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How To Make Your Windows Look Beautiful

Windows have more functions than just allowing outdoor air and light to enter a building. They can be a striking design feature and add to your home’s architectural aesthetic if you choose carefully. 


You might think that windows are just windows and there isn’t a lot you can do to improve them, but this is not the case. There are many ways you can make the windows in your home look stylish and beautiful and still ensure they do their job – read on to find out more. 

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Use Different Colored Window Frames

For a long time, white was the most popular color for windows, no matter what they were made of. However, since there are now more than 200 different colors of aluminum windows on the market, it seems almost a shame to stick with white when you could have something that offers you so much more in terms of your home’s overall look. Learn more about your different options here. 


Powder-coating aluminum, durable and varied external wood stains, and even paints that can be used to update uPVC windows have all led to a rise in the number of homeowners who are opting for different colored windows. Consider painting your front door the same color or in colors that go well together for a well-designed home that looks great from the street.


Change The Height And Width Of Your Curtains 

There is no hard and fast rule about how far above the frame curtains should be hung. Install long drapes just below where the ceiling meets the wall to make it look like the floor goes all the way up to the ceiling. You can also use a longer curtain rod (more on this later) and hang the drapes at each end to make the room wider. Both effects trick the eyes and make it hard to tell where the window begins and ends.


Blinds can also be used in this way. Look for blinds that are three to four inches longer on each side than the window. This method is great for windows that aren’t a standard size, especially if you want something like woven blinds that can’t be easily cut to fit.


Switch Windows For Sliding Doors

In recent years, the introduction of extra-wide bifold and sliding patio doors has revolutionized the way that natural light can be brought inside the home. One great idea to make an indoor-outdoor kitchen and terrace more social is to use these larger doors to form a “glass wall” that can be stacked or pulled back into a wall pocket.


No matter where you choose to install these doors, if you put them in place instead of windows, you will automatically change the look of things, and you’ll find that your home is more user-friendly. It’s a win-win situation that you’ll love. 


Use Layers 

What if you already have blinds, but now you’re looking for something different? Adding layers to your windows is a simple way to make them look better. For example, you may already have a window film or blinds in place, but to make the room look more elegant, add another layer of curtains. It will protect your privacy and let in as much light as possible. Adding layers always makes something look more interesting, as it offers plenty of textures and makes them look unusual. 


Remember that curtains should be made of light materials, like light cotton. Try out these ideas, and your house will look better right away.


Think About Furniture Placement 

Putting your furniture in a way that draws attention to your windows is another way to make your windows (and the rest of your home) look great. Arrange the furniture so that the window is in the middle of the arrangement. Place low pieces of furniture directly in front of the window to bring attention to it without getting in the way of the view.


You can also put furniture next to or facing the window so that you can sit down and enjoy the view. And if you have a piece of furniture that stands apart from the rest of the room, put it in front of and in the middle of the room’s main window to attract attention to both the furniture and the view outside.


You might also want to leave some space around your windows so that you can easily stand by them and look out.


Replace The Rods

If you want to dress up small windows, this tip is for you. Hang your curtain rods high and wide to make your windows look bigger than they are. Curtain rods can be made wider by adding double rods that stick out three to six inches on each side of the window frame.


Install your curtain rods four to six inches above the window frame or half the way between the frame and the ceiling to give them more height. This rod placement will make your windows look bigger and let more natural light into your home without the curtains getting in the way.


Clean Your Windows 

Check that all of your windows are spotless. Yes, it might sound as though this is an obvious piece of advice, but the fact is that we are all guilty of not cleaning our windows as often as we should (and sometimes not at all). After all, it’s not a fun job, and it’s something many of us will put off for as long as possible. 


However, if you clean your windows once a week, you’ll find that everything changes. That view you weren’t keen on suddenly becomes beautiful because you can see it better now. And more sunlight comes into your home because there isn’t a layer of dirt between it and you. 


You can hire professionals to clean your windows for you, and this can be a good idea if they are high up, but you can also do it yourself using eco-friendly homemade cleaning solutions and newspaper. The choice is yours, but if you do it, the results will be stunning.

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