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Gold Jewelry Education: Mixing Accessories

There are two main reasons the title of this article would have caught your attention: either you’re going to buy some gold jewelry, but not sure what exactly to get, so it would match; or you have plenty of really diverse gold items you have complications to mix. It’s not that the reason matters much as long as we are able to help your jewelry avoid lying abandoned in the box. How about experimenting with us in search of the most appealing jewelry combinations?

But before starting, let’s discuss some general rules of mixing accessories. Considering that we’re talking about gold jewelry, we should first stop mixing it with other metals. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like a taboo, we’re supporting creativity and bold experiments with jewelry, but it may be quite a problem for a beginner. Instead of trying to make the gold and silver, for example, work together it’ll be easier to start with the all-gold items, as the jewelry made of the same material is most likely to become a nice match. There’s a nuance with the color of gold as well. As you know, the gold in jewelry can be yellow, white or rose. For the best combination it’s preferably to mix gold jewelry of the same shades, unless, once again you’re willing to try something new and extravagant. But one jewelry item containing two or three variants of gold colors can become a great idea to connect the pieces of different colors into a complete ensemble.

Moving forward, we should mention the size and style of the jewelry. It’s not obligatory for the jewelry items to be identical, but it’ll bring more harmony to the look if their size matches, or they have some common elements in design. The results of mixing massive and delicate jewelry may not be the ones you’re expecting even if the metals and colors match.

If your jewelry features diamonds don’t try to mix it with the item that has other gems, pick diamonds to fit diamonds. Pearls also make the best impression when paired with pearls. Those sophisticated materials are rather fanciful, and they don’t like to share the spotlight.

One of the most important issues that arises while picking the jewelry to wear in one look is the quantity. There’s a well-known rule of 3 in jewelry that helps even the beginners to create flawless jewelry combinations. The rule obviously suggests to wear not more than 3 items of gold at once, while keeping in mind that at least one of them should be placed further from the face. It’s a formula following which you can be sure you won’t fail.

It’s about time to see how it all works with real jewelry pieces.



The closest jewelry piece to the face that is able to accentuate and visually alter its shape. The gold earrings can become an excellent match with a gold necklace and a bracelet or a ring. When you choose earrings as the focal element of the look, pick other jewelry to compliment them. A good idea is to select a central element of the necklace or a ring with the same design or the one that resonates with the earrings.

Massive gold chandelier earrings with precious stones should go well with a statement necklace and a flashy cocktail ring. Delicate gold hoops look nice with an elegant gold chain completed by a laconic pendant and a chain bracelet or few. A matching set of gold jewelry with pearls might have sounded like jewelry for elderly women not so long ago, but this season pearls are the top trend for young girls and jewelry sets are making their comeback. As they say, what’s old is new again. 


Chains – that’s what we’re going to talk about, as there are no more popular necklaces today. Besides, they are quite easy to style with other jewelry. The thick these gold chains for men have a perfect companion to duet with, and it’s a massive pendant with the design of your choice. A bulky pinky ring will surely add to the statement those two are willing to make on your behalf. It’s the ensemble that displays your success and wealth. Ladies will most likely opt for more intricate gold chain necklaces that emphasize elegance and chic, though massive Cuban link chains are popular with women as well. The gold chain can be made a part of a trendy layered chain look, or become a great match with a gold chain bracelet, preferably of the same pattern. Earrings featuring chain link styles are a frequent tendency this year and can handle completing the image the necklace is trying to create as well.


Stacked gold bracelets are really popular these days, so you’re free to go all out here and put on as many gold chain bracelets or bangles as you like. As to the other items that are able to finish the look along with bracelets, they can be anything you may think of as long as you remember about the rule of 3. You’d also better think twice before placing all your gold jewelry on your hands and arms. A bracelet and a ring are quite enough in the area, the third item should be placed somewhere by the face, either it’s a necklace or earrings. You may also go for a bracelet and a watch, but then you’d better choose a necklace to complete the image instead of the ring. As we’ve already mentioned, gold chain bracelets match well with the necklaces of the same style. The iconic tennis bracelet looks gorgeous in the duet with a pair of shiny diamond studs. Bangles can be mixed with the large gold hoops.


It’s rather easy to implement a ring into the style. It’s the jewelry that can help you express your individuality and reveal your exquisite taste. A gold ring is easy to find pieces to match, every item described above suits its companion as long as their designs create a harmonious image.

Men should consider Gold Square Diamond Pinky Ring to polish their style to perfection. Adding a massive gold chain necklace or a single diamond stud earring will only enhance a dazzling look. A luxury wristwatch is a must-have for mixing with such a sophisticated ring. Women should take a look at a massive cocktail ring with large gems. It can be matched with a bracelet and beautiful chandelier earrings featuring the same stones, or a pendant with the design alike.

Probably, the easiest way to start building up your look with the help of jewelry is to choose a key element. Sometimes one right gold jewelry item can define not only the jewelry ensemble, but the whole outfit. Remember, jewelry is created for us to highlight our natural beauty and enjoy the opportunities it provides to upgrade our style and express our individuality. So feel free to experiment with daring jewelry combinations while relying on your common sense, keeping in mind that sometimes less is more. 

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