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Father’s Day Simplified – Clubs of America Subscription Service

Father’s Day is approaching and us wives and daughters are thinking of useful but fun gift ideas.

Does he need more socks? Does he really want another tie?

What are the things he will really use and enjoy? Beer, Coffee, Cigars, Food! These are what wins a man’s heart

The most simply way to find the services you want are through Clubs of America. They offer beer, wine, flowers, cigar, fruit, coffee, chocolate and pizza subscriptions – they the added bonus of being able to MIX them up!!

Mix Your Clubs is an amazing feature I have never seen before. You can select how many months service you want, then mix up which types of boxes you want. Start with beer, switch to fruit then hop over to cigars. Or, if they’re trying to quit smoking, you could get them some extra strong, Swedish snus by Odens instead.

If you are going to be treating any of the men in your life to a cigar subscription, then just make sure that they have a cigar cutter to enjoy their favorite cigars with ease! Accordingly, you can learn more about cigar cutters by researching a few different cigar cutter (review, brands) online.

Ultimately, all of this makes Clubs of America a truly customer based business with your satisfaction a top priority.

Beer of the Month Club

Each month you would receive 12 bottles of rare craft beer with 4 different varieties. Each shipment contains a great write up – the Beer Expeditions monthly newsletter subscription. It will give you great information on the fresh beer you received this month for your Beer of the Month Club subscription as well information on the featured breweries.

All of our featured microbrews for our Beer of the Month Club are traditionally brewed from only all natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. Absolutely NO chemicals, corn, rice or preservatives are used in these beers. Only the best beer is hand-selected for our members of the Beer Club!

We were very impressed with how it was delivered. It was packaged so that none of the bottles were touching, to avoid crash breakage. But without all those annoying foam peanuts or plastic parts. The top slide right off and the 12 bottles were standing there perfectly.

Each box will come with a Beer Expedition Newsletter. This newsletter is jam packed with information about each of the beers and breweries in this particular box.

The Beer of the Month Club keeps with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 – which means all their features micro brews are traditionally brewed from only all natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. Absolutely no chemicals, corn, rice or preservatives are used in these beers.

The month which MamatheFox received beer it come from 2 breweries, Carson’s Brewery (RIPA Red IPA & Red Dawn Amber Wheat Ale) and Mt. Carmel Brewery (Coffee Brown Ale & Hibiscus Blueberry Blonde Ale).

They give you a variety of flavors and styles in each shipment, allowing you to find the perfect beers for you.

Wine of the Month Club

The packaging for shipment of the wine box was stellar! I was highly impressed with the custom cut packaging, allowing each of the 3 bottles to be safely shipped, without any worries about the bottles touching or breaking turning transit.

With the Wine of the Month Club, each month you will receive 3 premium bottles of wine.

Again, a wonderful newsletter is included with the box titles “Wines Expeditions” giving us tons of fun information about wine in general, like paring and flavors. However, the most beneficial parts are the ones where it talks about the 3 bottles of wine which you received.

This month they shipped out :

  1. Viognier-Chardonnay from the Estampa Family Estate (2017 white). This bottle was from Chili and had 90% Viognier grape and 10% Chardonnay.
  2. Red Rhine – Pinotage. The components are 100% Pinotage – which is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsault grapes.
  3. Yapa Carmenère 2014 – From Chili and pairs well with beef.

Coffee of the Month Club

Each month with the Coffee of the Month Club, you will receive 2 bags of coffee. You have the option of requesting ground beans or whole beans.

Coffee lovers can tell you that there is a large difference in the taste of beans. The regions which they are grown, how they are grown, how they are roasted and even how they are handled.

This months shipment contained bags from Mexico and Nicaragua.

Of course, you get the very helpful Coffee Expeditions newsletter with each shipment.

The beans from Mexico were SHG EP Topacio – an American Roast. They are grown by small producers and hand-pulp their coffee and ferment it in little tanks before sun-drying the beans. These beans are grown in volcanic soil, with a grea combination of sunshine, temperature and precipitation – all essential for growing Strictly High Grown coffee.

The beans from Nicaragua are Tierra Madre – a Vienna Roast.

This coffee is produced exclusively by women in Jinotega – who all receive a premium pay based on their high quality coffee. This Arabica coffee presents flavors of caramel, toffee and notes of tangerine. Its sweet and fruity aroma is perfect for summer and fall mornings.

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Click Your Bricks with a Brick Loot Subscription Box

Click Click!


That is the sound every day at the Fox house. We LOVE building with bricks. Lego, Duplo, any brand you can think of – we love them all.


My husband is the brickman. He loves playing with bricks with the kids and has really helped them develop a creative side that I never knew how to engage.

My son, age 4, loves to play with things that allow him to create his own, one-of-a-kind toy. The easiest way for him to do this type of play is with bricks, which is also why they are so popular in this house.


By engaging our kids in STEM activities, we help them unlock new ideas & learn to use their minds in creative and healthy ways.


