ikiki shoes

A dad with growing kids came up with ikiki shoes in 2009. He was actually an engineer looking for shoes that were healthy and fun for kids, and not just shrunken adult shoes. He understood kid feet are in the most important developmental stage of life, and therefore needed the correct support and design. ikiki has reimagined kid’s shoes and has used the best materials to make their products breathable, comfortable, and fun.


What makes these shoes extra unique is the built in adjustable squeaker. These shoes are great for in stores and parks when you are trying to multitask. Rather than looking for groceries and watching kids, you can actually look at what you are buying while listening to your child’s actions. Then with a simple flip of a switch you, or your child, can turn the squeaks off. So when heading to the library or movie theater, or you just need a bit of quiet, ikiki shoes can be silenced. ikiki didn’t just design shoes for the different needs of adolescent feet, they also created unique styles to accentuate the personality of your little ones. ikiki shoes are visually appealing with bright colors and friendly characters. To find out more about ikiki shoes check out MamatheFox reviews.

Dutchess Bubblegum Sparkles

Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles is one of ikiki’s latest characters. The adorable 3D unicorn design appeals to every girl crazy about all things unicorns these days! The light blue glittery base brings extra glam into any waredrobe while still keeping things classy.  Duchess’s character design has adorable welcoming eyes with wild bright prink hair, and of course a vibrant rainbow horn! Dutchess’s biography tells of a royal unicorn longing for freedom from the spotlight. Yet, even without her royal life, she still commands the attention of all when she enters a room. Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles are win win win when it comes to style, quality, and fun!

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Captain Zuga

Captian Zuga is the perfect character for any little boy ready for adventure! The dark black base makes these shoes ready for all terrain as stains are nearly impossible to see. The contrasting white soles and skulls add a modern simplistic pop to Captain Zuga’s look. His character profile tells a humorous story of a not-so-fearsome former pirate. This jolly captain likes to sing, study the stars, and sailing the seven seas! He’s the perfect blend of hardcore and fun for your littlest guy!

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Woom 3 Kids Bike

Woom creates top of the line bikes that are truly built to last. The Woom 3 is designed for kids 4-6 years old and offers a low ride height with a lightweight frame. This is a perfect bike for the growing rider because the low center of gravity that the bike offers. The bike chain is completely closed so to protect children’s hands. It also gives protection against dirt and grease. One of the most important points of contact between the child and the bike, the saddle (seat), is designed to fit the hip bones of a child. No more uncomfortable seats or sore bottoms. A unique feature of the bike is the steering limiter. This prevents the handlebars from overturning so kiddos can ride straight – genius! Breaks are obviously important on bikes, and this is nothing different. The rear break is color-coded green to help kids differentiate it from the front break. Lots of colors are available to choose from, so you can find one for any child on your list from 1-14 years old.

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hand2mind – Learn to Read with Bob Books and VersaTiles

Included in this set is is Bob Books, VersaTiles practice workbook, and answer case. Children are introduced to letters and sounds in the set of Bob Books readers. 12 Bob Books are included were children add more letter sounds little by little as they learn the alphabet. The VersaTiles workbook allows children to practice their skills even further. This workbook fits inside the answer case and offers 20 hands-on activities. The puzzle-like case is what kids will love about this activity book set. This is an answer case that helps kids practice their new skills and self check the pattern they create when using the workbook. Reviewing is an important aspect of learning and the workbook and activities give children a hands on way of building confidence with their reading abilities.

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Bookroo is the perfect gift for the kid whose parents are asking for no more toys! This yer gift the timeless gift of books in the form of subscription box. Bookroo has 3 packages based on age and reading level. Board Books, which contains 3 books for kids ages 0-3. The Picture Book level has 2 hardcover books appropriate for kids ages 2-6. The highest level reader option is The Chapter Book and is great for kids ages 7-10 and comes with 2 chapter books.  They offer month to month, 3 box prepay, 6 box prepay and 12 box prepay. You will not be disappointed with their books as they are curated to contain the best options for your little reader. As a bonus each box comes with special add on materials. Things like insights from the authors or illustrators, parents guide to engage in conversations about the books and even special offers. We cannot say anything but positive things about Bookroo and are sure you will feel the same once you get your first box.     

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HABA – Highlights Monster Munch Magnetic Maze

Kids around the age of two will love this cute, fun magnetic toy. Learning is fun with these monsters who are hungry. Use the magnetic wand to safely get the food into the hungry monsters food bowls. Practice counting and number skills with this fun maze. Fine-motor skills and number awareness is promoted when kids guide the balls with the magnetic rod. Completely safe, the maze is covered with plastic so the inner parts cannot escape. This maze is safe, fun, and quiet (every parents dream!).

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Aquabeads Deluxe Set

Aquabeads have been a top seller the past few years and they are still trending. They make a great gift for kids ages 5-12. Aquabeads are a great way to allow your kids to play with their imagination and use their fine motor skills. Create cute animals, characters, ice cream, fruit, a 3D turtle and other amazing designs. Over 1300 jewel and solid beads in 24 colors, tool case with bead palette and layout table, rainbow bead pen, bead peeler, 5 easy trays (heart, bear, rabbit, star, bowl) sprayer, 3 double-sided template sheets and instructions. Make, Spray and they Stay! Peel your creation in 10 minutes and the beads stay in place.

