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5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate can truly be an incredible experience. You get the opportunity to help a family in need by bringing new life into the world.

However, while it can be a fantastic journey to take, it’s essential to understand that it’s not easy. Surrogacy can be draining, both physically and mentally. It’s not a decision you can make quickly or on a whim.

In this article, we will discuss five things you should consider before becoming a surrogate.

Let’s get started.


Each country has different qualifications for surrogacy. These requirements are in place to ensure that both the surrogate and future parents have the best experience possible.

Before you can join an agency like Family Inceptions and get matched, this is something that you will need to look further into so that you understand your role.
Once approved, you can begin the process.


Pregnancy (as you might already know) comes with a lot of different challenges. Your body goes through so many changes, and before this happens, you’ll need to be in excellent physical health.

But it’s not just this you need to be concerned about – Your mental state is also highly critical. It can be emotional to go through such a big event, and you might not want to start this journey if it impacts your well-being after.

You can find some tips to help protect your health here.


Most women can continue to work through their pregnancies, but this isn’t always the case. Taking time off could impact your career depending on the field in which you work.

You’ll also have to consider the financial changes. In some places, you cannot be paid to be a surrogate, but the future parents may give you money for reasonable expenses, which includes things like maternity clothing, supplements, and loss of earnings. It’s certainly not something you should do for an income.


Support is one of the most critical parts of surrogacy. You’ll want to have a great team of people who will help you through everything in the most positive way possible.

You may already communicate with your loved ones and friends, but consider reaching out to other groups of surrogates. You can share experiences and gather advice to help you along the way.

Future Complications 

Finally, the last thing that you have to remember is that surrogacy can come with future complications. Even if you aren’t considered at risk, you can’t control every outcome, and unexpected circumstances can arise.

Alongside understanding that your health and life may be affected after birth, you’ll need to set your own boundaries regarding decisions that could be made during your pregnancy.

Final Words

As you can see from the above, there are a lot of different things you will need to take into consideration before you become a surrogate. If you still think it’s right for you, and meet the necessary requirements, then you can take the next step to begin your journey.

Good luck!

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