Thankfully, Parker, creator of Brick Loot, also has a deep love for LEGO’s!  As a boy who collected massive amounts of bricks, he quickly saw something missing in the marketplace, a subscription box for people who love LEGO’s and bricks!  He took this as a hint and decided to act on this issue, by creating his own company! Parker, now age 13, with the help of his awesome parents, has launched this highly successful subscription box. As time goes on, and as Parker has grown, he keeps taking on more and more of the responsibility of running and managing the business.


Let’s help support child entrepreneurs by gifting someone you know a subscription to Brick Loot




But we all know that bricks aren’t just for kids!




With Brick Loot you can get new, exciting Lego’s and other compatible Bricks, along with other exciting items shipped to your home each month!



Custom Kits with LEGO Bricks

Kits by famous LEGO Designers

Brick Loot Exclusives

LEGO Accessories

Custom LEGO Minifigures

LEGO Compatible Products



We received the March 2018 Brick Loot Box


The March 2018 Brick Loot Box had the following items:

  • Motorcycle Madness  (Exclusive 100% LEGO Build Designed Set)
  • Speedway Racer Arcade – with an LED Light Kit!
  • Pinky’s Arcade Hat
  • Arcade Mystery LEGO Minifigure

This months theme was Game On II – giving you several exciting arcade themes products.


We really liked the LED light that was included, which made the arcade game way more exciting and was extremely interesting for our 4 year old son.


What was kinda tricky were the directions – they were not like a typical LEGO instruction set.  They showed several steps per step, making it sorta confusion for an adult, so it would probably be a tad tricky for a kid. This may have been a unique circumstance for only that one set/box. Just a heads up.


Connect with Brick Loot

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Extra Extra Read All About It

Also available on the Brick Loot website:

Exclusive mini figures

Lego Artwork

Storage Containers

and much much more!!

Brick Loot is a box subscription company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Their subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building.

Pley Disney Princesses Subscription Box Giveaway


Enter for your chance to win (1) Disney Princess Box from Pley

***2 Winners!***

Little girls love Disney Princesses. With Pley’s Official Disney Princess Subscription boxes you can provide screen free entertainment to your child every month.  You can sign up for 1, 3 or 6 month packages or just buy 1 of the previous month boxes. Learn more about these amazing Disney boxes here.  Scroll down to enter to win a box now!


Get your first Disney Princess Box for FREE! Click here to get (1) free box


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Empatia Coffee

Empatia – the coffee that pours back

Did you know that most coffee farmers do not turn a profit? In countries like Columbia, where over 10% of the countries population is employed by the 550,000 coffee bean farms are struggling to turn a profit due to ever increasing production costs and low market prices.Hence we suggest following people’s minds. I mean following the recent trends that people actually love. If you understand the cafe market report then you’ll understand what people want.  Empatia, a new coffee bean company, is striving to help out the everyday bean farmers in these struggling areas.

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), if you factor in depreciation of farm assets “there were only four crop years in the ten-year period [2006-2015] in which total profits were greater than or equal to zero.”(Assessing the economic sustainability of coffee growing – ICO, Sep 2016)

There may not be a solution that is obtainable right now, but we can take great strides in moving forward to fixing this issue. Empatia Coffee is giving back 15% of their profits to the farmers they work with in addition to paying premiums for our beans in excess of Fair Trade prices.

Connect with Empatia

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As a daily coffee drinker, I have come to appreciate the fresh ground beans turned into caffeinated bliss. Of course, the coffee brewing process is enhanced by using the best grind and brew coffee maker. After all, it’s no secret that the equipment and ingredients you use have an impact on the final product, especially where coffee is concerned. Even if you’re someone who is looking to Make your morning coffee healthier, you can still make a great drink with just the type of coffee beans you use in it. I love taking that moment just to sip and breath in a new day. With 2 small children, I need to make the most of my time and that includes the choices I make. I would rather have an enjoyable, deep flavored cup of coffee over a low cost, grainy cup of coffee. Obviously, over the years I have experimented with different types of coffee to know my preference and what makes coffee good. Looking into wholesale cbd coffee taught me a lot about the different ingredients that can be filtered into coffee and the tastes it can give. Nowadays I’m set on what I like, but I like to think of myself as a bit of a coffee fan.

Monthly Empatia will offer a new bag of beans that features a different and exciting flavor profile. This subscription services (or one-time purchase) gives you the chance to try a different coffee from varying places around the globe. The beans are NOT flavor infused, but instead are treated and grown in such a way that the natural aromas and flavors will be bold enough for you to taste. The month that MamatheFox received was the Finca La Cabaña – from Sevilla, Valle Del Cauca in Columbia. These beans were amazing! Opening the bag you could smell how fresh and clean they were, as if they were roasted that morning. I ground some and made my first pot. My husband, who doesn’t typically drink coffee, even had to try a cup. He loved the flavor and found it very soothing. I cannot say enough nice things about Empatia Coffee. If you know a coffee lover, or are one yourself, so yourself a favor and try out at least 1 month worth of beans. This makes a perfect gift for family and friends.

Need that end of school year gift for teacher – give them a subscription to Empatia!