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Aquabeads Beginners Studio

If you child has never used Aquabeads before then this is the perfect set to start with. This set comes with over 800 jewel and solid beads in 16 colors. Also includes bead case, bead flipper with layout tray, sprayer, pen, template sheets & instructions.  It is made from the highest quality materials. Make, spray, flip tray and they stay!  The flip tray eliminates the bead drying wait time and allows you to create more designs immediately. The possibilities are endless! This set is best for kids ages 4 and up.

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Cat Build Your Own Vehicle Loader and Excavator

Kids will have a blast building and engineering this take apart and re-build construction vehicle. Each set comes with everything a child needs to create their own vehicle, plus a construction worker that enhances their building experience. Children can improve their fine motor skills as they build using tools with the easy to assemble parts.  When construction is complete, everything can be easily stored in the provided carrying case. Clean up is a breeze; and parents are happy about that! This is such a fun toy that children can play with right after opening. It’s sure to keep them busy.

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Cat Tough Machines Bulldozer

This toy bulldozer will keep kiddos in the construction world with the realistic lights and sounds it makes. Appropriate for kids ages three and up, the bulldozer will give kids a sense of what it’s like on a construction sight. The bucket moves up and down and booms just like the real thing. Made with tough, sturdy plastic, this bulldozer should last with multiple kids – a win win for parents!

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Cat Tough Rigs 15″ Dump Truck

This massive, 15 inch dump truck will be a favorite in any household. Kids can easily maneuver and direct this large truck wherever they wish to take it. Not only that but they can move the bucket around and “dump” it just like the real thing. Appropriate for kids ages two and beyond, the largeness of this truck allows for easier play with younger kiddos. This high quality, well made toy will withstand elements both inside and outside.

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Calio Critters Elegant Town Manor Gift Set 

Calico Critter are among the hottest toys this season. This Elegant Town Manor is a beautiful piece from the newest collection. This set comes with 1 critter, Stella Hopscotch Rabbit and a large manor. It holds a very regal feeling with its posh design.  This gift set includes a 2-story manor, Stella hopscotch rabbit, purse, spiral staircase, chandelier, terrace, balcony, bed set and dining set. Connects to designer Studio (sold separately – see below). detachable roof can be placed onto other town series structures. You will be blown away with the detailing in the manor – the walls, ceiling and chandelier are so well crafted. You are going to have a blast playing with this gift set.

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 Calico Critters Designer Studio

The Designer Studio is another new addition to the Calico Critter line. The Designer Studio  is a room for Stella the Hopscotch rabbit older sister, who works as a dress designer. Perfect starter set for the Town Series, with a room, furniture, accessories, and a figure. The Studio can connect with the Elegant Town Manor (see above). This set comes with the Designer Studio, roof ornament, fence x 2, window x 2, Stella the Hopscotch Rabbit older sister, hat, handbag, sofa, table, tart, plate, tea cup, saucer, fork (total 16 pieces). You can play tea party with this set and enjoy a fun and whimsical time with the child in your life.

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Calico Critters Baby Ferris Wheel  

Baby Ferris Wheel includes a cute Ferris Wheel that can seat up to 3 babies and a comes with 1 toy Poodle baby figure. Baby Ferris wheel is easy to use – simply turn by holding onto the handle and turning to spin the circular base.  This set has options to add onto like the Baby Airplane, the Baby Castle Playground and Baby Choo-Choo Train. If your children like to play with Calico Critters, then this Baby Ferris Wheel will be a fun, useful and exciting addition to your collection. At under $15 this price is right.

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 Calico Critter Red Roof Cozy Cottage

The perfect way to start a Calico Critters collection. The Red Roof Cozy Cottage comes fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box! Includes a removable floor piece to either create a 2nd floor or expand the 1st floor. The combination stove and sink is a perfect fit for the Cozy Cottage. Frying pan, omelette, plate and fork are included. The dining table comes with 2 chairs and a bench seat for guests. The stairs come as a standalone unit and can be placed in any desired location. Windows come equipped with shutters that can be opened and closed during play. Connect to Red Roof Country Home to create a large, three-story house (sold separately). The Red Roof Cozy Cottage come with 1 Critter – Bell Hopscotch Rabbit who loves living in the Cozy Cottage.

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Calico Critter Sweet Raspberry Home

Sweet Raspberry Home is a one-story house with an amazing entrance terrace and red roof. It comes with Chocolate Rabbit Baby and baby furniture, so you can play with this set right away. Sweet Raspberry Home is a one-story house with an amazing entrance terrace. With it’s large interior and high ceiling, hands can fit inside for easy play. The set comes with Chocolate Rabbit Baby and a baby bed with a slide. Combine with Red Roof Cozy Cottage, Red Roof Country Home or Red Roof Tower Home (sold separately) to create a huge house.  This set is a Walmart exclusive!

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  Crayola’s Scribble Scrubbies Safari Oasis

You an always count on Crayola to be up with the times and have just what your kid wants for the holiday’s. This year kids are going nuts for Scribble Scrubbies – so join in the fun and add to your scribble scrubbie collection with wildly adorable jungle animals that have flocked white coats you can decorate any way you like. Color & customize your animals, then wash them and start again. This tub set features Khari the lion, Tuma the elephant, Nia the monkey, and Talib the giraffe, as well as the kid-powered palm tree tub with a slide and perfect for boys and girls alike.

