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Have you heard of Bumbini? If you haven’t discovered Bumbini yet then you were missing out. Bumbini online cloth diaper boutique is based in Ottawa and sells throughout Canada and the US. They have the knowledge and resources to help anyone interested in discovering how amazing cloth diapering can be. They carry a wide variety different styles to suit every budget. They believe in all the diapers and accessories they carry and let meCapture tell you they carry everything!

Not sure if cloth diapering is for you? Bumbini not only has a Newborn Rental Program but they also have a Diaper Trial Program. The newborn rental program is perfect if you want to cloth diaper from birth but you don’t want to invest in a whole newborn stash that will only be used for a short period of time. When they say “try all the diapers” they aren’t kidding! The diaper trial program allows you to try tons of brands and styles . This way you can get a feel for what works best for you and your baby. Unfortunately these programs are only offered to Canadian residents, hopefully one day they will be able to offer these to the US as well. Not only can Bumbini get you started with these incredible programs, but they also have amazing workshops to help you learn all that you need to know. If you live in Canada you can attend these free workshops in person. If getting to a workshop location isn’t a option, then Bumbini offers an Online Cloth Diaper Workshop. Make sure to check their blog to read helpful tips, new product information and more.

Are you expecting? Bumbini has a gift registry option making it so easy for you to build a registry and easy for friends and family to shop from it. Why didn’t I know about this when I was pregnant? Had I used a Bumbini registry I gift reg.would have been able to pick from so many brands. I feel that people who weren’t familiar with cloth diapers (thinking it’s still flats, diaper pins and rubber pants) would have been introduced to the beauty of modern cloth diapers.

Bumbini has everything you will need for cloth diapering all the way through potty training. Not only the diapers themselves but pail liners, wet bags, sprayers, diaper repair kits, laundry detergents, nursing pads and skin care for mama and baby – making Bumbini your one stop shop. Bumbini makes it easy to get everything you need; they even have a amazing reward program where you earn 2 points for every dollar spent. You can also earn extra points by submitting product reviews (50 points per review!). You can use points toward free items on their website.

You can’t help but feel the love from Bumbini. They are there to support their customers, and they encourage you to contact them with any questions. Bumbini even offers Skype consultations -you just need to email then to set a time that works for you. They pride themselves on their customer service and they work extremely hard to make sure are happy with your purchase and with cloth diapering experience.

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Bumbini gave me the opportunity to review a Bummis AIO diaper as well as a Bummis One-size Swim diaper, just two of the many diapers they carry.

Bummis All In One

AIO editThis is the first time I am trying a All in One diaper and I must say I love how simple Bummis AIO is. This diaper is perfect for babysitters, grandparents and anyone new to cloth diapering since it takes all the guess work out. Bummis AIO ready to go straight from the dryer, or in my case straight from the clothes line. There is no matching inserts to diaper, making diaper laundry even easier for my husband (yes I know how lucky I am to have a husband that isn’t afraid of diaper laundry). The inside of the diaper does have a pocket like sleeve allowing you to either lay the attached insert on top of the pocket putting the stay dry fabric next to babies skin or tuck it into the pocket leaving the AIO 2 editorganic cotton next to the skin. Right now I just lay the insert inside of the diaper. This saves me the step of stuffing before using and un-stuffing before washing. The option of un- stuffing the attached insert is one of my favorite features since I choose to line dry my diapers, being able to un-stuff the tongue of the diaper speeds up drying time (drying is one of the main reasons why I was always afraid to try a AIO) .

Bummis AIO is a very trim diaper, fitting 8-35 pounds. With four different rise sizing options and nice leg and back elastics you can easily customize the fit to your baby . My only complaint is that there is only 2 rows of rise snaps. I tend to get a bulge in the middle that I feel a third row would prevent this. As my baby grows this will be less of a problem since we wont need to keep the diaper snapped to such a small size.

AIO 3 edit

Can we talk about how cute these patterns are. I was instantly drawn to Vinyl Records since not only does my husband have quit the collection of records, he loves to share his love of music with our daughter.


Bummis One Size Swim Diaper

swim 1 editEven the families that don’t cloth diaper (I know, it’s hard to believe that there are still non cloth diapering families) have a need for a reusable cloth swim diaper. Bummis one-size swim diaper is our go to this summer, and since it fits 10-35 pounds it will be used for the next couple years. With double gusset leg elastics, 4 rise sizing options and 6 swim editwaist snaps you will easily get a great fit. I feel a swim diaper that snaps on is 100% necessary because let’s face it once the your baby gets into the water trying to slide a wet diaper off (god forbid it contains poop) is nearly impossible. Bummis one-size swim diaper is specially engineered to hold solids in but allow liquids to pass through. The inside lining is made of super soft polyester making this not only comfortable for baby but extremely easy to clean. Bummis swim diaper is perfect for swim lessons, public pools and back yard fun!

Bummis AIO and Bummis One Size Swim Diaper are both available at Bumbini.

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  1. I appreciate the 4 different sizing options. The patterns are cute and fun as well!

  2. I absolutely love Bumbini! They carry a wide range of products and offer amazing customer service. Their cloth diaper workshop is what convinced us to cloth diaper!

  3. These diapers are so awesome. I really like the fit and quality of this product.

  4. This is the first I’ve heard of Bumbini. I love that they have diaper trial for those interested in cloth!

  5. I Loved Cloth Diapers That Way I Could Not Be Called A Lazy Mom By My Mom and or others that used Huggies yet the Baby had Constant But Rash I Knew The Mommy They Changed Baby 3x-4x A Day My babies I changed constantly Potty training was a breeze I think Cloth Diapers Had A Great Hand In That
    Many Blessings

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of them. Sounds like we’ll have to check these out though. Simple is good, especially when the little ones just don’t want to hold still!

  7. I don’t think I have ever ordered from Bumbini myself, but they have a great reputation within the cloth diapering community!

  8. I’ve been admiring bummis diapers for a while. A lot of people say how awesome they are. I really like the vinyl record print!

  9. I love shops that offer newborn rentals and trial programs. They save you money and let you find out what works best! Great review of the Bummis, by the way, and I am so impressed with the newest prints.

  10. The Bumbini Diapers are so colorful and cute! From your review I can tell they are high quality too! I am so glad cloth Diapers have come back but in a Fancier Package! When my babies used diapers that’s all their was. We used the safety pins and plastic pull up covers over the cloth diaper. I love the cloth Diapers so much softer for babies skin. Your Review was Awesome Thankyou!!

  11. The newborn rental program is a very good idea for those who are not sure about cloth diapering. I recommend this to my friends who are expecting.

  12. They sure have some cute designs/colors/patterns! I love that you can renting them if you are not sure too.

  13. Still building a stash for my 2 girls and now adding this as a diaper to try on my list!

  14. I have to say, that I love the idea of a one-size swim diaper! It makes life so much easier!!! We’ll probably end up investing in one. I love that they offer trial programs to help people figure out if they want to cloth diaper and what type of diapers may work for them.

  15. I agree that swim diapers must have side snaps! I can’t imagine the mess if one was used without the side snaps… the one size option sounds great, too!

  16. These look like nice and high quality diapers. I would love to be able to experience the nice quality.

  17. Bumbinis seems like a great web store. If I am in the market for something, I’m definitely going to look there :). Bonus points that they’re Canadian too!

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