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What You Need To Know About Discerning A Vocation

God created each of us with a particular purpose that he has entrusted you to fulfil. Discernment is the process of seeking God’s will over our lives and letting Him guide us on the best path to take. The Bible says that God chooses you, not the other way around. Therefore, God’s choice is what differentiates a vocation from an occupation. However, discerning a vocation has its fair share of challenges and uncertainties. Sometimes you will go back and forth with the decision to commit to a vocation. Let’s look into everything you need to know about discerning a vocation.  

Self-awareness is key

The first step in spiritual growth is self-awareness. Before diving into your vocation, it would be wise to do thorough introspection to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and gifts. Self-knowledge will help you understand possible vocations you can pursue and the kinds of activities and relationships you can cultivate to bring you maximum fulfilment and joy. 

Seek guidance

You might not discern a vocation on your own. Spiritual directors, family members, and friends can guide you along the way and point out qualities in yourself that you cannot see. According to Wyoming Carmelites, discernment of a vocation can probably take years. You will thus need support and you could send your prayer request to and ask your spiritual family to remember you in their prayers. You could also ask for help from the saints, who can intercede on your behalf on their own vocational paths. 

Vocation is fulfilling

Self-giving is a two-way gift in that we bless others with our time, resources, and words; in return, we feel happier and more fulfilled. You might be reluctant to commit to a vocation for fear that God will ask you to do something out of your comfort zone. However, God wants you to be happy and will not give you something He knows you can’t handle. 

Involve God in your plans

As a person of faith, it is easy to leave God out of your plans and try to figure things out independently. However, you should acknowledge that God is the source of your vocation. He will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. All you need to do is commit your plans to him, pray without ceasing and listen for his voice. 

Expect a sense of dread and unworthiness.

According to the Bible, only God is righteous and without sin. You might be worried about your past and unsure whether you are a fitting vessel to spread God’s word. However, God used sinners such as Saul, Mary Magdalene, David, and Paul to do great things and bring glory to his name. Therefore, God can also use you regardless of your past transgressions. 

Final thoughts

If you are considering a vocation, it would be best to ask yourself what God would want from you and how He would like you to live your life. The Almighty knows what is best for you, but you can only experience his goodness if you let him take the wheels to your life. 

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