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Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safes

Does your kid want to be a YouTube star? They can pretend to be one when they open a Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe!  This large surprise-filled safe brings new fun to unboxing. Kids can use the key to open the safe and discover cool Ryan’s World inspired surprises inside, such as articulated figures, mix and match build a characters, treasure, and so much more! Push and reveal, smash and surprise, decode and discover all of the amazing surprises inside! A secret, locked compartment reveals the ultimate surprises. Each safe has 30+ fun surprises inside! The surprise and excitement of Ryan’s World is never-ending with the new line of Ryan’s World Toys.Each package includes one safe with key and 30+ Ryan’s World inspired surprises.

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MamaMayI Fairy Friends Set

Mama May I is a handmade shop dedicated to making learning into play and encouraging playing to learn. Their crafted toys are made of high quality natural materials and are designed with developing brains and exploring hands in mind. Mama May I toys allow children from birth to elementary to use their imagination by playing with open ended toys that are simple yet engaging. In addition, their research based designs help children of all ages develop and exercise fine motor skills and explore the world around them. Mama May I’s Preschool and Big Kid collection has toys that cultivate excitement for learning, nourish play concepts, and help communication skills flourish! Fairy Friends is one of Mama May I’s toys that is beautifully simplistic but opens the door to dreamy creative fairy play. The whimsical set includes a fairy house, one fairy friend, one crinkly leaf, one felt pillow, 10 painted pieces, and 5 unpainted pieces. The fairy sets comes in multiple different color options that are bright and beautiful! See the world in a fabulous new way this holiday season by supporting and nurturing your child’s developing senses with Mama May I.

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Orangeheat Clothing 

Giving kids clothing for the holidays typically makes most kids eyes roll. Not with Orangeheat. Their designs are made to be hip, chill and not something you would find in any kids clothing store. Orangeheat is made using water-based inks on made-in-the-USA, soft-hand organic cottons and tri-blends. These are LA skater vibe type of designs but made for little kids to be able to sport. I find that the tee’s are unisex, making this a great brand for families with kids who get hand me downs. Starting at birth they offer onsies, then kids tee and even some adult options too.  If you want a fun, eco-friend tee for you and your kids to wear to match, then you need to check out Orangeheat.

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MamaMayI Table Talk Connection Cards

Make family time about family with MamaMayI Table Talk Connection Cards. The stack of 90 different questions help parents and kids get past the mundane questions of “how was your day?” Each night kids take turns drawing cards and sharing their responses. Engaging in personal conversation builds sympathy, curiosity, and listening ears. Skills that are beneficial beyond the dinner table. This holiday give the gift of connection with MamaMayI Table connection cards.

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Build – A – Bear

What child doesn’t love Build-A-Bear? They are a staple in most homes and for a good reason. The animals and clothing are made with high quality materials, they stand behind their products and are always in tread with what’s popular. This winter is no exception. Build-A-Bears new 2019 Holiday Collection is jammed packed with amazing stuffed animals. We love the new Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven! Frozen II is a hit and your kids are going to love getting a new Build-A-Bear this holiday. The MamatheFox kids love the Holiday Merry Mission Collection best.  The Blue Blast Husky was named “Christmas” by my 5 year old son who just loves Christmas time. We dress the Husky up in the cutest red scarf, sweater (Merry Mission Christmas Lights Set) and red shoes, all through Build-A-Bear. My 7 year old daughter picked out the Pink Sparkle Llamacorn and has her dolled up in the tutu and a hair bow. Head over to the Build-A-Bear website to see the new collections and then head over to your local retail location to make new magical holiday memories with your kids at Build-A-Bear. 

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GoFunFace Animal Masks

Kids will have tons of fun with these animal masks. Made with high quality, durable foam rubber, these masks are build to last. Whether using them for an event or party, or just for fun, kids will love having these in the house. With over 15 animal masks to choose from, any child on your list will love to receive one of these. If there is an animal you’d like that isn’t listed, let GoFunFace know and they will do their best to make it happen and bring it to life. These masks are realistic and are perfect for a multitude of kid events.

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Personalized Frozen 2 Book

In The Book is a line of children’s books that allows you to add a child’s name to the book for a unique and personalized story. With Frozen II coming out kids are going nuts for all the new swag and toys that are available for purchase. In The Books Frozen II book will offer you the following. Your child will see their name on the front cover, you can write a personal message for the title page,you can upload your child’s picture in one simple click,  and it’s available in softback or hardback. Lastly you can add a luxury gift box for a special finishing touch. There’s no better way to reunite your child with the two princesses and the rest of the gang than by letting them star in their very own Frozen 2 story book.

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  K’NEX Thrill Rides 3-In-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set

hand2mind Magnets! Super Science Kit For Kids

Launch yourself into the exciting world of magnetic science and discover the force around you! This kit features 9 experiments and 20 real lab tools that allows your scientist to explore and learn the importance of magnets (floating magnets, using magnetic levitation to move a train, creating a compass, and more). The colorful lab guide includes numerous fun facts and stem lessons (help children learn new concepts and expand critical thinking through numerous hands-on learning). Lab Kit for Kids is authenticated as an educational product by Stem.org Be sure to check out all the hand2hand kits to help grow your Stem collection.

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Starlux Games

Add excitement, action, and adventure to this holiday season with Starlux Games. Family time is getting harder and harder to find in this busy world. Starlux Games provides families with the tools to play classic and new outdoor games. Each game is designed to play in groups so everyone in the family, or neighborhood, can be involved. The best part is each game has a modern twist with the help of glow in the dark equipment. Wizard and Werewolves is one of their newest games that brings excitement and suspense as two mythical forces face off!  Gather your family for hours of quality fun and give the gift of togetherness this season!

