MamatheFox is going to feature a fun and exciting bath or spa product each month!

As a mom I don’t get much alone time. Like ever. The time I do get alone is special and actually very cherished to me. I try to take 1 or 2 hours per week to myself. My children don’t sleep much (can I get an amen?!) so trying to take a moment to unwind is very important for my mental health. I know a few people who find things like these CBN Gummies Wholesale really help them feel calm and relaxed, but I’m not sure that they’re really my thing. And that’s the thing about relaxing – what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. For me, personally, I know I need to turn off my screens, take a breath and remember to enjoy this moment that God has blessed me with. In order for me to fully scale back and turn off my constant running brain, I choose to take a bath. I don’t have a super fancy tub (thought I dream of having one…one day…). But you don’t need a fancy tub to have a spa experience. You only need a fun product or two to change the atmosphere. A bath bomb, some bubbles, a handful of salts can transform your average bathtub into a well-needed getaway. If you are a retailer then you know how easy it is to sell bath bombs. Many small businesses are starting to order wholesale bath bombs to keep prices down and provide more options for customers.

Each month on the right side bar (or bottom of the page for mobile readers) there will be a button with a promoted bath/spa product. This product will be reviewed by MamatheFox and the image will link back to the article. Most of the time there will be special discounts and offers available only to readers of MamatheFox. If you love to relax in the tub, or are looking for a fun way to unwind and indulge in some well deserved ‘me time’, this is going to be the place you want to keep checking back.


If you are a business and would like more information on being a featured product please contact Danielle at mamathefox at gmail dot com