Stride Rite Made2Play Shoe Review

Children go through shoes like nothing you can imagine. They are rough, they play hard, and they need something that will work for them not against them. As a mom I want what is best for my children. A shoe can make or break a child. Stride Rite is a well known and loved brand by mom’s everywhere.

Stride Rite’s new line, Made2Play, is perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids.


Made2Play Features:

  • Anti-stink linings
  • Heel pull for easy on/off
  • Reinforced toe for extra durability
  • Quick dry mesh
  • Dirt-shedding sole
  • Machine washable
  • Most styles available in wide

girl trio

The Made2Play line features sneakers, mary janes, boots and sandals.


Where can YOU buy Stride Rite?

My children love Stride Rites and I am confident your children will too. To find a Stride Rite location near you click here.

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No matter the style, your child will love being a child in Stride Rite. 

My children tried out the Made2Play

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25 Comments on Stride Rite Made2Play Shoe Review

  1. I really like the quality of these shoes. They usually don’t need replacing until after my child has out grown them and usually another child wrars them after that.

  2. These are really cute styles and would look great on my grandson! I love that they are machine washable!

  3. I’m in my sixties and I wore Stride Rites when I was little. I also bought them for my own kids and now I get them for the little kids in the family. The quality is still there.

  4. I know for a fact you cannot beat the quality of their shoes. When I was a kid, I wore a quad E shoe width and this is the only place my parents would take me for shoes. Great styles and awesome shoes

  5. I didnt know they were machine washable! Id love to have a pair for my zlO. Ive heard they are incredible quality

  6. Our 2 grandsons each wear Stride Rite shoes….they outgrow them before they wear out!

  7. Anti stink lining is quite possessible the best invention ever lol!! We love stride rite 🙂 they are amazing and just great quality! Totally worth the price 🙂

  8. Stride Rite has always made excellent quality shoes. I love the styles and am so happy that they are machine washable!

  9. I like that their sandals have the velcro closures on them as well as their tennis shoes 🙂 I’d love to win for my great niece or great nephew!

  10. We’ve own a few pairs of stride . rite. Shoes and they definitely hold up better than a lot of other brands we’ve owned. Love the quality and my daughter never complains so they must be comfy!

  11. I’ve always thought their shoes were so cute, but I love all of the features- especially the no stink lining and that most are available in wide sizes!

  12. My son has had several pair of these shoes in the past. They are always his favorite…they are just unbeatable in cuteness and comfort.

  13. I really like Stride Rite shoes. This company makes very high quality products and stands behind their products and will go above and beyond to help customers. Stride Rite was my first job when I was 17 (many years ago) and I was quite surprised the amount of training and extensive courses I had to complete to be able to size children’s feet which is really important in getting the correct shoes in both style and size for your child.

  14. I have always loved Stride Rite. I liked them for my children and now my grandchildren. Really excited to try some of the newer styles.

  15. I love the anti stink Linings!!! I also love that you can wash them… that would be so helpful with beach trips!

  16. I love that these are machine-washable AND that they look adorable and durable!

  17. We are actually deciding between a few Pediped and Stride Rites for our son right now, and its so hard! We’ve narrowed it down to four new pairs, but Stride Rite has just so many great ones this season!

  18. Stride Rite makes the best shoes for little ones. These are oh so cute. Love the dirt shedding soles, heel pull, washable, and anti stink sole. Lots of great features.

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