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Crayola Back To School 2016

Crayola Doodle Scents

With the summer winding down we have to face reality and the fact that it’s officially back to school season. Sign and moan, cheer and grin, each person has their own thoughts and emotions that go along with the back to school season. I love back to school season for a few different reasons, mostly because I know that my kids love learning.

I was talking to my best friend about sending our children back to school the other day. She lives in Texas and her children go to a private school. Just like my little girl, her children are incredibly bright and love all of their lessons at The Fay School. A lot of parents find that private school is ideal for academically gifted children, so once my daughter grows up, I will have to do some research to see whether a private school might be a good fit for her too.

Anyway, when my daughter started preschool last year she was excited but didn’t really know why. This fall she will be attending preschool again and she is fully aware of the awesomeness that comes with school. She is starting a new school with all new students in her class. She is a very social girl, so I don’t have to fret over her too much. But I do want to make sure that she is prepared as well as she can be. Knowing that I have Crayola on my side, puts us on the right track for success for this school year.

Crayola Finding Dory

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crayola crayons 2016

Each year Crayola features all the back to school basics that our children will need to succeed. From the childhood basics like crayons and markers, the more advanced products like easels and art kits, I know that with Crayola I can find the products that are on my list. By keeping up with what is new and popular Crayola provides us with themed products like Frozen, Shopkins, Finding Dory, Minions and Star Wars. The added bonus of seeing a favorite character on your marker makes your child’s imagination soar. Giving them the creative juices they need to make their new masterpiece.

Our favorite back to school supply this year are Crayola’s new Doodle Scents. These hilarious scented markers brought back so much nostalgia and memories for me. I fondly remember sitting around drawing doodles with my little brother (who is now a teacher mind you) and giggling as we joyfully sniffed at our scented markers. In the past few decades the science and creativity behind these markers has really amazed me. When my daughter started scrambling trying to get all the lids off to smell each and every maker I couldn’t help but be filled with excited with her. Then we came across a marker with an elephant trunk and a hairy brown character. She shouted out, “it’s elephant poop!” I didn’t believe her at first, but after glancing at the image and taking a deep whiff myself, I laughed along with her, because it surely was a poop scented marker (click here to see an Instagram video of this moment). Thinking like a child and creative perfect products for them is how Crayola has maintained the powerhouse they are today. Don’t delay and pick up your Crayola products today!

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