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Healthy Habits for Mama and Papa


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When you first become parents, you make a huge leap. Suddenly, you aren’t kids anymore – you have kids to look after! – and the responsibility can be overwhelming. This is a totally normal feeling and every parent in the world will tell you that they felt the same way.


The trick is to get into some good habits early on. Building a healthy family lifestyle always depends on you, the parents. If you can show your children a good example from their infancy, they will pick up your behaviors and emulate them. This makes bringing them up much easier!

Recognize Potential Problems

Getting into good habits also means that you need to reduce your bad habits. Recognizing your flaws is never fun but it is the first step to getting help. And that is valuable. For example, you might want to reduce your drinking in which case, sober living house could help.


We all have some bad habits and we can’t be perfect. However, how you approach your bad habits can also show your children how they can accept their own flaws. The key thing is that you don’t ever give up on being the best version of yourself.

Eat Well and Exercise

Eating well simply means that you eat a wide variety of foods including plenty of fruit and veg. Home cooking will always be a bit healthier since usually contains significantly less salt and sugar. Batch cooking is an easy way to make your own frozen ready meals. 


Building exercise into family life is a lot easier than you might think. Playing games outside is a fun way to bring the family together and do something different. Similarly spending an afternoon going for a walk and having a picnic is a lovely thing to do in the summer months. Know the easiest way to get to the RutherfordHosp.


As well as family outings, you should also make sure that you are setting a good example. Doing regular exercise and eating well shows your children what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

Talk to Each Other Uninterrupted

Maintaining a loving family relationship takes work. You can’t all agree all the time so you have to work on your communication skills to smooth over any rough patches and encourage your children to talk openly to you. This takes work and if you and your partner can disagree calmly and demonstrate good communication skills, you will be on to a win.


Talking over dinner is a good chance to do this. Though you can still talk while you are doing other things, sitting around the table and talking about your day is a healthy habit that ensures you all keep up with each other’s business. However, you should also make time for one-on-one conversations too. For young children, this might be at bedtime when they are comfy and cozy but as they grow up they will set the terms for this type of conversation. Let them.

Children learn by example most of the time so even though you can’t be perfect, striving towards good habits and trying your best will do them a power of good.


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