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About Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero makes delicious frozen treats that are simple and clean. They specialize in lactose free ‘ice cream’ that is always GMO-free, low in calories,

Arctic Zero is made with the highest quality whey protein and sweetened with entiozident-rick monk fruit. These frozen desserts are jammed packed with nutrients and are ready to boost your energy, improve muscle tone and help you be a better you. Get a taste of the sweet life without the guilt.

Some people are disciplined and like to measure out their serving sizes. Especially those counting calories. Whether you like to scoop out the serving size you desire, or love to eat straight out of the tub, Arctic Zero has your back! One each container you can clearly see the calories per serving and the calories per tub! I typically will eat until I hit a certain point in the tub (half way, a quarter of the way…). By knowing the full pint’s calorie value I can easily eat out the container and still keep track of my calories. This is one of the best product features I have ever seen in a food related item.

You can now find Arctic Zero at a retailer by you. Click here to search to find the closest location to your home. I was so excited to see Arctic Zero on the shelves of my local WalMart the last time I was in there. Keep your eyes peeled, because you are going to want to try this treat.

What Do They Sell?

  • Chocolate Dipped Bars
  • Creamy Pints
  • Chunky Pints

Arctic Zero’s Attributes

  • Low Gylcemic
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Fat Free
  • GMO Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher

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Mama’s Experience

box opening

I have dedicated 2016 to my Simple Green Living series and part of taking on that task is trying new things that are better for me, the environment and future generations. Arctic Zero makes fun, easy to eat treats that don’t pack on the calories that a cream based ice cream can so. By making them lactose free, they cut down on the calories, and possibly your waist line too.

Before trying Arctic Zero, I had never tried a lactose free frozen treat. I am so used to dairy/cream based ice creams, I was not sure what to expect. I would describe Arctic Zero as a cross between an ice cream and a frozen ice. It has qualities of both but would not be classified as either. Its in its own category really.

I tried 5 flavors from their Creamy line. Each a fun flavor you would crave in a treat. I have 2 suggestions for you. First is, wait the 10 suggested minutes before eating your Arctic Zero dessert. This makes it a heck of a lot easier to scoop and enjoy. Second is, wait the 10 suggested minutes before trying to open the lid! If you are greedy and anxious like me, the top can break into two pieces resulting in a non tight seal if you plan on not hammering down the entire container. I’m sure that it’s not going to break every time, but it could, so this is my friendly PSA to follow instructions 😉

A Lil’ Bit Chippy

bit chippy pint a

bit chippy scoop a75 calories per serving / 300 calories per pint

This Chippy treat lives up to its name. Each bite has small bits of dark chocolate chips that satisfy that sweet tooth without over doing it. Some chocolate treats leave you feeling like you may end up needing a filling for a newly developed cavity! With this fun treat, you get your chocolate fix but without the heavy overload of refined sugars. Either way, if you know yourself that you have a sweet tooth and years of sugary treats may have damaged your teeth, it may be wise to look into a Dentist in Newmarket for example, or somewhere local to you. This way you’ll know the state of your oral health and know what other treats you’re able to enjoy, in moderation.

Key Lime Pie

key lime pint a

key lime scoop a75 calories per serving / 300 calories per pint

The Key Lime Pie has a very soft lime flavor. I assumed it would have a more bold punch, but instead they took the relaxing mood and gave it only subtle hints of lime. I like deep flavors, so I would have liked this more if the lime was more bold and left that tang in my mouth that you crave in a Key Lime Pie. The pie pieces were nice. They had the flaky texture you want in a crust, which I thought was really cool that they could keep that texture in a frozen treat.

Cool Mint Chip

cool mint pint a

cool mint scoop a75 calories per serving / 300 calories per pint

The mint flavor in this dessert is outstanding! I love the smooth minty flavor. It’s bold, it’s delicate, it’s perfection. Mint chip has never been my go-to flavor choice. I like it okay, but never order it. This is a game changer! I cannot get over how yummy this pint of dessert is! I highly suggest trying Cool Mint Chip, like now!

Cookie Dough Chip

cookie dough pint a

cookie dough scoop a75 calories per serving / 300 calories per pint

The cookie dough piece in this treat are addictive. After trying it I fully admit to digging through and eating every single piece in the pint that night. They were SO good! They had that amazing cookie dough flavor. Sweet, salty, smooth….oh man I could eat a while pint right now! This was hands down my favorite flavor of Arctic Zero.

Buttery Pecan

buttery pecan pint a

buttery pecan scoop a75 calories per serving / 300 calories per pint

When you lift the lid off a container of Buttery Pecan you can get a yummy whiff of maple! That earthy, natural smell is addictive to me. Each bite has a small chunk of nutty candied pecan that gives you that fun crunchy you want in a butter pecan dessert.


Win It!

Now that you can clearly see how yummy these lactose free ice creams are, you have a chance to win a set of 5 for yourself!

Click here to enter to win Chunky Pint Prize Pack! (Includes 5 chunky pints)

Open to US, runs 11/15-12/1


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  1. So cool, never heard of this brand, I thought maybe it was a coat or something. lol Hoping to get to try soon.

  2. I’d love to try these as a delicious dessert after dinner with my kiddos. I bet they would love them and I could feel better about them having these opposed to traditional ice cream.

  3. Yay for GMO free!!! <3 Loving all the companies finally looking after ur health!! This ice cream sounds so amazing!! Can't wait to try it!

  4. I’ve always bought the cookie dough and loved it, but that mint chip looks great! I’ll have to try it next time.

  5. My boyfriend loves this stuff, especially when he is in a cutting cycle to lose bodyfat and has a sweet craving. In fact I might love it even more than him because it keeps his diet grumpiness at bay without sacrificing calories 😉

  6. My whole family is lactose intolerant so any ice cream they can eat is always a plus in our house. These look so tasty and better for you than what you get in the local store

  7. WOW! I had kind of heard of it and thought it was just low calorie….had NO idea it had all those other attributes…they should make all my food. 🙂

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