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New Home, New Baby, New Products

When you first have a baby, you’re surprised by how much stuff you need to buy in order to keep your little ball of noise joy happy and healthy. From a baby bottle sterilizer to a portable changing table to thousands of diapers, the list of items you need is almost neverending!

Add to that the fact that we have just recently moved into a new home and it caused a lot of chaos! The new house is much bigger than our previous house and so requires many different items and new additions. One has to make the most of your outdoor space to accommodate the new baby and also put in some safety measures that can help the baby be safe. Now those are the things that we didn’t previously have. We’ve moved a bit further out than our previous town, so we used a local moving company to get all of our belongings where they needed to be. Nevertheless, it is still chaos here!

Bye bye budget!

With a new home though, and with baby boy number three on the way, there are just a few things on our registry this time around.

I mean, its the third boy, what more could we possibly need for him?

Not much, that’s for sure. But a must have on the list is a new baby monitor.

I’ve been hunting, and researching, and digging into articles to find the perfect monitor. One that fits every single aspect of my list.

Well, I hate to break it to you new moms out there, but that just isn’t possible. You will [almost] never find the a product that is exactly what you were searching for. Some will be much, much better.

That’s where Babysense comes into play for us.

Their baby monitor and baby movement monitor meet so many items on my must have list, I thought I had to give it a try.

Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is seriously so great. The features that the monitor offers work well and many of them exceed my expectations.

These features include:

  • Interchangeable wide angle lens
  • Long range – up to 960 feet of open space
  • 2x’s digital zoom
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Multi camera expandability – pair up to four cameras
  • Two-way talk back
  • ECO mode option
  • Auto infrared night vision
  • Night light
  • Lullabies & white noise sound

The ECO mode feature is my favorite of all the features. When the baby unit does not register sound for 30 seconds, the video on the parent unit shuts off, and so does the sound. The monitor goes into standby mode. When a sound is detected on the baby unit, the video and sound start transmitting to the parent unit. This ensures that you aren’t missing anything when the video and sound are in standby mode. This is a lifesaver for my husband too because he’s such a light sleeper. All the lights (even a little tiny green “on” light) need to be off in order for him to sleep.

There are three sensitivity levels in ECO mode – low, medium, and high. The sound level that is required to reactivate the transmission act in accordance to these sensitivity levels. Choose the sensitivity level you wish, or turn off ECO mode all together and use a constant transmission.

I really appreciate how clear the video is too. There is no eye straining to see if kiddo is actually in bed or not. Crystal clear video is just what you want! The night vision and brightness that the monitor gives really allows us to see well during the day, as well as throughout the night.

Baby Movement Monitor

New babies are such a blessing, and with them come a whole new slue of things to think about and be aware of. As parents we already don’t get very much sleep, then adding a newborn baby to the mix, and you’ve got even less of it. This baby movement monitor will really bring peace of mind when our new baby is born. We never had a movement monitor for our first two kiddos, so this will really help ease some unsureness.

The under mattress monitor is super easy to install and there are no visible cords, so baby is completely safe from danger. The control unit is connected to the under mattress sensor pads. A provided hook attaches to the bottom of the crib. The control unit connects to the hook and the cords from the pads attach to the control unit. All the cords are kept under the mattress and out of reach from baby.

An alarm will sound if no movement is detected for 20 seconds or if the movement rate slows to les than 10 micro-movements per minute. This will alert parent to check on baby and will hopefully startle baby awake if/when it sounds.

The sensors are HIGHLY sensitive and detect very slight movement through the monitor. This gives a lower risk of false alarms, which obviously no parent wants. I recommend that you test the monitor before placing baby in the crib. If you will be using a fan make sure you turn that on while testing to ensure the alarm doesn’t sound from the fan.

One downside that of the movement monitor is that you have to manually turn the unit off and on when putting baby in and taking baby out of the crib. This is something that is easily forgettable. Remembering to turn the monitor on when laying baby down is easier (for me) than remembering to turn the monitor off when getting baby out of the crib. This is more of an inconvenience than anything. The monitor itself is well worth the investment.

Diaper Caddy Organizer

Diaper caddy’s are so helpful when a new baby is in the home. Changing diapers constantly is just part of life with a newborn, so having diapers in multiple parts of the home is a necessity.

For our family, living in a larger home now will be much different with a newborn. That is why I am so excited to have this large diaper caddy. All the essentials I need in one place, that can be easily moved around is going to be a game changer.

