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Gaia Natural Cleaners Review

Gaia Natural Cleaners Review


About Gaia

Karen, a mother and entrepreneur, started Gaia Natural Cleaners for the sake of her children. This world is vital to our future and its success, and the more we can preserve it, the better off we leave it for future generations. Karen wondered, “what kind of world do we want to leave behind for our children?” With that in mind, we have done everything in our power to live healthier and more environmentally friendly lives…for our home, community, and environment. – Gaia Natural Cleaners Website

Green Cleaning

Only the finest natural ingredients are used in Gaia products: Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate), Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (Sodium Percarbonate), Essential Oils, Washing Soda (sodium carbonate), Liquid Pure Castile Soap, LAVENDER (Lavandula angustifolia), High Purity Salt, Castile Bar Soap, LEMON (Citrus limon), Borax (Sodium Borate), Citric Acid, Vinegar, TEA TREE, Pure Grain Alcohol.

To learn why these items are chosen and more about each one, please click here.

Gaia product line contains:

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Mama’s Experience

Part of my 2016 goal is to make more green choices. This includes how I choose to clean and what products I use. As a mother I am always cleaning. Dish after dish, load of laundry one after the next. It literally is never ending. When I do each chore I need a product which will help clean but not hurt my family. When I found out about Gaia I was intrigued. They have effective ingredients, which are not harsh or abrasive, as well as natural oils and scents. It seemed too good to be true, but thankfully it wasn’t! GAIA is amazing! If we ever hire the best Maid Service in Thousand Oaks, then I am 100% saying that this is what I want them to clean with, because I could not be happier.

Powder Hand Soap

hand powder 1

I had never heard of powder hand soap before seeing it made by GAIA. This soap is completely preservative free, which is one of the things I have been looking for in products lately. It works just the same as a liquid. Only it’s powder. You simply shake some on your hand, add a bit of water, lather and rinse! I think this is such a fun product. It comes in 3 scents: Tea Tree, Lemon, and Lavender.

in hand

I love how this soap actually lathers and cleans! Having never seen or used powdered soap I was unsure how it would really stack up. Using a small amount I added water and then saw I added too much water and it all fell off my hand. The second try I put a small amount of powdered soap and a small splash of water on already wet hands. This was the perfect storm and the soap started to bubble up once I started moving my hands around. I love this soap so much. It great for everyday use and would make the perfect housewarming gift.

lather hand

Dish Soap

dish soap 1

Dish soap is such an everyday item. I use my dishwasher like most other people, but there will always be certain items that I will not place in my dishwasher. My children’s plates and bowls (not safe), my wooden spoons and utensils (can cause warping and splitting due to high heat), and other things that I am particular about. I use my dish soap daily. I have tried TONS of dish soaps. I have had a very hard time finding an earth-friendly option that actually cuts the grease and works. I have tossed out my fair share of soaps which I felt were sub-par. My husband and I joke that we have such high standards when it comes to our dish soap.

GAIA’s Dish Soap is Castile based, meaning that you can clean with your mind as ease. Being a natural based soap it will not lather like a traditional dish soap. This can be off-putting or confusing to those who are unaware. The unnecessary additives like preservatives cause the studding effect. There will be some studding in the beginning of cleaning, but as it is in use the suds will start to dissipate. This doesn’t mean it is not working/cleaning. You can feel it with your hands whether it is clean or not.

This dish soap has a dual purpose! You can also use it as a hardwood floor cleaner. Add a few squirts to your bucket of water and bam! You have some lovely floor cleaner that smells amazing, and some say this works really well.

This dish soap comes in 3 scents: Grapefruit & Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and Lavender & Lime.

Laundry Soap

laundry powder 1

I do so much laundry. Like so much. Having 2 toddlers, 2 cats and a pet husband (LOL) we have at least 1 or 2 loads a day. That added with cloth diaper laundry, I am my that machine more than I would like to admit. Gaia’s laundry soap is held to the same standards as the products I have mentioned above. It is HE friendly and completely biodegradable. Effective for all fabrics, temperatures and settings. It can lift stains and odors like you want it to.

detergent powder 1

It comes in 3 scents: Cleansing & Purifying (Tea Tree), Uplifting & Refreshing (Lemon), and Balancing & Relaxing (Lavender).

Each and every item the GAIA offers is a treat to behold. Whether you decide to buy it for yourself or as a gift, you will not be disappointed. Click here to check out more about GAIA and view their full line of products.

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