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About Color Garden

Color Garden knows that bakers and parents alike are looking for a way to use colors in their foods in a fun and safe way. A natural way. Now we can use coloring that is safe for the whole family. The best part about Color Garden is free from ‘scarey’ dyes like FD&C Red 40 or FD&C Yellow 5. Some children and adults have sensitivities to those dyes and reactions like irritability or hyperactivity. If you are looking for Custom Easter Eggs you might want to look around online to see if you can find some tips on how to make some.

Color Garden has a great selection of every day dye’s as well. They can be used for things like: frosting, temporary hair coloring for kids and adults alike, mashed potatoes, white wine, club soda, the options are practically endless!

egg coloring wont stain hands or clothing

Color Garden™ pure natural food colors are 100% plant based – therefore they don’t stain!

Color Garden has a large selection of food colors that can be used in icing, frosting, added into cakes or foods and drinks alike. Now that Easter is just next week, you can use Color Gardens Egg Coloring Kit on your Easter eggs this year!

They have dyes for everyday use, and themes with colors for Spring/Summer, Halloween and, Holiday. No matter the occasion, you will find the color you are needing at

Here is some basic information about Color Garden food coloring:

  • Each packet is to be used all at once
  • Each packet contains enough coloring to frost a medium sized cake
  • Natural dyes don’t work like artificial dyes – your dark red velvet will be more brown after baking (but just as yummy!) in the heat – the heat is what effects the color. The dark red will stay that shade in frostings (not heated)
  • Being natural the colors often turn out more of a pastel color rather then dark

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Mama’s Experience

color garden eggs

With Easter here we are hopping with joy & excitement! My kids think playing with any form of artwork is beyond cool. When I told them they will get to color Easter eggs they about hit the ceiling! The best part for me was knowing going in that the dyes are all natural, which means that they will not end up with brown/green/red hands at the end of this adventure and an outfit that goes straight into the trash can. Being all natural, these dyes will not stain your skin or clothing. Yes, your kids clothing will get messy if your family is anything like mine, but it’s nothing a little washing care can’t fix.

dye eggs

  • Each color is for 1 time use and comes in a little plastic package that can be cut opened very easily.
  • Be sure to use the full packet to get as much color on your egg as possible. As these are all natural, they are not as deep as an artificial and you need all the boost you can get.
  • Red, Orange and yellow will do better if you add a few drops of lemon juice to the water/dye mixture.
  • Green, blue and purple will be better if you add a little bit of baking soda to the water/dye mixture.
  • The more water you add the more diluted it will be become, so slowly add more water as not to make it too weak in color.

add lemon juice to dye eggs

I have always been so used to being scared of coloring eggs and doing projects with dyes. I gasped more than you can image while we dyed these Color Garden dyed eggs. It’s a habit! I am so used to worrying about the staining that I forget to let go and just enjoy the moment, which is why we color the eggs to begin with. I had to keep reminding myself that the dyes are washable. It’s okay to spill and splash a bit. I was hesitant to truly believe that these dyes would really not stain, but they didn’t! My hands along with my toddlers are totally clean. The table wiped off like it was only water splashed on the table. I am so happy with how smoothly this process went. I was able to enjoy the memory instead of worry about my table and their clothing. It was by far the best egg dying experience I could have hoped for.

Click here to order the egg coloring kit for your family!

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  1. i like that the dye used is non toxic and is all natural, and i like that the dyes are washable so if you spill anything you dont have to worry about making a huge mess.

  2. Love that they are multi-use dyes!! That they can be used in food and in fun projects like dying eggs!! I also love that they don’t stain your skin!

  3. I missed this post around Easter, but I will definitely keep this company in mind when dyeing eggs next year. Thank you!

  4. I love the all natural kits. I also like th emuted tones ths gives. It looks like she is having fun, and thats the important part!

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