Electric bikes have taken the world by storm. A ton of bicycling enthusiasts have discovered the advantages of e-bikes. The truth of the matter is that depending on where in the United States you live, you may benefit from the best electric bikes more than others. Here are the cities where you really want an e-bike if you want to get around more efficiently or to better see all of the beautiful sights.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a tough city to live in with a car. You constantly need to find parking, and you can expect so spend a lot on gas. San Francisco is also right by the ocean. In a car, you cannot truly appreciate the entire splendor of the sea. On any of the popular hybrid bicycles for sale, you can gain a newfound appreciation of the city and everything it has to offer.

Tucson, AZ

Tucson is one of the best cities to live in if you love to bike. The city has roughly 700 miles of designated bikeways, so you do not have to worry about fighting traffic. When you are in Tucson, you definitely need to check out the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains when the sun sets. You will see an incredible view like no other.

Austin, TX

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas. It is known for its bustling downtown scene as well as the bohemian vibe a lot of new residents have brought to the area. There is 325 miles devoted to bike lanes, including the six-mile long Lance Armstrong Bikeway. You will find plenty of Austin residents riding their bikes around, so get yourself a bike from somewhere like REIGHT GOOD BIKES and get in on the action.

Portland, OR

Portland was truly built to be seen on two wheels. There are numerous cyclist enthusiast communities, so you will find plenty of people to ride with. It is a lot simpler to get around the city on an e-bike compared to a car. With your bike, you can also check out Forest Park and see mountain trails that have been immaculately maintained.

New York City, NY

New York City has remained a hub of public transportation. Therefore, it is already perfectly primed for e-bikes. Millions of people live in the city, so not everyone can get around in a car. Instead of trying to hail a cab or deal with the subway system, you can hop on your bike and get around the city with ease.

Washington, D.C.

You can cruise through the nation’s capital while on an e-bike. The city runs on punctuality, so whether you work for the federal government or in the private sector, you need to show up on time. With an e-bike, you can make your commute much easier and get around the capital in style.

E-bikes have already changed numerous lives, and they can change yours next. No matter what city you live in, you can purchase an e-bike and start the trend in your community. You can find the perfect store to buy your new e-bike and start riding with the best of them.