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MomoBaby Shoes Fall 2015

MomoBaby Shoes Fall 2015

MomoBaby is my favorite children’s shoe brand. There are oodles of places to shop for shoes, but I know that I will always get outstanding service and high quality shoes that will be comfortable and supportive on my growing children’s feet. For this fall, 2015, I have reviewed 2 more products by MomoBaby. To read my previous review click here.

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Momo Baby T-Strap Leather Shoes – Train (First Walker & Toddler)


Train MomoBaby

train design MomoMomoBaby’s train shoes are too cute for words! My son, like most other toddler boys, is obsessed with trains. Choo-choo this and choo-choo that. He points them out, makes the noises, gets excited when he see’s them, you get the idea. These shoes have the most beautiful and child friendly train design. They are simple enough and not cluttered or over-designed. They have just the right about of detail, making the shoe fun for the child, but also simple enough to match most outfits.

MomoBaby shoes are made to be worn. So many beautiful children’s shoes are too difficult to walk in, have no support, or are all-for-looks. That is the beauty of MomoBaby, they are comfortable, supportive and fun.

This shoe features train and track designs on not only the toe, but also the inside and outside parts of the shoe. No matter which direction you look you will get that fun, beautiful design.

Check out more about these train shoes by clicking here.

Momo Grow Leather Ballet Flat Shoes – Ally (Toddler & Little Girl)

Holiday dress shoes MomoBaby

These shoes are called the Ally and they are going to be your go-to holiday shoe this season. For Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, you will be using these shoes for the next several months and are worth every penny. They are ballet-flat style so little girls feel super special wearing them. They are gold, which will match practically every outfit you will be putting her in this fall, and they have a frilly toe which adds a fun childish twist to it. They have a beautiful gold glitter-ish shine to them but it is NOT glitter that will be falling off and making you want to pull your hair out. Girls love glitter, but as a mom I think it’s the worst! It gets everywhere and is impossible to clean up. These shoes give them that exciting glittery glow without the headache. So moms, don’t worry, MomoBaby has your back.

Theses shoes are actually leather based, which gives them a super cozy feel as well as a highly durable shoe. It’s really important to protect your leather shoes so I will make sure these are well looked after!! Your daughter can play, run, and jump like her normal self without you worrying about instant damage and scuffing. The elastic on top keeps her foot in place but it soft so it wont irritate her foot whether she has on socks, tights or leggings. The bottom has a rubber sole which helps prevent slipping and falling, which happens so often with lesser quality shoes. If you are looking to bless a child with a pair of new shoes this holiday season you will not go wrong with MomoBaby.

Click here to learn more about the Ally (golden leather ballet).Gold dress shoes

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MomoBaby Giveaway

Momo Baby Giveaway

Momo Baby Giveaway

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Momo Baby Review

Momo Baby Review

Momo Baby Shoes MamatheFox

About Momo Baby

Momo Baby is a company that cares about children. Momo Baby is a company that cares about children. They strive to create and put out the best possible footware and cat paw socks for our children. Their small, developing feet need extra support and guidance as they grow. Shoes need to help a child. Kids play, they run and get crazy.  “Safety is an important factor within the construction of our footwear. We make sure that Momo Baby shoes are made to protect feet from rough and dirty surfaces, while providing beneficial health benefits. We are are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).”Momo Shoes Facebook Page

They also carry the American Podiatric Medical Association’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance

Momo Baby carries a broad variety of products, which can change due to limited stock and time of year.

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What Does Momo Baby Sell?




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Mama’s Experience

When I received my Momo Baby shoes I was so happy to see how well they were packaged and shipped.

in boxa

shoe up and down

Sneaker and Mary Jane Features:
  1. The upper is made of genuine leather; it is durable and high quality
  2. The fan-shaped front mimics the actual share of your child’s foot, allowing the largest and smallest roes to move freely
  3. The mesh fabric is lightweight and breathable for all day comfort
  4. The durable Velcro straps make it easy to put the shoes on, but also ensures that they stay on
  5. These shoes look great on little feet! Momo puts great care and thought into current trends so that your child is always stylish, fresh and fun.
both close
Sole and Insole Features
  1. Momo takes great pride in their sole design. The rubber sole is flexible, which enables the child to maintain a natural shift of weight from the back tot he front of the show. The signature tread pattern will make you feel as east with the anti-slip grip.
  2. Feet stay comfy and dry with Momo’s breathable and anti-bacterial insoles. The insole is easily removable to you can see if the orange strip is worn away. If ts is, your child is ready for a larger size.

inside sole

The sole has an indicator to easily see if your child has out grown their shoe size!

side of Momo Baby Shoes

My children are outdoors kids. They want to be outside from the moment they wake up until I make them go to sleep. They run, jump, climb, tackle & explore all day long. This is what we want our growing children to do. They need to be curious and learn through play. Momo Baby shoes are so comfortable and durable that my children were able to play for hours and never complained about their feet! A lot of children’s shoes now-a-days are made very poorly. They cut into a child’s foot, causing marks, blisters and even cuts which bleed. This totally bums me out when I see the marks left on my child’s feet after we come inside. After roughhousing for about 3 hours this afternoon out in the pasture, and doing laps around the horse barn, both children’s feet were smooth as can be. No cuts or marks here! I am so glad we found a reliable shoe brand that we can count on. I highly suggest checking out Momo Baby and grabbing a few pairs of shoes today.

Momo baby 1

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