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You have probably heard about Groupon by this point. They are a huge online resource that allows you to get great bargains on a local and national scale, much like many other coupon sites which can be found here if you fancy exploring all of the options out there. From clothing to events, you can find a real bargain. At one point I exhausted all the massage therapy coupons within a 20 miles radius of me! The deals were just too good to pass up. Something a lot of people, including myself until recently, don’t know about is Groupons Coupons!

My generation, along with most computer knowledgeable people, will search for online coupon codes before making a purchase from websites similar to Deals4Boomers, I hear they have a great range of coupons. It can never hurt to look. I do this while shopping online and while in a physical line at the store waiting to check out. When you go to you will find verified coupons. So many times I find coupon code after code to find out they are not real, expired or fake. Such a bummer. No more disappointment when you use!

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Some of examples of retailers with coupons currently on Groupon are:

Some examples of actual coupon deals are:

  • 15% off Famous Footwear
  • 10% off Barnes and Nobles
  • 40-60% off Children’s Place
  • 25% off select items at Toys R Us

With new deals constantly rolling out and updating, you have to keep checking back. This is a website that you will definitely want to bookmark to click to fast. There are alternatives to groupon coupons. I recently used a promo code via rideshare and got some money back! It was great!

Which coupon are you going to use first?

25 Comments on How to Score Big with Groupon Coupons

  1. I used Groupon a few times years ago. I should definitely look into it again. I’m all about saving some money. 🙂

  2. I am now just hearing about all of these!! I am so psyched to check it out!

  3. I will definitely take advantage of the Target and Children’s Place group ons! I heard of this years ago but have yet to try it out! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I’ve had this sent to me by email getting coupons sadly you have to print them out
    I don’t print out coupons because stores seem to frown on printed out ones
    I prefer them being sent to me or buying a newspaper to get them

  5. Awesome blog, I have signed up to receive mail and update s, thank you for sharing!

  6. I have only used Groupon once but it was a really great experience. I love couponing!

  7. I need to pay more attention to their coupons. Great deals to be had!

  8. I use groupon all the time. I have found tons of great deals. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have used Groupon for years & they have saved us a lot of money! I usually check out their deals first, before my final purchase. I checked out the link above & saw a Starbucks coupon I’d like to use. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Target is one of my favorite stores. So I will check into saving money there. Thanks!

  11. I have been watching Groupons, just haven’t tried yet. I have lots of celebrations coming up and I know it will be great then along with just everyday stuff.

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