Often, car audio systems are not how we want them to be, even if we get them from fantastic places similar to Zemotor. However, by making a few changes, it is pretty easy to improve them significantly. Don’t worry if you want to revamp the sound system while staying on a budget! A few minor changes that don’t cost a lot can provide you an advanced audio system. These tips should work for most vehicles, however, if they don’t then it might be something to do with another system in the car. For many car owners, the audio system isn’t a massive thing for them. However, for some of the younger drivers on the road, it can be nice to have some music playing in the background whilst driving. If your audio system has gone faulty and these tips don’t fix it, it might be worth purchasing another vehicle if it’s vital that you have music on. It doesn’t have to be a brand new vehicle, you could just try and find the best Kansas City dealership around, or one closer to where you live, to ensure you can purchase a used car that has a working audio system. Hopefully, these tips will fix most audio systems though!


  1. Replace the factory front speakers

The factory speakers installed in the car system are quite average, and by only replacing the front speakers, you will be able to experience a big improvement.

You can get a nice pair of front speakers without spending a lot of money; you’ll just have to search a bit. Component speakers also offer a better sound quality. However, they are a bit complicated and are more suitable for new car stereos. If you are willing to splash some money, then you can also go for premium speakers. These speakers will look great inside any vehicle, perhaps you are looking for a new car such as a Wichita Ford to put some new speakers in, offering you a brand new vehicle whilst listening to some great music.

Before purchasing new speakers, you must make sure that they work with the existing head unit.

  1. Install an amplifier

If you want an even more advanced system, then you should install an amplifier which uses the speaker level inputs. The amplifier will be placed between the new speakers and the factory head unit and will allow you to turn up the music without any distortions.

Adding an amplifier has an added benefit as well; you can also add a subwoofer because of which you can enjoy a richer bass.

  1. Add a subwoofer

If your sound system is missing bass, then you should simply add a subwoofer into the factory system. If you have a small budget, then the best option for you is to go for an 8 inch subwoofer from best10tobuy.

The 8-inch subwoofer is a standard small woofer and is commonly found in the stock sound systems of cars. These are considered as the smallest woofer that can offer you a good bass. Without compromising on the space, these woofers offer a bit of depth to the music. Since the 8-inch subwoofer has a small weight and cone area, the magnet moves easily thus producing accurate and punchy bass reproduction. Careful though, you might well find yourself searching for the best subwoofer that you can use for home theater and bringing the bass indoors for your TV and movie pleasure!

  1. Use a thumb drive

With your sound system, you want to have as fewer interferences between the speakers and the sound file as possible. Every phone comes with a built-in DAC, known as the digital audio converter. However, if you have a good car stereo, then there is a high chance that the DAC present in the audio system is much better than the one present in your phone. Thus, if you transfer all your music to a thumb drive and connect it via USB, then you will be able to enjoy a clearer audio.

  1. Put sound-deadening mats

Aim to get rid of the external clattering noises coming inside the car. Doing this will enable you to hear the music clearer and better. One way to reduce the noise coming in because of the road’s clatter is to use sound-deadening mats. When you apply these mats to particular parts of the car such as the door panel, you will feel a big difference.

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