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10 Important Reasons Why We Need Water Purification

If you haven’t got a water filter already then it’s time you considered getting one. It’s very easy to
simply turn on the tap and assume the water is safe to drink. Unfortunately, the reality is different.
In fact, there are 10 good reasons why you need to get your water filters sorted today:

1. Flavor

You won’t notice the tang that tap water has until you try the same water through a water filter. It
removes the tang that chemicals and other compounds added to the water; leaving you with a
better tasting drink.

2. Lower Chlorine

Chlorine is not good for your health, but it is added to water to ensure all the bacteria are killed
before the water is piped to your home. A water filter will remove this chlorine making it safer for
you to drink.

3. Reduced Risk Of Cancer

Research shows that a variety of chemicals and other substances can get into the water supply.
Some of these are linked with an increased risk of cancer. Filtering out these compounds makes

4. Remove Bacteria

Although the water treatment works to eliminate bacteria it is possible for them to find their way
back into the water while it is in the pipes. A water filter gives you peace of mind against this.

5. Gets Rid Of Pipe Contaminants

Pipes age and start to deteriorate, this isn’t a visual thing as the deterioration starts from the inside;
compounded by the constant flow of water in them. This can lead to tiny pieces of debris coming off
the inside walls of the pipe and merging with your water. Drinking these can be harmful to your
health, although you won’t know you’ve done it.

6. Reduced Carbon Footprint

By using a water filter you don’t need to keep buying bottled water. This reduces the production of
plastic and lowers your carbon footprint. A water filter can actually help you t save the world.

7. Cost Savings

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, not having to buy bottled water is going to be better
for your wallet. Bottled water may be cheap but the cost still adds up.

8. Improved Skin

Did you know that you are 60-70% water? It is essential for the proper functioning of your cells. By
using filtered water you’ll be giving your body the hydration it needs without toxins. It will show in
the look of your skin.

9. Increased Wellbeing

Equally, the consumption of high-quality filtered water will help to ensure all your organs and cells
are working properly. This will help your body to function better, improving your physical and
mental wellbeing.

10. Better For Your Pets

Finally, if you have pets then you’ll probably want to give them the best in life. Filtered water is safer
and better for their bodies too; even if they do seem to drink any type of water normally!
If you haven’t got a water filter then it’s time you got one.

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