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Oakiwear Womens Boots

Oakiwear Womens Boots Review

With fall right around the corner and back to school season here, I have been stocking up on all the essentials for my kids. I got their new clothes, new backpacks, new supplies….but wait a moment…what about me?! As a mom I often let my own wardrobe slip. This past year I have been trying to remember myself and to give myself the treats I want and the essentials I honestly need. I have been lacking in the shoe department, which you may find funny. Most women love to collect shoes and love to change things up in their shoe collection. I have totally let this area of my life fall to the wayside. Although I definitely need some help finding booties that are on the more fashionable side that I can wear when I go out with my mum friends or on a day to day basis, I have been really needing a pair of rain boots. Having kids I seem to be outside more now than I ever have been in my life. Perhaps they need a pair of winter boots for kids too, to help them through the season. I love letting them play outside, but I hate getting my gym shoes all gross and mucky. Rain boots are really an essential in any moms wardrobe.

Oakiwear Womens Boots Collection

Oakiwear is a staple in the footwear world. They are made with such high quality materials and are affordable for any budget. Having been a leading shoe for kids, they have now branched out into women’s shoes. And boy, am I glad! Oakiwear boots are made with 100% rubber, allowing your feet to stay dry. What I love about 100% rubber boots is how easy they are to clean and fast to dry. I don’t have time to monkey around with cleaning shoes, I have dinner cook! With Oakiwear boots I can spray them off with a hose and call it a day.

Their huge selection of women’s rain boots range in sizes, designs, prints and colors. They really have something for everyone. Whether you like the more classic, traditional look or something funky and modern, Oakiwear has the perfect pair of boots for you.

Sizing Tip:

When choosing a size to buy you will want to measure the insole of a current pair of boots you own. Pull out the insert and use a measuring tape or ruler to see how long a current pair you own is. This really helped me find the right size. I thought I was going to need one size but after measuring my current pair of winter boots’ insole I ordered a different size and I am glad that I did.

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Oakiwear Womens Boot Collage

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