Over our summer breaks we Fox’s love to play and go on tons of adventures!

But we never forget to keep connected with our studies and continue to practice the skills taught in school this past year.

Summer bridging means to keep up with skills that your child has touched on or masters in their previous school year so that they don’t forget or regress over the summer break.

An easy and fun way to bridge over this summer for preschoolers, kindergartners and early elementary readers is by using the new BOB Books & VersaTile sets.

There are 3 kits now available

Learn to Read with Bob Books and VersaTiles – Sight Words Set for Kids (Ages 3+)

Learn To Read With Bob Books and VersaTiles – Beginning Readers Set For Kids (Ages 3+)

Learn To Read With Bob Books and VersaTiles – Advancing Beginners Set For Kids Ages (4+)




BOB Books has inspired reading success for over 40 years. I remember reading them as a child myself and love using them with my kids now that they are leaning and practicing reading.  By using repetitive concepts and phonics BOB helps guide kids in their early reading days making it fun and easy to grasp. 



What makes this set so successful is the extended learning with VersaTiles. The kit comes with a VersaTiles workbook that takes the phonic skills that are touched on in the BOB Books and applies them in a fun and interactive manner. Open the workbook and you will see a question and answer grid using the VersaTile case. Read the questions, locate the answer in the grid below and place the correct number tile in the answer key. You can check your answers when completed by flipping the VersaTile case and seeing if your red and yellow images match the books answer key.