When you receive a monthly subscription box (shown above) from Empatia, you will also be sent a 2-sided colored card featuring the coffee bean farmer that will receive some of the 15% give back funds. It is so welcoming and reassuring to see the face of the person who will benefit from your purchase. With additional facts about the farm, the farmer and a peek into their lives. It also includes details about the beans you are brewing, such as the elevation which it was grown, how it was treated (dried/roasted) and how large their farm is. When you drink your lovely cup or coffee or espresso you can feel a connection and an appreciation I have not found in other coffee’s.

Click here to sign up for a 1-month subscription for only $12.99!

What Da Fluff Subscription Box Giveaway

With subscription boxes being so popular I was excited to find a cloth diaper box that wont break the bank. What Da Fluff subscription boxes is a fun cloth diapering surprise every month. Each box will contain at least one diaper as well as cloth diapering products (wet bags, cloth wipes, cloth diaper safe rash creams and detergent). What Da Fluff knows that parenting can be hard and will always have a small treat for you included in each box. What Da Fluff is a great way to try new products and test out samples before buying. Fluff Mail has never been so fun!

Sponsored By: What Da Fluff

 Hosted By: MamatheFox

Winner Will Receive:

(1) What Da Fluff Subscription Box


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Graze Subscription Box Review

Graze Subscription Box Review

Take-out is a vice of most people; the convenience of delicious food delivered, ready made, to your door it just too difficult to resist sometimes. At least now you can get cheap delivery meals that are healthy, for those lazy days when you don’t want to fall off the wagon. Also in the world of food delivery, subscription boxes are so hot right now. Services like food delivery have become this massive industry for people to love and use, utilizing things such as courier software to help customers and food services alike to keep track of what they need to has been a staple in getting businesses like this up and running. There are boxes for every person and every lifestyle. One thing all people have in common no matter their gender, lifestyle, age or economical status, we all love to snack! Food is the common ground we bond over as people. Snacking and grazing thoughout the day is not only common but encouraged. It’s a known fact that eating small meals throughout the day, and healthy snack like nuts and fruit, can help you maintain your weight or lose weight.

In fact, well-planned weight-loss diets, such as the Mayo Clinic Diet, allow for healthy snacks to help manage hunger and reduce bingeing at mealtime. The key is to eat healthy snacks that satisfy your hunger and keep the calorie count low. – The Mayo Clinic

A perfect way to get snacking and to keep it healthy is to sign up for a subscription to Graze. Graze is available to the US and UK. Graze can arrive weekly or once every 2 weeks. You will receive 4 snacks in a box, or 8 in a box, depending on the plan you choose. For those who want to share a box but still want a fair serving there is the Sharing Box. There are a few special box plans available: SugarCount where each snack contains less then 5 grams of sugar each, the Sweet Treats box which satrifies those with a sweet tooth, the Savory Box for the savory fans, and the CalorieCount where each individual snack pack is less than 150 calories each.

I received 3 boxes to test Graze’s subscription service. I can say without a doubt that I would recommend this service to everyone I know. Every feature about this service is to be commended. Firstly, you receive your box in your mailbox, so you don’t have to worry about missing the delivery person and not signing for it. Secondly, it comes in an amazing recyclable package.

We’re really proud of our graze box. The cardboard is really strong, so it’s great at looking after your snacks and we use as little material as possible (compare it to a normal cardboard box and you’ll see what we mean). Our thin cardboard comes from sustainable forests and is 100% recyclable.

Please recycle with your other paper and cardboard. – Graze.com

Graze Subscription Box

Graze also makes sure it only uses the highest quality ingredients. If you are looking for real food, you can trust in Graze.

We are always on the hunt for the tastiest ingredients – from the Keitt mango we have picked for its vibrant colour and sweet juicy flesh to our Chilean jumbo flame raisins (we tried 29 varieties of raisin before the jumbo flame got the nod).

The hunt for juicier, crunchier, tastier and fresher ingredients is never ending. – Graze.com

At Graze they are constantly adding new foods and snacks into the mix. So if you instantly fall in love, have no fear that you will start lemonto get the same old box (even thought they are all so amazing that you want seconds). They have over a 100 options. You help them pick your snacks by guiding them based on what you like and dislike. I loved every snack I received. My favorite was the “lemon drizzle flapjack” (see picture to the right). It was sweet, soft, filling, and everything you hope for in that 2pm snack.

Some of there newest snack options are:


dark lemon zesty

Each box comes with coupons you can use for yourself and to pass on to your family, friends, colleges or even your boss (you brown noser you). More importantly it includes a full nutritional sheet along with all ingredients. My favorite part is the expiration date! They even included that for us. Super thoughtful and just thinking ahead of the game.

On the packaging there are small symbols giving you additional information about your snack. Some examples are: “Only 80 Calolories”, “P” (good source of protein), ‘star symbol’ which signifies its a nutritionist’s pick. All symbols are can be decoded by visiting the website Graze.com and browsing their snacks. By hoovering your mouse over the symbols a drop down box will occur, showing you in greater detail what the symbol imply.

Now that you have read about how amazing Graze.com Subscription Boxes are, you have a chance to win a 3 box subscription!

In the meanwhile, sign up for a FREE box! Use the special code: MamatheFox (for UK use MamatheFoxUK) and receive 1 free box from Graze!