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Bandana Bibs for Babes

Have any of your kids drooled a bunch?

Like REALLY drooled.



With my first child, drool was not really an issue. Yeah, when he was teething he drooled a little bit, but never to the extent that my second child does.

Baby number two is a drool machine.

It started when he was about two months old and hasn’t stopped or slowed down one bit.


The drool was quite the annoyance until my sister-in-law told me about the perfect solution – bandana bibs. She already had experience with a few different brands and was able to recommend her favorite to me.

That’s when she told me about Matimati Baby.



When her four month old son wouldn’t stop drooling, Laura (Matimati Baby owner) and her husband started seeking a solution. They found themselves changing baby’s clothes up to four times a day just to keep him dry! Lets face it, we’ve got enough laundry as it is, we don’t need to add more to the pile.

After trying many bib brands and fabrics they just couldn’t find one with the perfect fit. So, they created their own bibs.

Perfect fit.

Perfect fabric.

Perfect accessory for baby.


Matimati is the nickname of the owners son – Matias. The name Matias means “a gift or blessing from God”; which is exactly what the company is striving towards. Matimati Baby wants to be a blessing in their customers lives by giving something as simple as this cute, practical accessory.


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Created with kids and parents in mind, the Matimati Baby bandana bibs are the perfect accessory, and drool catcher, for your child.



The bibs are the perfect way to accessorize any outfit. There are tons of different prints to choose from, many of them being gender neutral.

It was seriously so hard to choose the print and pack because they were all so adorable. Check out the super cute prints in the Coral and Teal 8-pack. My friend let me know about this other website as well when I was after a weaning bib, they’re a slightly different style compared to the bandana though but they actually cover the whole of your baby so their mess doesn’t fall onto their laps either. The best thing is they’re lightweight, waterproof, stain resistant and have a range of super cute patterns! So I might try these ones out as well in the future.



Matimati Baby bibs are so stylish and and a great functional alternative to the traditional baby bib.

I love that the snaps allow the bibs to grow with baby. Below is a photo showing the sizing differences of the Matimati Bibs. My sons are two years and 6 months. The bibs really do fit a wide range of kids!



Making a difference in this world is something we all want to do. Well, Matimati Baby not only wants to make a difference in all of their customers’ lives, but they want to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Partnering with Chain Reaction, a non-profit organization, Matimati Baby donates a portion of their sales every month. The donations are fighting against human trafficking. They donate so they can help rescue and restore little ones around the world. When your kiddo is wearing a Matimati Baby bib they, and you, are making a difference too!



Matimati Baby also makes 5-in-1 covers that are perfect for every mom. These functional, stretchy covers are good for a multitude of purposes; you’re going to want to check them out.



Versatility is the perfect word to describe these covers. The names says it all – 5-in-1 cover. These covers can be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, car seat canopy, high chair cover, or an infinity scarf or shaw. Not only that, but you can even use the cover as a light blanket or changing pad. I’m telling you mama’s, these covers have so many uses. I’m sure you can find even more uses of your own!



The 5-in-1 covers come in three different print options – classic strips, mint, and blush. They’re all so cute; you can take my word for it.


My favorite part?

The material.

These covers are so, so soft. It was the first thing I noticed when I took it out of the package. The softness of the cover is great because it is constantly in contact with your baby, and you!



Check this out…


This is the exact reason I use this 5-in-1 cover while grocery shopping.

My son is currently teething hard core and while we were at the store today he was chewing on the cart.

Thank goodness I had our cover on the cart!

Using the cover protects kiddos from nasty germs they would otherwise touch.



Matimati Baby creates quality products that will benefit you and your children. Check out their bandana bibs, 5-in-1 covers, bamboo towels, and burp cloths. Their products are made from high quality materials, the prints are to die for, and your child (and you!) will be stylish and fashionable while sporting Matimati Baby.


Use this coupon code on any order at Matimati Baby’s website!