Chibebe creates comfy, cute grow-with-me beanbag seats for children. The snuggle pod allows your child to sit comfortably and safely in a resting position. Most families buy [or are gifted] a baby bouncer and child seat (of some sort); Chibebe takes one step away from that process. With the snuggle pod families have the freedom to buy one chair and use it for multiple purposes. Because it’s a grow with me seat – your child can use the chair as a newborn, toddler, and as a pre teen.


The Chibebe brand was built on a single principle- a dedication to creating quality, safe products for babies and children.

The snuggle pod is a great alternative to your average baby bouncer. Two major benefits come from using a snuggle pod – reflux relief and prevention of flathead. The shape of the beanbag is designed to be flexible and allow for different positions to be used based on baby’s specific needs. You have the ability to change the shape of the pod and position of the beans based on the circumstance (post-feeding, nap, play). The super soft seat helps to protect the back of baby’s head. Pressure is kept off the head because of the flexible surface and the way the head is elevated on the seat.


Chibebe offers a few different accessories for purchase that you can use with the snuggle pod. The pod rocker (details and review below), just like it sounds, converts the seat into a rocker. This is especially useful with younger children. The pod warmer is a blanket that connects to the snuggle pod allowing baby to stay warm and cozy.

When receiving the snuggle pod you will find in the box a multitude of goodies. Wrapped up nice and pretty in a cute reusable bag is: the snuggle pod – in your choice of fabric print, the baby seat with harness, the toddler seat, and the removable inner filling bag (where the beans go).



Snuggle Pod

The Chibebe snuggle pod [beanbag] is the perfect baby bouncer, toddler chair, and pre-teen seat. Its versatility is reason enough to invest in one. There are not many products  your child can use as a newborn and also as a pre-teen; this is a huge reason I love the snuggle pod.


Chibebe offers many different prints for their snuggle pod beanbags. I absolutely love the print of our snuggle pod, it fits our home perfectly (I like it when things match). Most of their prints are gender neutral, so you can use the same pod with multiple children. When choosing a snuggle pod you pick the print of the pod and the color of the seats.

The snuggle pod is created so that the seats are interchangeable. There is a zip mechanism on the top of the pod where you zip the seat on. It zips completely around the pod and is hidden by the tag on the very top. When the seat is dirty you can unzip it and throw it in the wash! Change it from the newborn seat to the toddler seat or vise versa when baby gets older or you have a new one. Created just the same, the only difference between the two seats are that the newborn seat has a buckle harness to keep baby from rolling or falling off the pod. The baby and toddler seats are created with the same stretch lycra blend and soft padding. The seats are water resistant too, so messes are easy to clean up.

The removable inner filling bag is a thin bag that gets filled with the bean bag beans. You can buy the beans from any large retailer or order them from the Chibebe website. It’s probably best to have two people when stuffing the filling bag with beans; you’ll need someone to hold the bag open and someone pouring the beans. Chibebe [and I] recommend filling the bag in the bathtub. Close the drain and make sure it’s dry and start pouring; this makes for a very easy clean up. Put about 60-65 liters of the bean filling in the bag.

My favorite aspect of the snuggle pod is the changeable seats. When you order a pod it comes with a newborn and toddler seat so you really are set from birth to pre teen. I love how soft the seats are; they are so cozy and flexible. I feel very comfortable when my child is in the seat and he is buckled in because I trust the material. The water resistant feature is super appealing to me because lets face it, babies can be messy sometimes. I look forward to using the seat with the pod for my future kids when they are newborns. The fact that the seat gives reflux relief is a huge plus for me. My baby had some major reflux when he was younger, so if this seat gives any sort of relief for future kids, I’m willing to give it a try!

Pod Rocker

This pod rocker is such a cool, unique concept. Simply order it on the Chibebe website with your snuggle pod and convert the seat into a rocker! This is great because not only do you have a product that can last until your child is a preteen. You also have a product that has multiple use for babies. I believe that this makes it the best swing for older babies as it’s so versatile. good-pod-pic2

One downside I experienced with the pod rocker was constructing it; I had a really hard time putting it together. After reading the directions I felt ready to clip it together and see how it looked. But it took me at least half an hour to click the bars together. The rocker is all metal and the locking mechanism which pops up through the holes to keep it in place are metal as well. This was part of my problem. My fingers could not with hold the pressure of the locks; I was forced to use pliers. The metal pieces fit very snuggly into each other so taking the rocker apart is next to impossible; I’ll just leave it intact forever!

When it was all said and done and I finally got the pod rocker together and working I can truly say that I am pleased with it. Now that I put the snuggle pod into the rocker and my son uses it, I am grateful for the security and snug fit of the metal bars. I feel comfortable placing my son into it; and I don’t have to worry about it collapsing. The pod rocker is a great accessory to use with the snuggle pod.


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  4. I think that helping with reflux relief, is great. So many babies have it, and it’s great when a product helps with that.

  5. These look very cool Thanks for the review I never had one with my kiddos but I have a friend having her 1st. I like that it grows with them a bit.

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