I love the darker fabric that will hid much of what may get on the caddy. There are tons of pockets on the outside of the caddy – eight in all! Lots of space for changing pad, diaper cream, nail clippers, comb, etc. The inside gives three larger compartments, two of the same size and one slightly larger. These are where you’ll keep the essentials – wipes, disposable diapers, cloth diapers, wet bag, and anything else you may want to have near.

Not only is this caddy awesome for diapers, but it is great for an on-the-go travel caddy. Whether you’re going on vacation or just strolling around town, this caddy is a lifesaver to have in the backseat. Fill it with whatever car or travel essentials your kids like, and you’re set for hours!

This caddy is really great and I am excited to have it on hand when baby number three comes around.

The Babysense products are top of the line, and I completely recommend them to any new parent. Safety is a top concern when caring for our kids and Babysense really plays a roll in fulfilling that.

Be sure to go to the Babysense website to order and use this unique coupon code for 15% off your order!

Momsense,The Smart Breastfeeding Meter- Review

Let me start off by saying, where was this little gadget when my baby boy was a newborn???!!!img_5208

As a first time mom, who is exclusively breastfeeding, I was constantly worried about pretty much every part of breastfeedingf. Was he getting enough milk? How much will my nipples hurt? How can I stop this from happening? The worries go on. And I know a lot of first time mamas feel the same way! Thankfully, sites like Best For Parents are helpful when it comes to finding products that can help to make breastfeeding easier – plus I had a lot of support from my family. But this didn’t stop me from worrying! In the beginning weeks, the thing I was worried most about was whether or not my son was getting enough milk. Again, I know I’m not alone in this because it tends to be a frequent topic in just about every mom group I’m in. Thanks be to God, we were doing just fine and my son was getting more than enough. In fact, I ended up getting an oversupply for a little bit there, because I was worried I was undersupplying and started doing all sorts of things to boost supply. In those crazy days, I could have really used the reassurance of Momsense to give me some insight in just how much was my son taking in per nursing session.


Momsense is a smart breastfeeding meter that can inform mom’s with the use of a smartphone app how much milk your baby is taking in. I received this little package and was amazed at how simple the design actually is.img_5210 It is essentially a pair of earbuds with an extra little sensor attached that is placed just under your baby’s ear. The Momsense comes with sticky pads to stick on to the meter, which is what you will safely place on your baby. Not to worry, the adhesive is baby safe!img_5211

The directions explain that each sticky pad should last multiple uses; however, I found that it actually lost its stickiness quickly at first, because I was putting it on and off so many times to get the right positioning. Once you get the hang of finding the right placement on the first try, the sticky pads should get many uses. The head phones plug into your phone and you download the Momsense smartphone app. With this app, it will measure your baby’s milk intake, you will be able to listen to your baby’s swallows (and it records it!), and you will be able to keep an ongoing timeline to keep track of their feeding habits. How cool is that?!


In my personal experience, my active 4 month old is getting quite squirmy and kicks and wants to grab at my hair, necklace, shirt or whatever he can reach all while nursing. So this was very difficult for me to use with him. HOWEVER, like I said, in the beginning I was SO WORRIED about whether or not he was getting enough! I mean let’s be honest, breastfeeding is hard work! For a first time mom, there is a major learning curve! I feel like Momsense in those beginning stages would have given me so much peace of mind! Newborns also don’t squirm the way a 4 month old does, so it would be MUCH easier to use in those younger stages. Despite my squirmy boy making it a little more difficult, I must admit I loved that the app stores and records the precious noises and swallow sounds he makes while he nurses. As I’m writing this review, I was just browsing through the app and was listening to some of the recordings and it just warmed my heart to hear him. 🙂 So for me, it is not a tool I will use every day; however, as we continue on our journey I think it will be fun and informative to break out once a week or so to document his breastfeeding habits, inform me about his intake, and record those precious noises, of course! If I had this when he was a newborn, it likely would have been my BFF. The app also has some other fun features like coupons for different products and breastfeeding tips.

Side Note: For those of you who snagged the newest iPhone with no headphone jack, you will need to purchase the adapter! #Applebringbackthejack

So there you have it! From one mommy to another, just doing the best I can each and every day! If you have a little one on the way and plan to breastfeed, you will love this product! If your baby is older and your breastfeeding habits and routines are well-established and your baby is growing and thriving, you just keep up the good work-no gadget necessary! 😉

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