There’s many aspects that come and coalesce to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones, whether it be hygiene, diet, exercise, or routine health check-ups at a local doctor’s office. Many of these options are only umbrella terms however, because they can branch off into much more complex scenarios and routines that can sometimes prove to be a bit challenging to follow. Hygiene plays a huge role in the health and safety of a family and even a single homeowner, as it is known that poor hygiene can have detrimental effects on your physical health. Everyone living inside your home (including you) plays a big part in keeping a hygienic home, but did you know that even the people you hire to help your home can play a big role? This is where the local services that you hire can come into play, because there are times when the service workers you hire will unintentionally do more harm than good to your home, thus affecting you and your loved ones.

Local Pest Control Services

      An example of a local service/business that can do more harm than good to your home and family is pest control services. When you hire a pest control company to get rid of whatever insects or rodents you’re dealing with, they send a technician with a pick-up truck or vehicle that is loaded with various tools and chemicals used to solve your problem. What you as the customer fail to realize is that the technician is solving one problem only to create another. The various chemicals that a pest control technician or exterminator may carry can differ in nature, for instance, there are synthetic and non-synthetic pesticide compounds. Non-synthetic compounds are produced naturally in the earth, and are generally less potent than their synthetic counterparts which is what can make them attractive to homeowners. The thing is, well, that it’s less potent. That can possibly just mean more inspections and more visits from the pest control company.

The Damage and the Potential

Everyone knows that the pesticides used on farmland can often seep into the fruits and vegetables that you purchase and eat, and that these pesticides can come with a nasty list of health defects, but did you know that the pesticides used on your home can damage your health just as much? An example of one such pesticide is DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), one of the first modern pesticides in the U.S. DDT was effective in controlling diseases such as malaria, as it would prove to be a good solution to pests like mosquitoes, gypsy moths, and the Japanese beetle. DDT ended up getting banned however, throughout the U.S. due to evidence supporting the claim that it was the reason behind preterm births and other health anomalies. It is important to state that the pesticides used in modern days are more safe and reliable, but it’s only a matter of time before studies reveal that they’re not as healthy as others make them out to be.

The Solution

The best step to finding a solution in this situation is to never get yourself in it in the first place. Some pests may inevitably come after your home for reasons out of your control, but a good portion of other insects and rodents will be deterred by basic house cleanliness. This means putting away dirty dishes, throwing away the trash, never leaving food out, and cleaning high-risk places such as your kitchen counters (and behind your kitchen counters) and all around your bathrooms. If worse comes to worse and you have to hire a pest control company, choose one that knows what they’re doing. Choose a business that can make an intelligent decision on which chemicals to use and what the consequences of each option are. In this situation and all throughout our lives is it important to weigh out the pros and cons, and that can be a long list sometimes. Take care of your home and it will take care of you!