My family has been slowly working our way toward a plastic free home. Let me tell you, it’s not easy.

Plastic is cheap, and other materials like stainless steel, glass, and silicone are on the more pricy end.

It’s an investment.

Making the switch takes time.

Making the switch takes money.

The Pura Stainless bottles will make your switch a whole lot easier.

Being 100% plastic free and fully recyclable, the Pura bottles are free of everything you don’t want in your home.

These bottles are all interchangeable between each other. All Pura bottles work together with all Pura tops using their patented lid system. This saves you a lot of time, energy, and money.

Big Mouth Sport

This bottle for adults is a great addition to your non-plastic lifestyle.

The convenient finger loop is so great for on the go living. I constantly find myself using the finger loop to ensure that I don’t drop the bottle. It has seriously come in handy in so many instances.

Despite the large body of the bottle, it fits in standard cup holders and bike cages.

I love the insulated bottles because it eliminates sweating. Not only that, but it keeps liquid cold for up to 24 hours with ice.

Kiki 9oz Bottle

I love these bottles.

The interchangeability of them allow these bottles to grow with your child. One set of these bottles can be used for many years, simply swap out the lids.

This bottle is perfect for kids. The durability it gives is incredible. The bottles are light too, which is perfect for little hands.

My only complaint about these bottles is the size. For my three and one year old, we re-fill them so quickly.

I completely understand the size of the bottles though, because they are made to use from infancy to elementary. Use it as a baby bottle or use it as a bottle for the kids at school!

The Pura Stainless bottles are the perfect way to switch from plastic to stainless. The time, money, and energy you’ll save with these bottles is completely worth the small investment.

Check em out!