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Schwab Precious Metals IRA Review

If you want to have a comfortable retirement, it is strongly recommended that as early as possible, you start investing. Investing for your retirement is something you need to take into consideration even while you are young. Some think that investing for retirement should start when they reach the age of 40. If you want to enjoy your retirement and live your life to the fullest, investing for your retirement should happen the moment you start earning.

Sure, you do not need to force yourself to invest all your earnings or invest a huge amount immediately. You can start in small amounts, then gradually increase your retirement investment as your income increases and becomes stable.

One type of retirement investments where you can yield great benefits is IRA, particularly precious metals like silver, gold, palladium and platinum.

If you are planning to invest in an IRA, there are many platforms and companies where you can start dealing with, and one of which is Schwab.  There is a full breakdown on, a leading precious metals website.

Who is Schwab, are they legit, are they the right company to invest for your retirement? All these will be discussed in this article.

Who Is Schwab?

They are one of the financial institutions that service not just retirement planning but also brokerage accounts, and wealth management. They have over 32,000 employees working in their three hundred sixty branches in different parts of the world.

Their company was established in the year 1971 and up until this moment, they are still active. Being in the industry for more than fifty years, expect that they can provide truthful and fair trading and investing experience to everyone.

Schwab is managing millions of investors globally and also has international prospects and assets. They are serving retail and institutional clients and most of the time considered to be the 3rd world’s biggest asset manager.

They have received numerous awards, and these are:

– Most trusted financial institutions in 2021

– Best online brokers in 2022 – as per IBD

– 2021 Nerdwallet Best Robo Advisor

– Nerdwallet 2021 Best Broker for IRA Investing

–’s 2021 number one new tool

–’s 2021 number one IRA accounts

One of the downsides of their company is that they do not offer palladium, platinum, silver or gold in its physical form. Meaning, investors cannot buy silver, gold, etc. directly from Schwab.

Although they offer a list of options that can allow investors to purchase precious metals, most of them are paper assets.

If you are planning to use Schwab precious metal IRA, here are the pros and cons you can encounter from using it.


– Low transaction fees

– Free ETF and stock trading

– It is very easy to open an account with them

– They have highly interactive charts

– Some of the research tools accessible on their websites can give you trading ideas

– They have wide variety of assets to offer


– The fees of their mutual funds are high

– It would be nice if they have more research tools

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