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Speak & Spell

Wait, wait, wait this looks very familiar. It’s because it is! This classic learning toy is making a huge come back this holiday season. This retro play classic 80’s game was the first educational toy designed to help children learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer. Now, a whole new generation can enjoy this classic toy with friends and family for years to come. With multiple play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun and learn at the same time. The 5 modes are Spell, Mystery Word, Say It, Secret Code and Letter. This is a great tool for parents who want to help aid their children spelling and word recognition. 

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Ematic PAW Patrol Baby Camera

This PAW Patrol Chase camera monitor is great for kids AND parents. A huge benefit of this camera is that it’s cute when sitting up on your child’s dresser. They won’t even know its a camera. Dare I say it’s like a nanny cam? The camera is HD WiFi security and features two-way audio and night vision. A wide, 120 degree angle view, you won’t miss a thing in any room you have him. The camera is connected using an App so you can access viewing at all times. Alarms and push notifications are sent directly to your phone, so you can have a good sense of security no matter what. The camera is motion detected and has the ability to take photos and videos. Kids who like PAW Patrol will for sure love having this in their rooms, and parents will love the real benefit of it.

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Little Likes Kids:

Specialized for kids 6 and under, the Little Likes Kids brand looks to exceed the expectations of children. The brand is committed to being a trusted source for thoughtfully designed, quality toys. Little Likes Kids create toys that reflect kids.. just what anyone wants for their children.


Children’s Advent Sticker Calendar

This fun way to countdown to Christmas will get everyone in the family excited for the coming holiday. Advent calendars are a great way to prepare children for Christmas Day and to talk about why Christmas is celebrated. Use it to talk about the things of winter and the beautiful miracle that took place on the day of Christmas. The calendar uses 24 unique, unnumbered stickers. Each day kids will have a blast choosing a new sticker and sticking it on the calendar. No chocolate or candy involved, which is music to any parents idea. African-American and Caucasian Santas are both available with this Advent Sticker Calendar.

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Musical Crossroads Memory Game 

This children’s memory game is perfect for kids who are interested in anything musical or related to culture. The game pieces include instruments, dance moves, and accessories in which the child needs to match up. Made for kids three years and older, this fun matching game can be played with 1-3 players. Memory is great for learning toddlers or more advanced kids learning or reviewing music education.

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Splash Park 48 Piece Jumbo Puzzle – Ages 4+

The 48 piece jumbo puzzle is great for kids and will be a great activity to keep kids busy when celebrating this season. This puzzle is vibrant, colorful, and joyful and reflects everyday scenes of childhood at the playground. Multicultural scenes will appeal to all children around our nation.

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Spell Well Name Puzzle

You can’t get better than quality wood toys crafted by fun-loving parents. Smiling Tree toys is a family owned business working hard to transform raw lumber into beautiful, safe, and all natural keepsake wooden toys. Their modern website helps any shopper search for the perfect toy by age, occasion, or season. One of MamatheFox’s favorite Smiling Tree Toy products is the Spell Well Name puzzle. The personalized wooden name puzzle has a rich and organic feel. The contrasting wood stains create an engaging and eye catching look. Each letter is smooth, sturdy, and ready to be played with. Be sure to check out all of Smiling Tree Toys gorgeous collection this holiday season!

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Christmas Star From Afar

Family traditions are so important and during the holiday season they are an opportunity to keep the focus on the birth of Jesus. Christmas Star from Afar is a beautiful wooden nativity set and hard cover activity book. Every morning children are eager to wake up and search for the Star that was hidden the night before. When the star is found, the children move all Three Wise Men to the star’s location. The game repeats until Christmas morning when the star is found shinning above baby Jesus in the stable. Christmas Star from Afar is a wonderful tradition to bring into your home and keep the tradition of Christ’s arrival on your children’s heart and mind.

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Toy Story 4 Puzzle

What’s not to love about Toy Story 4?!  I felt quite nostalgic taking my young children to the theater to see the newest Toy Story; one of my first movies on the big screen was full of the same characters. How cool to have my children enjoying the same series I did as a child. Ravensburger Toy Story 4 Puzzles is a perfect jigsaw puzzle for the whole family to reminisce and enjoy together. Ravensburger crafts high quality jigsaw puzzles are made with premium materials. Each of the 35 pieces are uniquely shaped making it frustration free. Overall puzzles are a great way to support a child’s development, concentration, and creativity. This holiday choose quality with Ravensburger and bond over the classic and new Toy Story friends.

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Friends of a Feather

Games are an excellent way to engage with children while making learning fun and exciting. In addition, children learn social skills while interacting with others and practicing patience while taking turns. Friends of a Feather is a family game that incorporates even the youngest of players. The fun playing experience is easy to understand and a complete game can be finished in 15 minutes. The best part is the ability for replay value. Game play can level up with your child, making it engaging for all ages! Friends of a Feather is a Ravensburger produced game so it comes with the same great promise of quality!

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Join in on playing ThinkFun’s award winning game Zingo! This popular board game is great for families while building educational skills in a fun and engaging way. Set up like the traditional game BINGO, Zingo is simple to understand, requires no set up, and fast-paced play. There is a variety of ZINGO versions to meet the needs of academic objectives or age ranges in the home. On amazon you can find Original Zingo, Telling Time, Zingo 123, Zingo Sight words, and Zingo World builder. Overall Zingo is made for children starting at the age of 4 and has enough cards for 7 players. Trusted by families worldwide, Zingo is the perfect game for building language skills and creating a lifetime of memories.

