Launched in 2006 and based out of London, England, Babymel creates high quality diaper bags for moms and dads. These bags feature wipe clean finishes, graphic patterns, bright colors, insulated bottle holders, and a large array of pockets. The creators of Babymel look to give organization to mamas around the globe. Each bag comes with an insulated bottle holder and a padded changing mat. All their products are made with wipe clean materials and are water resistant.



The Robyn diaper bag by Babymel is the perfect diaper bag for anyone. It comes in two styles – black and navy blue stripes both with faux leather trim. This versatile bag allows four ways of wear: on your back, shoulder, cross body, or handheld. The convertible strap offers easy transition so you can give your hands or back a break.

The straps are awesome; they’re my favorite feature of the bag. I mostly wear it as a backpack – which I  love – but there’s also the option of using it as a shoulder bag and a cross body bag. My husband uses it as a shoulder bag because he doesn’t like having to put the bag on his back. The diaper bag is so easy to transition between the different strap styles, it takes no time at all. Just pull the leather pad/handle and it converts from the backpack to the shoulder/cross body bag – seriously so easy. No hooks, clips, or loops. Just a quick tug! Do the opposite to go back to the backpack style; pull the straps equally and they stop when they’re in place.


The Babymel bag has many pockets and compartments; three pockets on the inside and three pockets on the outside. These pockets allow for easy organization and quick ‘grabbing’. On the left side of the bag there is a pocket with a velcro closure.

This pocket is for easy access to baby wipes – such a great feature! There is a pocket on the right side just like the left pocket except without the velcro closure. One large pocket on the front is perfect for storing the changing mat. I love keeping the changing mat and wipes on the outside of the bag so I can access them quickly and easily. It really makes diaper changes go quicker.

On the inside of the bag there is a pocket with a zipper – the pocket that almost every bag has. This is great for things like chapstick, a pen, gum, and tampons. The two additional pockets are located on the backside of the backpack. The pockets are perfect for keeping baby items like a change of clothes, bib, and/or burp cloth.

I use cloth diapers, so when I received the bag I was curious to see if it would be large enough to fit all we needed when going out – especially diapers. Cloth diapers are bulky and they take up a lot of space. Since receiving the bag I have had room to add more to it each time we’ve left the house. It’s a big bag and I can guarantee you’ll be able to fit what you need in it.

Here is a list of all the things we keep in the diaper bag:

There you have it, everything we carry with us on a regular basis. Sometimes we even add more to it depending on where we’re going.. like a lunch pail or a sleep sack.


If I could change one thing about the Babymel diaper bag I would create a pocket for “mom’s stuff”. I don’t carry a purse if I have the diaper bag with me, so I need a place to put my wallet. I would totally put it in one of the outside pockets, but they are way to easy to get into. Having my wallet in one of them is just asking for someone to take it. Currently I just put it in the main part of the bag; it just kind of hangs out with all the other baby things. Sometimes I use one of the pockets on the back of the inside of the bag, which is ok. I can make it work without a “me” pocket, but all in all it would be great if there was one.

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  1. I love the versatility in the ways you can carry the bag and I like the sporty nautical look

  2. This is the kind of bag we’ve been looking for! I want a backpack and my husband a shoulder bag – but finding one that converts and isn’t too feminine has proven difficult! Thanks for the review, this is now on our list!

  3. the versitality of the bag is great. great neutral colors and doesnt look too diaper baggish.

  4. I really love that this bag is like a back pack too! I have 2 toddlers and we will have another baby and this bag I could actually be hands free with! Love it!

  5. I love how you can wear this 4 different ways. I have looked for crossbody diaper bags in the past and had trouble finding any that were this attractive!

  6. This Robyn diaper bag looks so beautiful and stylish! I love that we can wear it by 4 ways: back, shoulder, cross body, or handheld
    Thank You for sharing!

  7. Thanks for your detailed list of what you have in the bag. That is a great help to know how big it really is.

  8. It’s a very thorough review, which I really appreciate, so thanks for that. I also like how you mentioned things that could be done to make the bag better. It certainly looks roomy enough, but I agree that a small pocket to put a wallet in would be a helpful addition.

  9. This looks like the perfect bag. Love the size and that you can carry it on your back.

  10. Oooh I love the design and I love the versatility of styles and ways it can be worn!! So super chic and cute!!

  11. I love that this can also be worn as a backpack because that is the way I prefer to carry my diaper bags.

  12. I love the versatility of the babymel diaper bag and it is so roomy and stylish at the same time. I would use it long after baby was grown!

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