes a zippered pocket to keep small items confidently at reach. Fully machine washable, this carrier is great for any parent with babies.

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Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow

This pillow is great for new babies, especially breastfeeding babies. Lifting baby into an ergonomic position for comfortable feedings, moms will be grateful and babies will gain more. The pillow provides relief to moms back and arms, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Babies can use the pillow as they grow because of the versatile design. It is made to be used for propping, tummy-time, and sitting. The pillow is fully machine washable, with a removable slipcover. Additional slip covers are available for purchase too, so if someone already has a pillow, grab a new cover for them!

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Moby Baby Wrap

The Moby brand creates high quality baby wraps that will last through multiple kids. Combining MOther and baBY, the name of the company and the brand itself are linked to babywearing. The wraps they create help keep baby close, calm, and happy; just what every mom and dad want. Moby has grown over the years and has now created carriers with newer fabrics and carrying options. Their designs, prints, and playful colors have allowed them to expand and win many awards. Made from stretchy cotton, this wrap is fully machine washable and super easy to take care of. The wrap holds babies 8-33 pounds and can be worn in the front or on the hip, with babies facing inward. Tutorials on the Moby website make it easy to learn how to wear the wrap.

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Being a busy mom means that you are always in the car and on-the-go. We recently found out about Tossits and we know that you are going to love them. Tossits are bags for trash in your car. You simply slide the holder around the headrest of your passenger seat (or where you desire). The bags are easy to access and can hold a good amount of trash before needing to be tossed.  Each set has 10 bags and are made from post industrial recycled material that is 100% recyclable. The perforated edge makes tearing off each bag easy, and the peel-to-use adhesive strip seals in the contents and smells after use. Not only will mom’s love this item but also those who drive a lot. You can also gift them business men and women who travel a lot for work. It just makes it easy to keep your car clean. MamatheFox thinks that this product is so perfect that she uses it in both her car and her husbands. It just makes sense to use Tossits.  When you try them out you will instantly see why they are a real game changer.

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Created after realizing parents didn’t know how to properly swaddle their babies, SwaddleDesigns allows you to properly swaddle baby so they are comfortable and sleep as well as they can. Swaddles, sacks, and baby essentials are all offered by SwaddleDesigns, and the majority of their products are sewn in Seattle, Washington. The Transitional Swaddle Sack is a bridge between a swaddle and a sleep sack. Some unique features of the swaddle sack include fold over mitten cuffs and a two-way zipper. But the most unique design of theirs is the ‘arms up’ design. This allows baby to self soothe by having access to their hands. This Transitional Swaddle Sack is perfect for new parents or a new baby. The Ergonomic design is great for babies and really allows them to sleep comfortably while being secure.

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  1. Feltman Brothers was one of the brands I bought often when my daughter was growing up. It is nice to see they are still making beautiful clothes for my grandmother.

  2. My brother and wife just added there final baby to their family this October. I love the idea of a first Christmas gift being a book like the Cali’s Books Nutcracker!

  3. The Feltman Brothers’ dress is exactly how I dressed my girls when they were little. So timeless and precious.

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