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Boosting Self-Esteem Within Your Child



Self-esteem can easily be knocked, especially with children who are much more vulnerable to the knocks life throws their way. This is why it is highly important that when you see your child’s self-esteem has been damaged in some way, you take steps to top it up.


Self-worth is a massively valuable human asset that can promote confidence and later life success. This is why it’s crucial to find the root of the diminished self-worth and start rebuilding it instantly.


Firstly, you should ask whether your child’s learning or day care environment is helping or contributing to the self-esteem issues. It is best to look for a safe, up-building and encourage environment that adds to your young one’s self-esteem rather than takes from it. You can find amazing day care in Melbourne or in your local area where children are provided with the tools and atmosphere they need to build great self-esteem.


For now, however, if your child is having issues, we have some great tips that you can put into action straight away.




First, it’s important to notice the signs of low self-esteem as young children may not know how to communicate they feel this way. Kids who have a good sense of self-worth normally:


  • Feel accepted by others and in the world
  • Have confidence and can rise to small challenges set before them
  • Feel good and pleased when they accomplish something
  • Have positive and good thoughts about themselves


If your little one struggles with self-esteem, they may emit the following qualities and behaviours:


  • Easily criticise themselves
  • They won’t acknowledge their successes and be really hard on themselves
  • Suffer with insecurity, especially around others
  • Have low confidence in themselves


How To Nurture Self-Esteem


Self-esteem isn’t helped by telling your child how great and amazing they are. Instead, they need to experience their capabilities and excellence on their own accord. Here are some things you can do to nurture self-esteem:


  1. Give your child new learning experiences – Whenever you can, give your child a chance to learn something new and rise to the challenge. Every time they do, it builds self-esteem.
  2. Help them out- Provide a helping hand to start them off when learning. Don’t hinder them for mistakes or make anything too easy/hard.
  3. Give your child the right kind of praise – You don’t want to build up their egos too much but praise is normally healthy for kids. Great ways to praise is to look at effort over qualities, steer clear of going over the top and focusing on the strengths of the child.


Doing the above can make a world of difference to a child’s self-worth and value. Value starts at home and the more you can create an environment where it’s nurtured, the more your child’s self-confidence will flourish.

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