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StoryBricks Letter Board

Building Bricks are all the rage these days, and truly a timeless toy fun for all generations. StoryBricks Letter Board combines the modern fad of letter boards with the timeless fun of building bricks. Compatible with all major building bricks, this letter board comes with more than 285 letter board accessories. The back of the board includes super strong magnets to allow for easy hanging. In addition, a handy easel is included to prop up and display. The best part of of the StoryBricks Letter Board is the ability to use the board as an educational learning tool. Students will have fun practicing spelling, math, and reading! The letters are easy to change using the included tool making this letter board all around convenient for any family!

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Giddy Up

“Saddle up for fun in a guessing, choosing game all about horses!” Our Generation has become quite popular in girl world these days. They now have a collection of games that inspire and engage young kids! Giddy Up features 100 pictures of real horses for game play. Round-up four beautifully photographed horse cards and read a colorful description of a horse. Then, each player secretly votes which horse best suits that story. Score when your “horse sense” matches other players. You’ll be surprised what your horse-loving friends think! The rules are simple for the suggested age of 6 years and up. In addition, the game includes a glossary of horse terms to help players learn about horses while playing. Saddle up and ride with horses of every color, breed, and personality!

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My First Farm

BRIO’s high quality products are made from the best materials and are extremely durable. The BRIO Smart Tech collection is a perfect combination of imaginative play and interactive technology. My First Farm is is compatible with all other BRIO railways and is the perfect first set for any toddler’s train collection. This easy to play set will give small children hours of engaged play while helping teach them about farmyard animals. The five wooden animals fit into the animal train wagon to be transported to any adventure your toddler chooses. Each animal also comes with three distinct sounds, which are activated automatically when placed in the farm meadow. Learning about animals has never been so much fun with BRIO’s quality and innovative technology.

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Cutetitos are adorably cozy stuffed animals with a mystery burrito twist. Be surprised with one of the 12 collectible characters by simply unwrapping the burrito to reveal which adorable Cutetitos is inside. Possible collectible styles include a variety of puppitos, catitos, slothitos, pigitos, bunnitos, bearitos and monkitos! The stuffed toys are approximately 7.5 inches, making them great for small hands, backpacks, and car seat friends for long trips this holiday season. In true burrito fashion, each Cutetito’s personality is mild, medium, hot or super spicy!  Just check out its ‘Hot Spot’ listed on its little bum and on the collectors card. Kids love the blanket/burrito shell that can easily be rewrapped around you stuffed animal as you lay it down for bedtime. 

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Journey Girls Dolls

Journey Girls are collectible 18-inch dolls that are quality and affordable! Each doll has their own unique profile with a description of their personality, likes, talents, and more. Matching their personality, each doll comes with a perfectly designed outfit that helps tell their story. Journey Girls are fashion forward and make use of their own special leadership skills.  More outfits, accessories, and even transportation can be added to a Journey Girl’s collection. While each girl is different, One thing is for sure – Journey Girls are all about sharing. Whether it’s sharing something from their closet or something from their heart, Journey Girls are there to share adventures with their friends. Collect all 8 dolls or play together with another Journey Girl friend!

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Disney Junior Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey

Mickey Mouse is a character who will never get old, never lose popularity, and will always be capturing the hearts of the next generation. The Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey brings a fun and hip addition to the classic Mickey character. The plush Mickey Mouse still has welcoming smile and big round ears, but is sporting a slightly updated look. His catchy Hot Dog dance, light up ears, and hilarious dancing provides kids with tons of entertainment and laughs. Mickey can even lead your kids in a fun game of Red Light, Green Light or Color Detective. Get excited to see the joy and excitement from your little ones this holiday season with Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey!

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pediped Shoes

pediped shoes are the best choice when choosing comfort, quality, and stylish shoes for your children’s growing feet. pediped has multiple shoe collections; Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®. All of which support healthy foot development and have been recognized by the American Pediatric Medical Association.  The award-winning footwear is available in EU sizes 17 to 38 (US newborn to 6 Youth).  This holiday season Flex Naomi Black is the perfect shoe for all the fancy dress up occasions. Not only are they incredibly adorable, but the ultra light technology is specially designed to support kids’ feet in all activities.  Giving flexibility and freedom to developing feet, even during the busiest time of the year. pediped Flex Force provides additional inserts that can be inserted for a snug fit then removed for room as a child’s foot grows. The inserts can actually reduce shoe size by almost half a size, extending the life of the shoe. pediped shoes have exceptional quality and unsurpassed comfort for almost all types of feet.  Their award-winning design and technology makes them one of the fastest growing children’s footwear brands in the United States.

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HERODRIVE Marvel Smash Squad

Cars, superheroes, and smashing shields are just a win win win in boy world! With Hero Drive smash Squad, you can fight for Justice with the crushing power of Captain America’s shield! The free-wheeling car can find and conquer danger where ever your child’s imagination takes it. Push down to release Captain America’s shield, then push and smash again! Complete the team with Marvel Smash Squad Spiderman and The Hulk! Give a smashing gift with Hero Drive smash Squad!

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Cultivate What Matters Write the Word for Kids

Many of us want our children to grow and learn in the Word. This kids journal will help kids love the Word and will help you teach it to them. The new Write the Word for Kids journal is created for kids ages 5-12 and allows them to focus and learn about the Fruit of the Spirit. Daily art pages, sticker pages, simple scripture pages, gratitude space, emotional “I feel”spaces, and more are all included in this cute journal. The leather cover is not only durable, but water and smudge resistant.

