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The Moodsters Review

The Moodsters Review

“We Do What We Do Because We Care About You!”

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About The Moodsters

The Moodsters were created by Denise Daniels, who’s workbooks have already reached over 15 million children. She has appeared on shows like Oprah and The Today Show. She created The Moodsters to help children recognize and understand their feelings. They help teach children that there are no right or wrong emotions, all emotions are okay to have.

To see the parents guide click here (great tool for helping your child learn more about their emotions and how to handle them).

The 5 Moodsters are:

cosHAPPY Coz, the lead detective of The Moodsters, approaches life with an optimistic, can-do attitude—Coz shows kids the good things that can happen if you’re willing to give it a try. When Coz is super-duper happy (which is often), bubbles float out of his ears—and he may even break into his joyful Happy Dance!




char-razzyRazzy is a little red dynamo with an ANGRY streak—yes, it’s okay for girls to get angry!—and she’s determined to crack every case.
Razzy uses her Moodster Meter to take her friends’ mood temperature, and she’s discovered that when she’s feeling mad, counting to 10 helps in any number of ways!




char-quiglyQuigly is the Moodster who’s AFRAID of most everything, even his own shadow or silly, made-up creatures like “two-headed hippos with carrots for teeth that wear striped socks and hide in the treehouse.” Quigly shows that even big boys get scared—luckily, his Moodster friends are there to help show him how to be brave.




char-lollyLolly is the sweet, pink Moodster who’s full of LOVE for every creature, big or small. This girly girl is also strong—she’s ready to get
her hands dirty, lend a listening ear, and or provide a snuggle to anyone who needs it (like sniffly Snorf or frightened Quigly). Lolly rallies the team and comes up with creative solutions for every challenge.




char-snorfEveryone feels SAD sometimes—especially Snorf. Whenever Snorf is feeling blue, he turns to his never-ending hankie, the support of his friends, and a big brave, healthy cry to feel better again. Fortunately, his enormous blue ears can act as windshield wipers to wipe the tears away!




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Moodster Mirror & Book

Moodsters - Mirror

The Moodster Mirror is a fun an helpful tool that allows my children to see what their emotions look like. Pressing the button will cause one of the 5 Moodsters to say a line about their name and their emotion. My kids then look at themselves in the mirror and practice making that emotion. Then I tell them to show me a face and I can try to guess their emotion. I love this tool because by recognizing the facial expressions that accompany an emotion my kids can learn empathy and how to help and understand each other based on their emotions.


Feeling Flashlight & Book

Moodsters - Flashlight

This Feelings Flashlight is fun because in it’s basic functionality, it’s a flashlight! My kids are so in love with any type of flashlight. It helps bring security at night, as well as fun! You can use your fingers and move the blue dial to change the settings which allow a different character to talk at each stop. My 3 year old has a hard time moving the dial, as its a finer motor skill ability. I help her move it and know that by the time she hits 4, she should be able to move the dial on her own.



Moodster Meter & Book

Moodsters - Meter

The Moodsters Meter is a perfect tool for those children who cannot verbalize how they are feeling. By simply sliding their finger along the meter, moving the arrow up or down, they can show their adult how they are feeling. At each of the 5 options you are able to press a button while will make the meter talk about that particular emotion. This is a great cause and effect toy for younger children as well.


Win The Moodsters

Now that you have read about how great The Moodsters products are, you have the chance to win all 3 of them!!

Click here to enter to win.

Runs 10/1/15-10/14/15 – Open to US & Canada


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