Ever go on a trip with your family and think of all the millions of things you have to bring with you? Seriously, there is so much stuff to bring along with children.

What do you do when you realize you’ve forgotten an essential? Are you the type of person who will run to the store and buy it OR are you someone who will improvise and use what you’ve got?

That is exactly what Casey, Virginia mom, did when she was on vacation with her family. She forgot to pack mittens for her daughter, so Casey grabbed some socks and put them on her daughter’s hands. Boom. Problem fixed!

Handsocks are the perfect solution to keep little baby hands warm and baby faces protected. It’s hard to cut those little finger nails, but it’s really easy to grab a pair of Handsocks and place them on baby’s hands. As you can see in the photos below they’re very easy to put on.

The Handsocks vision is to create limited quantity styles and prints. This means that if you find a specific print or style you like, get it while you can before it’s sold out! With a vision like that the prints you purchase will most likely be pretty rare; only a certain number of people will get their hands on them.


Fun fact: You can enter for a chance to have a limited print of Handsocks named after your child. Pretty fun! You can apply on their website


The prints they create are super cute and perfect for any child. With options for girls, boys, and gender neutral you are sure to find one you like! Recently they just released their college football line. Get your favorite teams logo on a Handsock and your child can cheer them on!

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We just brought our new baby boy home on October 1. In just three days he already had scratches on his face! I forgot to pack mittens in the hospital bag and we were unable to cut his nails while we were there. I was ready to wrap his little hands up to protect him! So, the first thing I did when we got home was grabbed a pair of mittens (that WEREN’T Handsocks) and put them on his hands. Literally within minutes the mittens fell off! I was so frustrated. This made me very excited to get my package from Handsocks so I could try them out!


Let me tell ya mama’s, these things are amazing.


The Handsocks are perfect for our new baby boy. Its been pretty chilly here the past few days, so they have been perfect. They keep his hands warm and toasty. The Handsocks are really great for him because they protect his little face from getting scratched. A lifesaver!

I love how the Handsocks are more like socks and less like mittens (hence the name!). They actually stay on baby’s hands! Why? Because of their sleeve-like effect. There is no velcro or straps to work with, and no tightness whatsoever. Notice in the picture how the stripe part of the handsock goes all the way up to baby’s armpit. It’s perfect! It would take a lot for a baby to work them off their arm.


Handsocks are the prefect accessory for your older child too. Their sizes are available for newborn up to 3T. You can use them as protection for your newborn and like gloves or mittens for your older child. They are perfect for the winter – going from the house to the car and the car to the store. Normal gloves are such a pain to put on little hands; it’s nearly impossible to get all the fingers in the right places! And just like with newborn mittens, child mittens fall off really easily. Save yourself the hassle and get your kiddo some Handsocks!


My favorite aspect of the Handsocks company is how they love and care for other kiddos around the world. While exchanging emails with Casey, the owner of Handsocks, she mentioned that she got a letter from one of the orphanages that she recently sent Handsocks to. She was ecstatic. She expressed to me how happy and grateful she was to have received it. That is why she does what she does. Casey, and the whole Handsocks company has a passion to make a positive impact on the world. That’s what they’re striving towards.



Handsocks are perfect for your kiddos – newborn to age 3. Your kids will have warm hands and protected faces; say goodbye to fingernail scratches. The soft, cozy socks will be a lifesaver this winter. I’m so excited to use them! Christmas is coming sooner than we think – these are the perfect gift for anyone with young kids. Click the image to the left to see and buy Handsocks!





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  1. This is one of those neat things that is practical and fun. The patterns are adorable.

  2. I really love how high they go up so they are hard to get off!! Plus will be some added warmth for the chilly months!

  3. I wish I knew about these before my niece was born. Her hands were so tiny that her mittens would always fall off. Now she’s almost one! I would love these for my cousin’s baby.

  4. I love these Handsocks! They’re perfect to keep baby’s hands warm and to prevent them from scratching their face. My favorite are the Handsocks Plush Mittens, style Newton (Jungle Print/Grey Stripe). So cute!

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