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Super Undies Training Pants Review

Super Undies Review 300

Training a child to use the bathroom is no easy task. It’s time consuming and can really wear you down. Being prepared is the first step in beginning to potty train your child. I am in no way an expert in this field! I wing it like most other parents. I learn as I go with my child. Each child is perfectly unique, and their potty training experience will be unique as well. For my children I couldn’t push them to start earlier than they wanted. For some amazing tips and tricks about potty training just click here.

My son has been a cloth diaper wearing child. I knew I wanted to continue that choice while embarking on my potty training season. Why use cloth for all that time then switch to disposable trainers? If you have been using disposables, now is the perfect time to switch to a cloth based product. You don’t wear disposable underwear yourself, do you? I mean, why monkey with all that trash?

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Super Undies is an American based company and proudly manufactures all products here in the USA. They are a real team of every day people who want the best for the families they sell too. You can rest assured that these products are made with love.

Super Undies features several products for all types of people.

No matter where you are in your potty training, Super Undies has the perfect product, and size, for your needs.

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This Mama’s Experience

Super Undies Training Pants

Having already potty trained my daughter (who I used disposables with and disposable pull ups) I was really excitedmax 2 and sad to begin the potty training journey with my son. After countless prayers and conversations my husband and I have decided that he will be our last child (unless God chooses otherwise).  I love my cloth diapers. Like love them. I am going to miss seeing my son wear those adorable little prints and see that cute fluff butt running around. But I know he needs to grow up and I have to swallow that pill and take the plunge. My son is very interested in potty training due to his age (he is 2.5) and because he has a sister who is older to him but close in age (3). She is the leader in his little world and he wants to be just like her, and that includes using the potty. He has also begun the take-off-the-diaper-to-run-around-naked stage of life. This signals that he is becoming more aware of his body and that he doesn’t like the wetness of his diaper any more.

It is good for a child to feel their wetness while potty training. This makes them uncomfortable. They like the dry feeling, and can you blame them? Diapers wick away the moisture, we don’t necessarily want that in a day time trainer. We want them to learn that going to the bathroom on the toilet keeps me dry. I like to be dry. I should pee on on the toilet. It’s very elementary thinking. My son, being the younger child, is fully aware that his big sister only wears underwear. He is very interested in them too. When I asked him if he wanted to wear underwear he looked at me in a confused but curious face. He is not very verbal so I took that as a yes. I was so excited to see that I was pulling them on him like a real pair of underpants, not laying him down for a cloth diaper. He was able to help set into his underpants too. His sister immediately got excited for him and told him how cool his underpants were. That made that little boy feel over the moon with joy.

These training pants are such high quality that I was instantly in love. My sons face lit up when he felt the pants instead of a diaper. He knew he was wearing underwear right away. He felt excited and it increased his conference. If you have struggled with potty training in the past, using Super Undies a great way to boost moral. 

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