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 Ooze Labs: Soap & Bath Bomb Lab

Kids love experiments. Whenever its experiment day at school my kids come home with so much to say. I love to aid in their love of science by providing fun experiments we can do at home. This Ooze Labs kit from Thames and Kosmos is a perfect way to play, learn and create at home. In this pretend STEM scenario, you are a chemist for a bath and body products company and it’s your job to make and test different cosmetic products. Use the tools in your laboratory to employ different scientific techniques and essential chemistry principles to make soaps and bath bombs. Try out different additives to affect the color, smell, and other qualities of the products you make.  All materials and chemicals are non-toxic.

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GraviTrax is a modular, electronic-free interactive track system where you can design and build your own marble runs. This STEM toy for boys and girls 8 and up, encourages experimenting with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your marble to the finish. Discover how the laws of physics affect the journey your marble takes with curves, junctions, freefalls and even a magnetic cannon. Experiment with different play options, including racing, creating the longest track, or executing trick shots. We love the starter kit, which provides over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements. If you are looking for an interactive toy that can grow with the child’s ability and imagination then you cannot go wrong with Gravitrax. They are available at Target and on Amazon

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Fancy Nancy – Find Your Fancy Board Game

Fancy Nancy is a huge deal in the Fox household. We love her books and her fabulous fancy style. This year my daughter is loving this new Find Your Fancy board game. It is easy to learn how to play and helps children practice their focus, memory, and matching skills.  It only takes about 15 minutes to play, perfect for small kids with a shorter attention span. The premise is to help fancy Nancy pick out what to wear. Use deduction to figure out what dress, shirt, pants, hat, or shoes will make Nancy feel fabulous! Collect the most ribbons to win.

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From the Nickelodeon TV show Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty these are Super Sized and Super Soft 12″ Kitty Paws with motion activated lights and sounds! Pretend to be the character yourself with these interactive, fun and fuzzy paws. They come with batteries and are able to be changed when they get low. For any cat, unicorn or butterfly lovers out there that may not even have watched the hit TV show will still love these paws.


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Have you seen the new hit TV show Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty? Kids are loving it and now with the 9 Lives Surprise you can bring them into your home. There’s plenty of unboxing fun with the all-new Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 lives surprise. Just twist the lid to pop open and transform each Kitty can into a multi-level mini-playset. In each 9 lives surprise, you’ll discover 9 positively awesome surprises including two collectible mini-figures, 6 adorable collectible accessories and a decorative sticker pack. With over 55 pieces to collect, you can design, style and customize each mini-playset to be perfectly yours. (*5 styles to collect, each sold separately and items may vary). patented design. MamatheFox’s 7 year old daughter is in love with these sets and brings them with her throughout her day. They make the perfect restaurant toy to bring along.

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Hairdorables Collectibles Series 3 

For the past few years Hairdorables have been a hit in the Fox house. My 7 year old daughter just loves these family friendly surprise dolls. Haridroables are the girl Squad with “big hair don’t care” attitudes. Hairdorables took off when Noah, a sweet and funny vlogger with a passion for hair-styling, decided to share her side-braiding tutorial on YouTube. While shooting her video, Noah fumbled over the words “hair” and “adorable” …accidentally coining the term “hairdorable”! to Noah’s surprise, her video and #adorable went viral overnight! When Noah decided to Launch her own YouTube channel (Hairdorables, obvi) and invite her friends to join her, the response was a resounding yaaaaaaas! Now Noah and her BFF spend all of their free time creating content and sharing their passions with the world via the Hairdorables channel on YouTube!  This new SERIES 3 set features a surprise hair tool that allows them to color, crimp or curl the dolls hair! 

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 Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 Plush – The Ultimate Surprise Egg

Rainbocorns Series 2 is the ultimate surprise egg! There are 10 layers to hatch including cuddly new plush, surprise sequins, and even more layers of surprise than before! There are 13 new characters to collect including Llamacorns, Pandacorns, Unicorns and even a rare golden Flamingocorn. Brush their sequins to reveal what they love and collect them all. Find more surprise like stickers and ooey gooey Rainbocorn poop hiding in the new egg too. There are over 40 new Boo-Boocorns designs to collect, including the rare twin Boo-Boocorns.

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Rainbocorns Giant Big Bow Surprise Mystery Egg

Discover the most beautiful surprises with Rainbocorns big bow surprise. Hatch open the giant golden egg to discover the biggest rainbocorn yet. Which giant cuddly rainbocorn will you unbox? Pop your sparkly big bow off the golden egg and wear it as the cutest accessory. Find even more surprises like new sequin patterned hearts that you can share and swap, adorable accessories, stickers, and all new collectible bow-bowcorns. There are 3 cuddly cuties to collect including Belle, Bobbi and Bowie big bow! Who will you find? The ultimate surprise egg: hatch 25 layers of surprise including all new sequin surprise hearts, collectible bow-bowcorn pencil toppers, accessories and even more!

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 Smashers Epic Dino Egg Collectibles Series 3

Slime, fizz and SMASH your way through over 25 surprises inside to build the exclusive Smash-o-saur Dino! Use the Scratch Map to excavate the Dino Egg to unearth compounds like the Fizzy Lava Bomb and Ice Age putty with hidden Smash-o-saur bones. Collect all the bones to start building one of 3 exclusive Smash-o-saurs. Inside each Epic Dino Egg, you’ll discover more surprises like Smash Eggs, digging tools and rebuilders. Package includes: 1 x epic Dino egg shell, 1 x exclusive smash-o-saur Dino (T-Rex), 1 x Dino egg yolk bag, 1 x scratch map, 5 x compounds, 6 x smash eggs W/ rebuilder, 1x digging tool.

