I remember for my son’s 1st birthday I pulled out all the works. I had a photo slideshow, games, gift bags, and decorations. I am sure you would all agree that every event, every milestone, is a big deal when its your first little. Not to mention I had the time being a stay at home of one.

But second child syndrome hit hard in our family…I now understand as the third child in my family why there are no pictures of me.

So when October rolled around, I started to panic about planning my littlest’s first birthday!

I knew if I did not have the time to perfect every little detail then I needed to pick priorities. I love photography, and capturing the joy and excitement of events is my favorite. When I anticipate a photo opt I always dress my family accordingly to make sure we coordinate and are aesthetically pleasing.

My daughter’s first birthday party was an approaching photo opt that was sure to bring hundreds of pictures from multiple cameras.

So my priority? An adorable outfit to make every picture extra cute!

I searched far and wide through Etsy for a birthday outfit that matched the theme of my daughters vintage gold party.

Bibiti-Bobiti Boutique is a high quality, high fashion children’s etsy shop. Paula, the owner, was inspired to create Bibiti-Bobiti Boutique after struggling to find coordinating outfits for her daughter. She learned to sew and now everything she sells is handmade with organic cotton and is created by her.

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And I would have to say, Bibiti-Bobiti Boutique has stylish and posh merch.

I seriously loved the results of my daughters three piece birthday attire!

The shirt is an made with organic cotton and includes petite puff sleeves. The gold glitter calligraphy “one” is bold and showed up perfect in pictures. Being handmade I had doubts about the durability, but the screen printing proved itself after a smash cake, a few washes, and life of a toddler.

The black and white floral skirt matched perfectly with my daughter’s birthday invites. I loved the high waist ruffled fit and satin bow accent. It laid nicely when she sat and didn’t ride up to her armpits like most baby skirts.

A matching nylon headband completed her birthday outfit! My daughter has a HUGE head, a gift from her father, so I was elated it fit her without leaving any mark or indent.

And yes, this red frosting stain did wash out in the washer!

The greatest part about it being three pieces is the ability to mix and match as my daughter grows. She’s on the squishy side so I know the shirt will be the first to go. However, the skirt will continue to be a staple piece in her wardrobe as well as the bow.

Bobiti-Bobiti Boutique sells over a 100 items on its Etsy shop. The collection includes baby coming home attire, rompers, birthday outfits, hoodie sets, gowns, swaddle sets, and even mom and dad shirts. I know. How amazing does that sound? We’re all proud parents, so why shouldn’t we tell this to the world, and have them printed on shirts that we can wear for the rest of our lives? My friend even told me about a company like Revel Shore, who helps you to print and design your very own clothing, (you can have a look at some of their t-shirts here) so you can see your creations come to life. It’s a great idea, but I’m just so pleased that Bobiti-Bobiti Boutique created these gorgeous outfits for a very special day. I will never forget the part they played in my daughter’s first birthday.

After my daughter’s special day I did what I always do, upload all the pictures. I was so pleased to have such adorable memories captured and her looking so posh!


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  1. Oh I just adore all the gold accent!! Really just adorable! And the mix of stripes and floral is amazing! Just so super cute!! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  2. My niece just had her daughters first birthday party sept 24. Her theme was mimmie mouse so it was pink and black. Your daughters outfit looks like something she will be able to wear for a while in so many different ways

  3. This outfit is so cute. She looks adorable in it. It looks like such a happy time. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. The outfit looks even cuter on your daughter than it does in the shop! Happy 1st Birthday!!

  5. I love the outfit and that bow is beautiful but that expression of that little , she is such a doll, love that smile..

  6. Such a cute outfit and adorable baby! I would love this outfit for my niece. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I LOVE me some glitter letters. This would be a toss up of if I wanted to gift a set to my newest great niece due in december or for my baby’s first birthday! HA! Too much cuteness to go around! Love your photo shoot.

  8. This is seriously such a cute outfit!! I would love to be able to buy some of these clothes for my daughters!!

  9. What an adorable outfit on your Cute little Girl. Love it..Bibiti Bobiti sounds like my kind of shop..These fashions would look adorable on my Baby Great Granddaughters..

  10. They have such adorable outfits for both girls and boys.My daughter is expecting twin boys and I see several sets that would be great for them.

  11. aw, what a cute outfit and great photos of the birthday girl! I love their selection of clothing, the patterns are unique and super cute!

  12. My niece is due with her first child a little girl. So glad to see this site Bibiti-Bobiti Boutique has so many cute outfits . Love to shop there for Christmas too online!

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