Crayola Power Lines Markers Review


Just in time for back to school shopping!

Crayola’s newest marker is the Crayola Power Lines Marker. These markers give me flash backs to my youth. They are super bright, exciting colors bit what makes them special is their scent! Yes, I said scent. These markers now are packed with fun smells you would associate with the color.

Scented & Vibrant, Bold Colors

Create rich, vibrant designs with Power Lines Project Markers. With 10 different bold colors to choose from, you’ll be able to create eye-catching drawings that stand out. The versatile tip can create thick or thin lines, so you can add fine details and color in your work using the same marker.

The Scents

  • Tropical Punch Magenta
  • Cherry Pop Red
  • Orange Burst
  • Lemon Zeal Yellow
  • Amp’d Green Apple
  • Sky Blue Breeze
  • Berry Fusion Blue
  • Purple Grape Zing
  • Root Beet Blast Brown
  • Crisp Marshmallow Black


Easily washes off skin and clothes (thank goodness)!!!

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The markers tip is fashioned so that you are able to make bold thick lines or straight fine lines. Giving you more creative options. The bold colors allow you to express yourself without limits.

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