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Things to Know Before You Move to Utah With Young Children

Utah is a family-friendly state so it’s a good choice when you’re looking to relocate with young children. There are lots of great child-appropriate activities and entertainment facilities, and you won’t need to look far to find the best schools in Utah.


The population growth in Utah is one of the fastest in the country because so many families move to the area every year. Find more information about Utah moving companies here.  It also has a birth rate that is higher than the national average.


Before you start packing your bags and moving straight to Utah with your young children, there are a few things to consider. We’ve discussed some of these things below, so keep reading! 


Child-Friendly Recreational Activities

Keeping young children occupied can be difficult. There are lots of great entertainment facilities across the state of Utah that are perfect for indoor activities, from theaters to soft play areas to museums.


Because Utah has seasonal weather, you’ll also be able to enjoy outdoor activities with your family. You can take them for a hike up the mountains, a trip through the desert, or an exciting camping trip in the middle of the forest.


Here are some of the most popular things to do in Utah when you’ve got kids:

  • Sound and Light Show in Moab
  • Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper
  • iFly Utah in Ogden
  • Zipline Utah in Heber


Top-Quality Educational Facilities

Utah has several top-rated educational facilities. Whether your children are currently too young for school or are in their first few years, you’ll be able to find a great school that meets their needs.


Every teacher in Utah is required to have a Bachelor’s degree and years of work experience so you can rest assured knowing your children are in the best hands.


Make sure to inquire at a few different schools at least three months before you plan on moving to Utah so you can secure a place in time. This will minimize disruption to your child’s education.


Many places offer fun after school activities to keep your children happy and active. If you work full-time and want extra support with your children, after school club is the perfect option.


International Airport

Situated in Salt Lake City, there is a huge international airport that can accommodate 34 million passengers. It’s newly built and is due to expand in 2024.


Currently, ten different airlines fly to and from Salt Lake City International Airport. If you enjoy going on an annual family holiday with your children, you’ll be able to fly almost anywhere in the world with ease. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid…you can find flights to your favorite destinations and explore the world with your little ones.


For those of you who work in multiple areas of the country or need to travel for work, having a huge international airport right on your doorstep will be handy.

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