Since my daughter was six months old she has been in her high chair at the dinner table. Slowly we introduced foods one piece at a time and I would place it on her tray. It didn’t take long for her to demand a plate and silverware like everyone else at the table. Being a first time mom and not really putting much thought into toddler dishes, I was unprepared and only had my ceramic dishes to offer. Although they were the perfect size, I was waiting for my plate to hit the floor when she was done eating. Nervous to use cheap plastic dishes full of chemicals that could leach into my child’s food, I was on the hunt for dishes that were safe for my daughter and something that would last and not need to be replaced.eating

About Avanchy

plateAvanchy has taken baby dishware to a new level. These beautiful Bamboo Plates, Bowls and Utensils are made not only with your baby in mind but also thinking of the environment. Avanchy products are made with FDA Approved sustainable materials, they are BPA Free, Lead Free, PVC Free and Phthalate Free. Bamboo is the worlds fastest growing plant and can regenerate without the need of replanting making it also one of the most renewable resources on the plant.

The universal toddler sign for I’m done eating seems to be throwing their plate to the floor. Avanchy is one step bowl-and-baseahead and have added a bright silicone base to their bowls and plates.  This will suction to your table or child’s tray, keeping their dishware in place during meal times. The silicone base can be removed for easy cleaning or even used as serving ware.

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Avanchy’s dishware is perfect for my independent toddler. As soon as I placed the bowl in front of her she tried to pick it up. The suction base proved to be stronger than my 16 month old, a major win in my book.



The Bamboo Baby Training Spoon has a nice silicone tip, which helps food stay on the spoon and is gentle on your child’s sensitive gums and teeth. The handle is ideal for tiny hands trying to navigate feeding themselves. Avanchy also offers Bamboo Baby Training Forks.


The bowl itself might seem large for a childs bowl, but I have found that the size is appropriate. Any smaller and I think my daughter would fling food out while trying to scoop it onto her spoon.

The Avanchy Bamboo Suction Plate is the perfect size whether you place on a highchair tray or directly onto your table. The plate itself is divided into three sections which is great for keeping food separate for picky eaters or entertaining for those that like rearranging their food while they eat.

I love that the suction base is removable, allowing these dishes to grow with your child.

 Avanchy dishware, designed for your baby, but so beautiful and versatile that you will want to use them too.