As I have gotten older I find that I need more structure and organization to my life. I have become the queen of list making and feel the need to make sure everything I have has a “home”. Now that I have a baby on the move making sure that not only does everything have a home, I need to make sure that it’s out of reach of little hands. I have limited counter space in my home so keeping things “up” isn’t always easy when trying to also use that space. That’s where Holster has made my life so much easier; I get to add storage space while opening up my surface space.

 About Holster

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 Holsters are silicone holders that attaches to any smooth, non-porous surface. Holster has it all, with their Hot Iron Holster, Hobby Holster and Lil’ Holsters. The hairstylist in me favors the Hot Iron Holster; it is heat resistant up to 500 degrees and is perfect for storing flat irons and curling irons. The Hot Iron Holster is perfect for traveling since you can pack your irons and not have to wait for them to cool down. It comes in three sizes Professional, Deluxe and Original. The Hobby Holster is heat resistant up to 400 degrees which is perfect for hot glue guns and craft supplies. The Hobby Holster has dual pockets as well as a built in ruler. The Lil Holsters come in three sizes, The Any, The Skinny and The Mini. The uses of these are unlimited; they are heat resistant up to 250 degrees. They have small holes in the bottom to allow wet objects to dry as well as the Lil Holsters are dishwasher safe. Some great uses include remotes, tools, brushes, razors, toothbrushes, glasses, pens, soap, sponges, make-up, the list is truly endless. Holsters come in a wide range of colors. Making it easy to match your room décor or keep things organized by color coding.
  Using your Holsters is as simple as placing on clean dry surface. Once in place it is ok to get wet. Keep your Holster clean is easy and very important to keeping a good hold to your surface. Wipe your Holster down with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol or simply rinse with water.

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 This Mama Experience

Hot Iron Holster

   Like I said before being a hairstylist the Hot Iron Holster is my favorite. Getting ready in the morning has gotten a holster showerlittle more difficult now that I have a crawling baby. I love the grip that the Hot Iron Holster has to the countertop; I don’t have to worry about little hands pulling the cord and my 400 degree flat iron falling off the counter. Not only do I use it at home, it has been put to work at the salon as well. With it being prom and wedding season I am always struggling for space while using multiple hot tools, it’s so convenient to be able to have the iron I’m using hanging within reach.  Or my favorite feature is that when I travel to and from work I don’t have to wait for my irons to cool down to pack them up.
holster kitchen  With a crawling baby comes baby proofing everything; the Lil Holster has so many baby proofing uses. The Lil Skinny Holster is perfect solution for keeping my razor off the side of the tub and out of reach of my little one. The Skinny and the Mini have come in handy for keeping the changing table organized. I am able to have her lotions and diaper creams within easy access for me and away from her.  I also love the Lil Holsters for kitchen organization, I have a small kitchen and I love that these keep my sponges and bottle brushes from just laying around.  Since the Lil Holsters are dishwasher safe I am able to easily keep them clean. The Lil Holters are exceptionally great for mini flat irons, which are in trend today. 
  You can order Holster online at and they are now carried in many stores including Target.

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  1. These Holster’s seem handy. I’m always worried about my hair appliances burning the counter.

  2. I love that the Lil Holster’s is heat resistant up to 250 degrees and come in three sizes!

  3. I have one similar to this for my curling iron but I love the kitchen set! Such a great idea!

  4. I had one of these but it didn’t work for me for some reason! It kept falling off. 🙁

  5. What a great product! I like it especially for the hot items that I want to keep out of reach. But those sink holsters look great, too!

  6. I like that the little ones are dishwasher safe. I’ve wanted a holder for my flatiron and curling iron especially while traveling!

  7. I might need to invest in the holster for my flat iron! I don’t use it every day, but I always feel like it is in the way, so it would be great to have somewhere to store it whether cool or hot!

  8. I really like the different sizes and that I could put my razor somewhere other than on the top edge of the shower.

  9. I could totally use these… I tend to leave my straightening iron in the least convenient places. I’ve burned quite a few things that way.

  10. I’ve never seen holsters before. I like the idea of using them on the sink to hold sponges. They look pretty handy!

  11. This doesn’t sound like anything I’d ever use myself. That being said, it’s something I’m looking at to keep my wife’s devices out of little hands. I like how tightly they hold on to keep dangerous things away from babies.

  12. Three sizes are useful all over the house, I wonder if this would work for my glue gun?

  13. I’m not sure I’d ever use these, honestly. Not that they’re not a great idea, I’m just not sure where I’d use them! That said, the fact that they’re dishwasher safe is pretty rockin’. Since Little Miss came along, stuff that isn’t machine or dishwasher-safe has fallen out of favor here!

  14. Wonderful! This is one of those things that you don’t realize you need it until you see it in action. I can think of several places I’d use a holster, especially in my bathroom.

  15. Genius! I’d love one of the in the shower for my razor and at the kitchen sink for the scrub brush!

  16. I like that they can be placed in the dishwasher so that they can become clean. Although the best part is your image of it in the shower with the razor. I put mine up high right now and it likes to fall at times!

  17. That’s a neat product. I Don’t curl my hair often, so I would use it for others things like the kitchen and other bathroom uses. I like that it is dishwasher safe!

  18. I love how handy these are! I could really use a couple of them for our kitchen sink. Great idea!

  19. so cool my nieces could real use them! keep the hot stuff away from there little brothers

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