Blessed Grove Keepsakes

Having a keepsake could be a great way of remembering the past, there are so many different types of keepsakes from quilts made into this college tshirt keepsake to jewelry. You may have not yet heard about Blessed Grove Keepsakes, but you may have heard of the type of services they provide. Blessed Grove Keepsakes makes amazing keepsake jewelry to help you hold on to and remember some special times and people in your life.

Owner and founder, Monique is a doula as well as a photographer. If you’ve not heard the term doula before, researching midwife vs doula should give you an explanation. She has seen and experienced a lot of different circumstances while doing both of her jobs. What did knew for sure was that people are looking for a way to capture their “birth, surrogacy or breastfeeding journey, a lost child, first hair cut, a parent or pet who has passed on…this is how Blessed Grove Keepsakes was born.”

Blessed Grove Keepsakes specializes in offering beautiful wearable keepsakes that preserve your most intimate moments.

Using breast milk, placenta, hair clippings or created ashes, Blessed Grove Keepsakes can make a special memory last a lifetime by transforming them into amazing wearable jewelry.

MamatheFox is having a breast milk necklace made and will keep you posted once it arrives!

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  1. I am such a huge fan of Monique’s talented work!
    She will be making a pendant of my bridal bouquet this spring!!! I can’t wait!!?

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