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About Debbie Meyers

head shotDebbie Meyer is known as the “Home Problem Solver”. She looks for ways to make life better and easier for the every day person. She inventions and products are useful to anyone who eats, so that means you! By co-founding her own company, she has become a successful entrepreneur.  Having already won a lifetime achievement award due to her amazing products, she is taking our kitchens by storm by rescuing our fridges, pantries and grocery bills!

She has invented loads and loads of extremely helpful products to be used around your home. She is most known for her Green Bags, Green Food Storage Containers and cooking bags. These are the products I will be reviewing.

 Mama’s Experience

I have seen Debbie Meyers Green Bags around for a short time now. Only recently been noticing them. Just this past week I saw them in a friends cupboard. I asked her what she thought of them and how she found out about Debbie Meyers Green Bags. She got all excited that I knew about them and proceeded to tell me how her housekeeper got them for her and they are amazing! She buys a ton of produce, like a ton, as I do. By the end of the week a lot of times those berries get moldy, the lettuce wilts and the pears get way over ripened and to mushy to enjoy. She swears by these bags, so it got me really excited to try them out for myself.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags – 20 Count

produce bags

Debbie Meyer Green Bags “Help preserve the freshness and prolong the life of fruits, vegetables, baked goods and snacks with this revolutionary set of GreenBags®, by Debbie Meyer. Made with a natural mineral that creates a beneficial storage environment and helps extend the life and freshness of foods.”Pfaltzgraff Website

These bags can be used 8 to 10 time each! I was so excited that these have so much life to them. I can use them for all types of produce. Mushrooms, apples, peaches, beets, carrots, you name it!

Fruits and vegetables release gases during their ripening period. This is a natural occurrence after being harvested. These gases cause the product to age and eventually deteriorate. By using Debbie Meyer GreenBags, which are made with food grade polyethylene and a food safe natural substance is has been proven to preserve the freshness and extend the life of fruits and vegetables alike!

To reuse a bag simply rinse, allow to dry and reuse!

How to Use:

Product should be DRY when placed inside of a Debbie Meyers bag. Fruits and vegetables naturally contain moisture. If moisture builds up in the bag just wipe it out with a paper towel and keep using the bag.

Don’t mix your foods in the same bag. Keep the lettuce in one bag and the pears in another.

Just fold the top over. Do not use twist ties as they can make holes in the bags.

Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes

Debbie Meyer Boxes

The same technology used above in the Debbie Meyer Grilling Bags are also used in these Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes. They are also BPA free. These GreenBoxes will extend the life of baked goods, snacks, fruits and vegetables.

For produce: Use separate containers for each food. Pears in one and kale in another. Don’t mix.

For baked goods: Separate the soft baked goods like bagels & breads from the crisp baked goods like cookies and crackers.

BPA Free • Reusable • Microwave Safe • Dishwasher Safe • Stackable • Made in the USA

My husband and I were amazed at how well our lettuce kept. We eat salads throughout the week. Its a very normal lunch for us. But life happens and sometimes a day or two will go by and we never got around to using that lettuce. I hated tossing lettuce. I would waste so much. Now that I am using Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes to store self portioned qualities I always have a perfect little container to make my salad in! My husband can easily grab a GreenBox filled with lettuce and add the toppings when he is ready to eat. I am so thrilled with the amount of money we have saved already. 

Debbie Meyer Grilling Bags

Grilling BagsDebbie Meyer Grilling Bags have so much to offer:

  • For BBQ or oven cooking
  • Cook meat, fish and vegatables
  • Avoids cross-contamination
  • Keeps appliances clean
  • Locks in flavor

Often in the summer time my family will cook a ton of chicken or beef to be eaten with lunched throughout the week. I don’t have time to grill out for lunch daily. Instead we grill a bunch of chicken on a Sunday to be used on my salads or in my lunch. These Debbie Meyers Grilling Bags are perfect for this routine. I can easily bake or grill my chicken in them with some choice spices. The bag locks in the flavor so well! Then I can toss them into the fridge or freezer in the Grilling bag! No mess! No extra dirty dishes. No grill to be scrubbed. I can even microwave my food in these bags!

If you have the habit of accidentally burning your food on the grill, then you have to try out these bags. They help prevent burnt food while locking in the flavor and moisture.

Debbie Meyer Microwave Steamer Bags

Microwave Steamer BagsThese Debbie Meyer Microwave Steamer Bags have several benefits:

  • Delicious vegetables in minutes
  • Quick cook perforated bags
  • Healthy cooking: no added oil or fat
  • Locks in flavor

Steaming is one of the basic ways people prepare vegetables. Its healthy, its tasty and its easy. Now, with Debbie Meyers Microwave Steamer Bags it is every easier! Simply place you veggies into the Steamer Bag. Close the page using the tie that is provided. Place the bag on a microwaveable dish or plate with the perforations upper most. Allow the bag to stand for at least 30 second before opening (hello steam!). Open the bag at the top or cut with scissors for easier opening. BEWARE OF STEAM!

Broccoli and beans cook in little are 2-3 minutes and potatoes in only 4-5 minutes. If you want to add a teaspoon of water to the bag before cooking you can, this can help the steaming process. These bags also steam fish!! Steaming fish in a micro with some fun seasonings is the perfect way to add some excitement to your week.

Debbie Meyer OvenBags for Roasting

OvenBags for RoastingThese Debbie Meyer OvenBags have so many great benefits!

  • Suitable for meant, fish and vegatables
  • Healthy cooking: no added oil or fat
  • Keeps food succulent
  • Oven stays clean

Keeping my birds (chicken, duck, turkey) moist can be tricky! A dry bird is a sad bird. By using these OvenBags I can now keep them super moist and tasty. The bags seal in the moisture so that instead of being evaporated, it stays put and stays yummy!

How to Use:

  • Fold over the opening of the bag to fill it easily.
  • Pace the bag in an over dish and carefully put in the ingredients
  • Add seasoning is your choose to
  • Tie off bag with tie that is provided
  • Massage the meat/poultry
  • Cut off the top corner of the bag with scissors.
  • Place dish in oven

Cooking times can vary – Food cooks approximately 10% faster in a Debbie Meyer bag

Debbie Meyers Slow Cooker Liners

SlowCooker LinersI cannot image how horrible crockpot cooking was before Debbie Meyer SlowCooker Liners! Once I discovered them I never went back. What makes these crockpot bags stand out is how durable they are.

How to Use:

  • Remove the slow cooker lid
  • Open the Slow Cooker Liner, fold over opening of the slow cooker
  • Fill the liner to cover the bottom and sides of the dish
  • Place all ingredients in slow cooker
  • Replace the lid
  • Cook according to manufacture directions
  • Serve food directly out of bag. Do not attempt to pick up bag when filled with food
  • Once bag has been emptied of food you can take out the liner bag and throw bag away

These bags have strength! After we used on with our corned beef this St Patrick’s Day we were able to pick up the bag (after we saved all the food for course) and it didn’t rip in the crockpot! So may slow cooker liners rip and this help true. I am so thrilled with this quality of theses bags.

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