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5 Family Fun Ideas For Summer Fun

Today, many teenagers spend too much time at the computer, which negatively affects their health. That is why in this article we have collected 5 of the best family outdoor activities. They will help you make this summer unforgettable.


Obstacle course

In the country, it is easy to arrange it by going through the contents of the utility shed. Old boards, ropes, pieces of tiles, old tires – everything will fit. At the finish line, you can put an inflatable pool to have fun splashing thereafter passing the route.


In the city, the easiest way is to go to the rope park. Another option is a good playground and a little imagination. In the end, the main thing here is not the surroundings, but they need to jump somewhere, climb and reach out.


Ball games

The ball is a universal thing. With it, it is easy to come up with games for any age. You can play football with kids. With guys a little older – to play edible-inedible. Or hang the ball on a rope and arrange an impromptu boxing match.


If a large company has gathered, feel free to start a pioneer ball. And you can arrange country bowling. Just fill plastic bottles with water and knock them down one by one.



A great way to shake up bored kids on vacation or have a fun birthday party. Come up with tasks and a route, lay out the clues – you’re done!


The quest is easy to adapt for a company of any age and composition. It may have a plot – for example, a treasure hunt or a criminal investigation. Or you can just complete tasks in order to find nice gifts or treats at the end.


Plus skill

Let this summer your family treasury of craftsmen be replenished with new skills. Surely each member of the family will be able to set a goal according to their strength.


You can, for example, learn to swim or pull yourself up on the crossbar, learn to bike, skate, or roller skate. Or you can work on strength or endurance – run two kilometers or do ten push-ups in a row.


To make the process more fun, make a motivational poster and mark the progress of each participant on it. And in the finale, arrange a holiday and reward everyone with a well-deserved medal.


Classic Games

Children are usually extremely surprised by the fact that their parents were also once small. Try to play a game from your childhood together. You will be able to feel young and carefree again, and your offspring will see their parents in a new role.


Mom, for example, can teach you to jump through a rubber band. And dad – to show class in dodgeball. Laughter, excitement, funny stories from parental childhood – all this will make your family’s leisure unforgettable. And if parents suddenly get tired of playing funny children’s games, they can always switch to something more interesting – for example. play casino at PlayAmo.


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