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Shorts for the Winter? Yes, and Other Winter Trends This Year

Dressing up in January can be challenging. Picking the right clothes can be tricky, to say the least, because you still have to dress warmly due to the weather. At the same time, your old wardrobe can feel a little musty when you have made New Year’s Resolutions and have your eyes set on starting afresh. So let’s discuss how you can repurpose your summer shorts for the winter.

A new year is generally the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. The start of the year is a great time to step back and look at your closet while setting intentions on your personal style or wardrobe needs. In addition, it is excellent to go through your existing wardrobe and remove garments you despise. However, do not toss or donate the garments. 

Instead, pack them in an airtight container; as trends come and go out of fashion. But post-Christmas, budgets tend to be a little tight, which might make it impossible to purge your closet.

For easy dressing in winter, having a good understanding of trends will allow you to put items you already have together in updated ensembles. Additionally, keeping your eye on some of the biggest trends will allow you to save and stock up whenever possible to complement existing garments.

So rather than swear off your old winter staples, be inspired to revamp your wardrobe with these winter trends this year:

Skirts for winter

Yes. You read that right! Skirts are not only a summer piece of attire. Shorts are no longer just for the hotter months. Women all over the country are reconsidering the garment for winter. When styled correctly, wearing shorts during winter can lend the wearer a certain defiant confidence, ingenuity, and refinement.

As a no-brainer, denim skirts make a great alternative to your everyday jeans. Instead of your go-to denim skirt, however, consider going for a ruffled skirt and pairing it with some boots. For example, a colorful skirt with cascading ruffles will help you stand out. All that is needed to pull this off is a form-fitting top, a warm jacket, and leggings or thick tights to keep your legs warm. But if you don’t have access to a ruffled skirt, a peplum maxi skirt will do the trick.

Camouflage pants

Camouflage and other military patterns have a venerable place in fashion. Moreover, the camouflage motif works for any season and is available in various colors and styles. As such, if you have some camouflage pants in your closet, winter is an excellent time to break them out.

Camouflage is a classic pattern that is relatively straightforward to style. The key is to pair your camouflage with a plain or simple top. The idea here is to keep it retro while maintaining a modern edge. For example, a monochrome top finished with camo pants is neither too loud nor understated – it is just right.

Opt for ankle or knee-length boots to further spruce up your camouflage pants. In addition, feel free to go for colorful boots to add a pop of color to your outfit. Camouflage pants for women are excellent for winter, but keep in mind that there are plenty of other camo items you can add to your closet, such as camo jackets and t-shirts.

Women’s shorts for the win

If you love wearing shorts, setting them aside is unnecessary because the weather is cold. However, summer shorts would be hard to pull off when the temperatures are freezing. So, if you want to keep wearing shorts, it is best to wear heavy woolen shorts or leather ones, which will give you sufficient protection against the cold.

Other fabrics that will work well for winter include suede or any knit – as long as it is comfortable. Investing in some sheer tights or ones with a subtle pattern would be a great idea to stay warm.

Just as with any outfit during winter, the trick to wearing shorts comfortably in cold weather is to layer. During the early winter weeks, when it is warmer, you can easily pair your shorts with t-shirts and denim jackets. However, as the temperatures drop, we recommend leaning into heavier blazers and knitwear.

Final Thoughts

We truly get it and love shorts for their style and comfort. However, putting together a decent look when the temperatures drop can be challenging. So what will keep you warm yet stylish? We hope this article has answered that question. Not only are the trends discussed here easy to pull off, but you can do it with most items you already have in your closet.

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