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Shore Buddies

Help kids learn about how dangerous plastic is for Marine Life and the environment with this fun and informative book and stuffed animal. Shore Buddies and the Plastic Ocean is a fun way to share with children how marine life are in danger because of the plastic pollution. The book gives ways for kids to help save marine life and keep plastic out of the ocean. Many stuffed animals are available to choose from including: Emma the Whale, Finn the Dolphin, Sammy the Seal, Shelly the Sea Turtle, and Stephen Seagull. Kids will learn a lot from reading the book and will have fun with their stuffed animal that is made from recycled, cleaned, and shredded plastic bottles. An added bonus is that $1 from every purchase is donated to a non-profit organization that is looking to save marine life.

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Edushape Magic Creation Dinosaurs

These foam toys are such a fun bath toy, kids of all ages will love them. The Edu foam kits stick to the bathroom tiles and to each other when they get wet. This foam is very mold and mildew resistant and will not absorb water or change shape. 12 dinosaur pieces are included in the set and a super convenient storage bag allows them to dry off quickly due to the mesh bag. Kids will be able to use these foam shapes for a long lasting time.

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Edushape Soap Crayons

Soap crayons are a fun bath toy that will bring coloring to the tub. This pack of water crayons includes six crayons and a case to keep them all together. Non-toxic and washable, these crayons are completely safe for children and their little bodies; not to mention your bathtub. Clean up is easy too, simply wipe them clean with a wet cloth. Kids can practice writing and drawing in the bathtub with these push-up soap crayons. A super fun bath toy that’s really unique!

DefenderShield Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protecting children’s eyes should be of utmost importance. With children using screens a lot more often than ever before, their eyes are at risk. Blue light is emitted by digital and electronic screens and can cause many negative health effects including digital eye strain, premature eye-aging, and interfere with sleep. The DefenderShield glasses filter and protect up to 99% of blue light. A change in improvement in eye strain can reduce headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and problems focusing. Having five fun frame color options to choose from, these glasses are great for any child. The glasses are made with silicone rubber frames and CR-90 lenses. Because of these materials the glasses are super durable, lightweight, and shatterproof. Perfect for children.

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Magformers Milo’s Mansion

Keep up STEM learning with the fun of Magformers! Building is easy with their simple system of click, connect, create. Magformers have endless construction possibilities and foster the imagination in little ones. Milo’s Mansion is an adorable rainbow house made for sweet little Milo puppy. The 33 piece set includes 4 triangles, 12 squares, 2 support connectors, 4 bricks, 2 windows, 1 fence, 2 pictures, 1 gate, 1 tree, 1 puppy house, 1 skateboard, and 1 stair. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions and simultaneously help your your child recognize shapes and colors. Motor skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and brain development are strengthened and mastered playing with Magformers. When play is over, just simply stack and store until another fun day of building!

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Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit

Teach My is the creator of award winning learning tools. They provide toys to help parents give their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers a head start in their education. Teach My’s engaging fun products cover the educational basics; language, alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, reading and even math. In addition, their toys help develop social, motor, and language skills. You can shop a range of learning formats that meet the dynamics of your family. The Teach My Preschooler Kit comes with over 70 pieces to help teach kids reading, printing, numbers, and early math. Included in the kits is flash cards, readers, magic drawing board, posters, flip books, counters, and foam numbers. Not only that but a step by step teaching guide is provided to help promote successful learning and development.

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Green Toys Parking Garage

Green Toys are today’s alternative and solution to cheap plastic toys filling up landfills! This company is working hard to build quality toys while saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Manufactured and assembled in the USA, Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic. Every toy is also packaged in recyclable cardboard and printed with soy inks. With no external coatings, paints, or dyes, each of their toys are super safe and free of BPS, phthalates, and PVC! Green Toys feel natural while being incredibly resilient to wear and tear from constant playing! Since they are plastic they can easily be washed in the dishwasher or brought into the bathtub for extra fun! This season Green Toy’s Parking Garage is a hot ticket toy! Featuring a drive-through service station, helipad, removable ramp, and elevator! Children can play from any angle and are sure to be engage for hours!

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Towels are a necessity for everyone in the family, including the kiddos. The Zoocchini hooded ponchos are no exception. These adorable and fun ponchos are sure to make any child smile. Four options to choose from makes for getting one for multiple children easy! Designs include an octopus, alligator, ice cream cone, and mermaid. These towels not only protect children from the sun, but keep the warm after swimming or taking a bath. The terry fabric offers quick dryness and is included on the inside of the towel to dry off wet heads fast. Easy and discrete changing is made possible because the poncho is open on all sides. Kids will love their new poncho towel friends.

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ModFamily aims to make the lives of parents easier. Bringing families innovative household tools that are use daily, but giving them a modern twist is just what they do. These silicone sippy lids are nothing less than just that. Reusable and spill-proof, these lids fit over children cups with a simple stretch and turn any children cup into a sippy! The lids are super easy to clean because they are simple; no cracks, crevasses, or straws to clean. Simply put them in the dishwasher or throw them in a pot of boiling water to wash and sterilize them. Made from high quality food-grade silicone, these lids are BPA free and phthalate free – safe for everyone in the family.   Use code : SIPPY25 for a percentage off of your purchase on the ModFamily website.

