Door to Door Organic’s Review

Door to Door Organics delivers a box brimming with farm-fresh organic produce & curated natural, local groceries to your door every week. Say goodbye to parking-lot angst, checkout-line waits & junk-food siren calls. Delivery day will soon become your family’s favorite day of the week.

Door to Door Organics is a fresh, fun company that expanded into Ohio in May of 2015. Door to Door Organics teams up with local farmers to provide that area with fresh, organic produce and other organic groceries straight to your door. According to a new study, “despite good intentions, majority of consumers (88%) struggle to eat healthy due to busy schedules and misperception about healthy cooking…nearly half of respondents (48%) claimed their day was either “very busy” or “extremely busy”…they had on average only 82 minutes of of free time every day…”. We know how important healthy eating, exercising and getting enough sleep is. We have heard it a million times. Now we can do something about it…well…at least the healthy eating part!



Door to Door Organics is a service which allows the consumer to shop online for all their grocery needs. What makes Door to Door different from other online grocery services it that they buy their produce and other select items from your local state’s farmers. You can get all that yummy, local, high quality, organic produce sent right to your home. No need to find time to drive to your farmers market between swimming lessons and dance class. No need to take your kids out of their car seats only to keep them from grabbing the berries off display, then strap them back in their car seat 7 minutes later. You can support your local farmers, eat fresh and organic, without stressing yourself out and wasting your precious family time.

Door to Door Organics only offers Good Food. What this means is they only offer, “food that’s good for your health, our community, and the planet, and food that most definitely makes your family’s bellies happy!” Their top Good Food labels are: organic, made with organic ingredients, non-GMO, & local.

How Does it Work?

You have the option of ordering Produce Boxes & Groceries.

The produce boxes come in 4 different sizes so that you get just the right amount of food. Whether you are buying for 1 person or a family of vegetarians, Door to Door Organics has a box for you. You can add on to your produce box from their huge variety of groceries. They offer everything from baked goods, canned goods, rice and pasta, proteins, cheeses, coffee, tea, cereals, soft drinks, spices, even frozen organic dinners! Basically anything you would need from the grocery store they can offer you. Only difference is they only offer organic!

  • Choose weekly or every other week deliveries
  • Pause your shipments while on vacation or out of town
  • Shop by attributes like: free-range, gluten-free, cage-free, local, dairy-free, kosher, grass-fed, and many more
  • Huge selection of Non-GMO products
  • Edit your account to tell Door to Door items you do or don’t like
  • Find local co-ops and buy together
  • Access to past orders
  • Sent invites to friends and you both get a discount


Door to Door Organics features an entire section of their website to healthy recipes. You can browse by category, popular this week, or seasonal suggestions (hello grilling).  All recipes include an ingredient list which has a fun clickable feature. If you like the recipe you can click those items right into your cart! Or save them as a reminder for a later time. You can bookmark recipes to recall them at a later time. Their recipe list is always growing so keep checking back weekly for new inspirations.


Mama’s 1st Delivery

For my first delivery I wanted to try a little bit of everything. I wanted to see how they package my items varying from produce to proteins to non perishables.

door done

Here is what I ordered:
  1. a Medium Mixed box
  2. Alaskan wild-caught salmon
  3. Organic grass-fed New York strip steak
  4. Organic grass-fed flank steak
  5. Organic feta crumbles
  6. Organic Justin’s peanut butter cups
  7. Organic pineapple
  8. Organic blueberries
  9. Organic strawberries
  10. Organic green onions

My delivery came in 2 boxes. The first box contained all of my proteins. The meat was sealed tightly for my safety and was fully frozen. The produce and non perishable candy was in the second box. They both contained a perfect amount of insulation. With paper, dry ice and air padding, nothing was damaged or bruised. My shipment was later on the route and I received it around 5 pm. My meat was showing no signs of being thawed. I am highly impressed.

3 pic
Proteins (all frozen)
Produce and Non Perishable box
Produce and Non-Perishable goods box

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There is no reason why you should just try out the service. You can cancel at any time.

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  1. I learned you pick your box and they send it out that week. You can choose produce and add optional groceries in too and can cancel at any time.

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