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Living Life More In The Moment

We’re really not living life in the moment at the minute. So many of us are letting days pass us by, and we barely look up from our phones. There are so many things to do in this world that we just don’t do, and there are so many situations that we could put ourselves in, that would create endless amounts of opportunities. But because we’re just not living in the moment at the minute, we’re just not finding any of them. So this article is going to be all about inspiring you to do something different, in the hope that you can live more in the moment, and have more of the amazing experiences that the world has to offer. But if you feel like life is getting in the way at the moment, and you just have too many things going on to be able to live in the moment, well we think there is a lot to be changed. You’re only as busy as you’re making yourself, and there’s plenty you could don’t to reduce the amount of time you’re doing things, that you don’t truly want to do. But if you really want to live in the moment, all you have to do is follow the tips that we’re going to give you in this article, and try and change a few things about your life. So just keep on reading, and see what we can do for you!

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Put Down Your Distractions


This is the biggest thing that you’re going to have to do if you want to live more in the moment. As humans, we generally waste so much of our time attached to our phones, computers, or TV’s, without even realising that a whole day has nearly passed by. It’s so bad, that people are getting taken out of classes at school, or disciplined at work because they simply can’t stay off their phone. So think how much of a distraction it must be, if people can’t stay off it when it’s with them. Does it sound like something you do as well? Well, you’re seriously not alone with this little addiction, and we know a few ways that you can stop it. Rule number one, you’re going to have to delete some social media websites. Some of them you don’t even use to keep in contact with people, you’re purely used it to stalk and see what’s going on. But this leads to hours of scrolling through the apps, probably see the same thing a few times.


So start with the app that most people consider pointless now, Facebook. All people seem to do is share memes, bully, and aimlessly scroll through the same content. Other than saying happy birthday to someone every so often, you have to admit it’s pretty pointless. This link here,, will show you how you can easily permanently delete the app, which we promise you will benefit from. All of the sudden you will have this window of opportunity to fill your time with more things, but please don’t add your time onto scrolling through the other apps, get out there and do something!


Have A Bit More Energy


Now this is one that most of you are going to struggle with. It’s hard enough to get out of the bed in the morning to have some breakfast, let alone do something that will mean you getting out of bed and being a bit more energetic. But half of the reason why you’re finding it so hard to get out of bed in the morning, is because you’re not getting out to do anything that actually excites you. It’s usually to do jobs around the home, or to go to work, or to go shopping, and it’s just not that thrilling. So, start finding reasons to motivate you, and to get you out of bed and seize the day. Rather than spending the whole day slowly doing bits of cleaning, sprinkled in between doing nothing, and smash it all out in the morning. Then, find something to do that gets you out and about and doing something different. Go and walk a nature trail that you’ve never tried before, go to a new restaurant, and leave your phone at home! If you spend the day with your phone at home, we promise you will see what we mean about living in the moment and doing something different!


Be A Bit More Spontaneous


Some of you are going to be super spontaneous, some of you just won’t have a clue what it means. Being spontaneous really is living in the moment, because it shows that you’re not letting anything hold you down, and that you truly are up for everything. But being spontaneous is not booking something months in advanced. It’s giving yourself a few days notice to do something great and out of the ordinary, and we definitely recommend that you do it. So perhaps you have a friend that you haven’t seen in years, simply because you try to plan it too far in advance, and things just keep getting in the way. So make some last minute plans, say yes when people ask you to do things, and just live life in the moment. You’re never truly going to be able to do that if you won’t try living life in the moment!


Stop Living Such A Busy Life


This is a leaf you can definitely take out of our book. If you live a busy life, it really will pass you by, and it will be so hard for you to actually live in the moment. So think about calming life down, and taking each day as it comes, rather than cramming each one full of things to do, just so you have things to do! Your mind can do so much more when it’s not bogged down with everything you usually do in a day!


So, how do you plan of living life more in the moment after reading this!?

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