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Yummy Cuddly Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a natural solution to some of children’s biggest struggles. Fun and Function’s super soft weighted blanket has calming and gentle properties. The Yummy Cuddly Weighted Blanket offers a tactile input with it’s bright color and soft bumpy surface. At 4.5 lbs, this blanket offers just enough weight to help relax and settle down a child 4 years or older. The soothing tactile and grounding weight helps with sensory seekers, transitioning, and even travel issues. The general recommendation for choosing the weight of a weighted blanket is 10 percent of the child’s weight plus a pound or two. Fun and Function offers a variety of weights as well as lap pads and vests.

Fun and Function’s website is a great resource for searching for the perfect tool that is in your budget, meets special needs diagnosis, or helps with deficiencies. In addition they provide resources for parenting, finding therapists, and running productive intervention sessions.

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Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe, a wide range of award-winning compact and portable art, craft and activity sets for imaginative kids. Little hands. Big minds. Kids learn best through play and Tiger Tribe helps open an unlimited world of possibilities for inquisitive, growing minds as they entertain, educate and amaze.

Tiger Tribe Top Secret Missions Detective Set

Investigate and solve the crime as you use all your detective skills and take on the most difficult cases; solve all 14 missions! This kit comes with an invisible spy pen, a mini spy torch, a red ink pad, a code ring and a HB pencil. This exciting kit allows your kid to jump into action as a spy on a mission. It helps teach them about spy skills like identification techniques, finger prints and mores code. It helps them learn Pig Latin and other funny and silly things. If you have holiday travels coming up this is a great kit to hand over to the kids. It is cleverly self-contained and perfectly portable. All are easily transported in a bag, back pack or carry-on.  

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 Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch Set

This stopwatch set is jam-packed with fun and constructive activities to encourage exploring time. Your kids can test their skills against the clock with a bunch of fun activities. Activities like keeping a balloons in the air, running around the block, setting the kitchen table. Kids can play solo or with their siblings or friends. This kit contains a digital stopwatch with lanyard (batteries included), spiral bound challenge book, 2 balloons and a pencil to record results. Like the other Tiger Tribe set above, this kit is easy to take along on long car rides or trips to grandmas house. When all the adults are busy making the holiday meals and prepping for guest it would be very smart to hand this fun kit over to the kids to keep them buys and playing. 

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Stomp Rocket

This super fun, no battery toy is so perfect for kids; even some adults will like it! Kids can run, jump, and stomp to see who’s rocket flies higher. The fun competition game is really easy to assemble and can be played with over and over again. This dueling stomp set comes with: four ultra stomp rockets, one dueling launch stand with two launch pads and air hoses. Lots of energy can be burned with the Stomp Rocket product collections! 

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Kiss Reborn Dolls

Playing with dolls is not just a past time for kids. It’s also allows them to enhance their imagination through role plays, develop empathy and hone their social skills. These gifts are also perfect as a therapy equipment for kids with autism. Surprisingly, you can get a baby, a toddler and even customize it to your child’s preference.

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  1. Lots of great gifts to choose from for my grandchildren. My favorites are the Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles for my granddaughter who loves shoes. For my grandson I would go with the Cat tough construction vehicles. I think they would both love the animal masks but I’m afraid to spend that money till I’m sure they’d wear them. They haven’t really worn a mask yet as they aren’t yet 4 years of age. I will keep those masks noted.

  2. So many great ideas. My favorites are the Cat tough construction vehicles and the Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles shoes.

  3. My three kids really love Calico Critters and LOL Dolls. My son enjoys hand-on toys that offer puzzles and adventure.

  4. This is a wonderful guide for kids. There are so many great items on here. I already see so many that my kids would enjoy.

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  6. My kid needs a new bike! Thanks for this suggestion. It will be a wonderful Christmas gift!

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  8. I love some of your recommendations. I love the K’nex suggestions especially, I just received the Hand2Mind Moving Creations, that is in partnership with K’nex and LOVE IT! My daughter has a blast with it.

  9. So many great thing that I know am kids will love. And most of these are at the top of their list of must have.

  10. These are EXCELLENT toy ideas for the kids! I especially loved the speak and spell. It immediate brought back memories for me! Saving this link for my shopping days!

  11. WOW, what a great list of toys for the upcoming holiday season! You sure have lots to choose from ; )
    My kids are heading into the pre-teen age, got any advice there?!

  12. These are some great gift ideas. My kids would love them all. The dolls, Mickey Mouse, cute shoes and hairdorables are already on their list.

  13. Awesome! Unicorns seem to be all the rage this year so I’m sure any little girl would love the Dutchess Bubblegum Sparkles shoes. And what little boy wouldn’t love to have the Cat tough construction vehicles

  14. Your gift guide is spot on! My kids have mentioned some of them before like the knex, hairdorables, ryan’s world safe,etc. I would also note that we already have the game Zingo and it is awesome! Those in doubt need to get it!

  15. The Aquabeads would be a great idea for my six-year-old daughter. She loves toys that are creative and hands-on.

  16. My granddaughters would love to have all of the Calico Critters play sets. I would like to have the Christmas Star from afar game to play with all of my granddaughters.

  17. omg I love the Dutchess Bubblegum Sparkles shoes..They are so adorable and would be perfect for my granddaughter.

  18. The Highlights Monster Munch Magnetic Maze looks so well-designed and fun, and the Calico Critters toys are charming!

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