Gorilly Goods Review

Gorilly Goods Review

About Gorilly Goods

Gorilly Goods really gets me when I say I am making Better Choices now. They too want foods free from chemicals that are organic and GMO-free. Over time and loads of research they have perfected some recipes that will knock your socks off. They specialize in making satisfying and delicious nut based treats for every type of pallet. If you like savory, sweet, nutty or crunchy, they have a snack that is right up your alley.

Gorillas are a strong symbol of all we stand for – organic, sustainable, a delicate but powerful balance in the ecosystem – they are a connection to all life. We care for the earth, we care about evolving back to basics, and we care about all earth’s creatures. – Gorilly Goods Website

At the heart of things they are also a philanthropic company. Choosing to donate part of their proceeds to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. You can learn more about this outstanding organization here.

Where can you find Gorilly Goods? You can find a location by here by clicking here. You are also order online through their website if that makes things easier on you.

gorilly goods

Their 3 main products are:

  • Jungle (Fruit & Nut – Original) 
  • Forest (Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut – Chocolate)
  • Hillside (Pumpkin Seed & Kale – Savory)

Gorilly Goods also has a few new trail mix type products that are coming soon! Here is a sneak peek at the yummy goodness

The bottom left is a curry flavored one that was out of this world
The bottom left is a curry flavored one that was out of this world

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Mama’s Experience

I feel in love with Gorilly Goods at first bite. Seriously. I called a friend like that instant they were so good. I like nuts. I mean they are good tasting and good for you, but totally not my go to snack. I need something “more” when I want a snack. There are that “more”! Gorilly Goods is packed with protein, which is what you want in a snack. Protein will give you that filling feeling you need. Otherwise you will keep snacking and the calories will keep adding up. Choosing a high protein snack like Gorilly Goods is going to help curb your appetite and help the health conscious like myself with my weight loss goals.

I have tried each of the 3 amazing snacks Gorilly Goods has created. Each has some awesome aspects to them

original Jungle (AKA Original)

This snack is their basic snack pack. Its a combination of organic bananas, organic cashew, organic pecans, organics coconut, organic walnuts, organic raisins, organics coconut nectar and sea salt.

That is it. Just good, plain old organic ingredients. This is what makes Gorilly Goods stand out. It’s not just nuts. It’s a cluster of nuts held together with nectar, amazing, healthy, nectar, and awesome bananas.

What I loved about this is how you can taste the light salt of the nut and the sweetness of the raisins and nectar. It was not sweet and it was not savory but it was satisfying and addicting!

Click here to see more about Jungle
Forest (AKA Chocolate)chocolate

This is the snack for us sweet toothed snackers. I love chocolate. Like I love it A LOT! I cannot give it up. I need to have a little bit of sweetness daily or every other day. If I don’t give myself a little fun I will ruin my hard work and eat a full blow chocolate cake! LOL! This is my perfect go to snack. I need to get that satisfied full feeling but I want my chocolate. The harmony between the two in this is mind blowing. My husband likes sweets like an average person does (not crazy-like like myself) and he really likes this treat. When he wants a special snack, this is what he reaches for.

This treat is made with organic bananas, organic chocolate, organic cashew, organic pecans, organics coconut, organic walnuts, organic raisins, organics coconut nectar and sea salt.

Sound familiar? It is just like the Jungle (original) mentioned above just this one is dipped in heavenly organic chocolate. Yuuuuum!

Click here to read more about Forest (chocolate)

savoryHillside (Savory)

This is the snack that you want when you are not seeing that sweet tooth but need that fun, crunchy filling snack. I love how natural this snack tastes. I know its good for me, but it tastes like it is a full meal. It has such bursts of full flavors that you keep coming back for another bite. I love this for hikes, days out in nature and after a hard workout.

The Hillside is made with organic pumpkin seeds, organic kale, organics tamari, organic onion, organic nutritional yeast, organic cayenne *contains soy.

If you love kale chips or kale salad, you are going to love this snack.

Click here to learn more about Hillside (savory)


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  1. These look really tasty. I would be most excited to try the Forest flavor, mostly because I love chocolate. 🙂

  2. These look super yummy! I love that they’re organic. Thanks for the review 🙂


  3. These look so good! I MIGHT share them with my teen and hubby or I may hide them for snacks for me only! LOL

  4. I think they look really health and delicious. I also like that some of their proceeds got to the gorilla fund and care about our earth creatures.

  5. Oooh Im SOLD!!! Loving the savory!! I am a savory craver all the time lol!!

  6. These all sound so delicious! I love that there is no junk it in but all goodness and the things your body craves.

  7. A savory snack! I’d try this one because there are too many sweet flavors on the market – I’d like something different, this might be what I’m looking for.

  8. well so far i lost over 125 and then more if they count why i walk over 7mil day i am eathing right a dn not going to gain weight back

  9. I would love to try these and share them with hubby! I love organic products and always looking for more products on the market that are organic, will keep my eye out for these

  10. I like that they are donating back to a greater cause, that’s when you know they’re a company who cares!

  11. i think it the best when they are also a philanthropic company. Choosing to donate part of their proceeds to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

  12. These snacks look so good. I love that there is a savory and a dark chocolate snack. I also love that the company donates part of their proceeds to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

  13. The Gorilly product looks of nice and high quality. I give thumbs up for flavor.

  14. These look so healthy! I’m looking for savory snacks! Thanks for the review!

  15. I feel like I would reach for the Forest flavor because I love dark chocolate but wouldn’t mind not feeling bad for having this as a snack.

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