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The “Old” Habits We Need To Start Young That Will Help Us As We Age



While we are spending so much time and effort on trying to look and feel younger, in actual fact, it’s about the habits we implement that will give us the benefits over time. It’s all about the habits we have at a young age that will impact us as we get older. And with this, what are the habits we should get into at a young age to ensure that we do feel the benefits as we get on in years?

Protecting Your Ears

It’s something we’re all guilty of, we use headphones, put music on loud in the car, or go to concerts and festivals, and while we may experience a little bit of ringing in our ears the next day, it tends to go away. But as we do this more, we’ll put our hearing in great danger. And this can result in one of the most common hearing issues, tinnitus. While there are many ways to find your tinnitus relief methods, the real answer lies in minimal exposure to loud noises. Wear those earplugs, and if you are constantly using headphones, make sure it’s at a respectable volume. And if you’re someone that plays a musical instrument, start to implement a healthy volume before it’s too late.

Learning To Cook

We live in an age of fast food and microwavable ready meals, and as we get into the habit of relying on these to get us through our busy days, we either lose the skill of cooking, or never learn how to do it in the first place. Learning to cook is one of the most important methods to regain control over your diet. Now we live in an age of ultra-processed foods, where there are so many ingredients on a package that’s not even pronounceable, we can’t help but wonder how these things impact our health over time. And as processed foods have been linked to a multitude of diseases, and can cause early death, learning to cook from scratch is one of those things that we need to do. But let’s get this out of the way; it’s not something that needs to be so time-consuming. Because there are methods to batch cook certain items, you can make life work in your favor. There are so many ways to get a healthy meal without having to sacrifice your weekend. Learning how to cook using natural ingredients will make you feel the benefit. You’ll feel healthier, have more energy, and this becomes a lifestyle that feeds into other healthy habits.

Moving Around

Yes, we all know the impact of exercise. But let’s face it, we live in an age where we don’t have time to hit the gym three nights a week. When we factor in how long it takes us to get to the gym, do what we need to do, freshen up and travel home, it’s likely to be after 10 at night when we finally have time to relax! This isn’t good for us either! So what is the answer? Finding exercises that hit all the necessary areas is something that many gyms and exercise programs aim to do, but it’s about finding the right ones for you, but also doesn’t exhaust you so much that you give up exercising before you begin to feel the benefits. You could start with small exercises at home like downloading a fitness app, sticking to a schedule, or hiring gym equipment even. If interested, you can hire a treadmill from Hirefitness or similar other companies that provide this feature. High-intensity interval training is fantastic, because it will do you wonders for your cardiovascular system, but we’ve got to build up to this. Moving around, especially if you’ve lived a sedentary lifestyle, is the perfect place to begin. From there, you can implement other aspects of exercise, so you build up strength, like resistance training. And these days, because we’re so busy, we’ve got to find a way to do it quickly. There are a lot of products out there that push resistance band training, because it’s simple to do at home. Moving around is what our bodies were built to do!

Learn How To Be Happy

It’s through age and experience that we learn a lot of life’s lessons. Learning how to be happy can appear to be more difficult now. Being in a positive frame of mind can seem like an almighty challenge in light of the excess of hours we work and the modern stresses we are all under. Learning how to be happy doesn’t have to be a complex task, it’s about finding the right practices. Many people decided that meditation is the way forward, others really focus on their friends and their loved ones, but whatever it is for you, if you take it upon yourself to think about the things that make you happy in any given day, and focus on then, even if this is just a little coffee in the morning, you are priming yourself for a more positive attitude. Schools are now teaching mindfulness and meditation and this provides a fantastic foundation for children as they get older. And we can learn from what really young children are going through now, especially as they are facing more stress than we ever did in school. And if you feeling happy for a specific reason, or you suffer from depression or anxiety, it’s not something you need to live with either, you should feel that life helps you, rather than hinders you. It’s important to speak to a professional if you feel like this and explore options like cannabidiol oil, but remember it’s not about the magic pill that supposedly cures everything. It’s about developing the right habits that you can take with you throughout life.

Starting when you’re young is the perfect way to provide a base for everything else. And while all this may give the impression that you need to do these things at a young age, it is never too late to start with healthy habits. A lot of us have the impression that once we are beyond a certain point there is nothing we can do. There is always a chance to make changes for the better regardless of how old you feel on the inside or the outside.


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