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Sleep Zzz Pillow

My kids hate sleep. Maybe not really, but I feel like they do. I don’t understand why! I love to sleep and considering they’re my children, I thought they would too! However, I find it much easier to sleep when I have my front sleeper pillow so considering I have tried every technique in the book, like not letting them watch TV an hour before bedtime, tiring them out before bedtime, I’m going to try a technique that helps me sleep better. I even keep an eye out for bed bugs (known as punaise de lit) to make sure they don’t get bitten at night! They have never been those kids that sleep through the night….like ever. At ages 4 and 3 respectively, I have just given up on them sleep through the night or even in their own bed for one of them. Like clockwork, with their Seal plush in hand, they come knocking on my door in the middle of the night. This all changed when I took a leaf out of my own book and we tried out the Sleep Zzz Pillow.

When I first saw the Sleep Zzz Pillow I thought it was just another fun pillow like an Anime Dakimakura Pillow. A body pillow for kids. I had never seen one and thought it was a fun concept. Then my kids tried it out, and my kids fought over this pillow! They both LOVE how it feels to be snuggled up in it. For one of the only times in my sons life (he is almost 3) he slept through the night!!!! What a blessing! My husband and I attribute his better sleep completely on the Sleep Zzz Pillow.

The effects of this pillow, in my option, give the illusion of being next to another person; being snuggled in. My son thrives on touch. He needs to feel a person next to him when sleep for safety and comfort reasons. I desperately want him in his own bed. This pillow helps keep him in his bed longer than ever before. He still isn’t a perfect sleeper and ends up in my bed every night. But I have noticed that when he initially falls asleep he stays asleep longer than ever before. There is no other reason for this other than the use of the Sleep Zzz Pillow.

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The Sleep Zzz Pillow comes in one size but have a bunch of fun covers that are completely washed like any other pillowcase.

  • Polka Dots
  • Birdies
  • Sports
  • Gray Chevron
  • Blue/Green Chevron

For an additional fee you can have your pillow embroidered!

This pillow is the best investment you can make for your sleep struggles. With so many covers to pick from, you can use it from you can keep it fun and whimsical. I love that its the perfect length for toddlers and children, so they don’t age out of the pillow in a year. It really can grow with your child and last years and years. You can also pass if from one child to the next….that is if you don’t end up buying one for each kid first!

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