People are becoming more aware of the environmental impact small changes can make, so they turn to greener options. In addition, the eco-friendly ride can save some money. Green choices of the motorcycle ride take up less parking space and put less wear on roads, and these are just some of them. Here’s a list of other ways how to make your motorcycle riding greener and save money, too. 


Motorcycle Maintenance


One of the easiest ways to stay eco-friendly is to regularly maintain your bike. Motorcycle maintenance keeps your bike in great condition and prevents motorcycle exhaust from letting the black smoke out. If you have trouble remembering and keeping track, you can find many apps on your phone with gas logs and maintenance tracking. In addition, keep track of oil changes, repairs, and all the other important tasks. 

However, when choosing a motorcycle to buy, make sure you buy a good quality bike that doesn’t break easily and doesn’t need to be fixed up every few weeks. For example, the dragster model has a great inline 3-cylinder engine, spoke wheels, and balanced weight and volume, which makes it great for bike lovers and green riders. 


Accelerate Slowly


It’s important to accelerate slowly and smoothly because you save a lot of fuel this way. For example, you spend almost nothing while riding at 40km/hr, at 130km/hr you consume twice as much, and at 170km/hr it consumes almost three times as much. Another benefit of accelerating slowly is reducing engine wear. So, keep a regular speed, cut one refuel and you notice that you will be feeling less tired and spend less time on the road. 

Remember, you can save around 25% if you do a smooth acceleration and not a sudden sprint from going slow to speeding up. When you’re approaching a red traffic light, change gears down gradually, smoothly slow down, and hit the brakes just before you stop. Also, braking at the right moment can also save the brake pads.


Check The Tire Pressure


Whether you’re looking to buy a new bike or already have one, good-quality tires are a must. There’s a list of tips on what to look for when buying a bike for a woman. For example, you can find the importance of the right size of the tires. Also, regular bike maintenance should include checking tire pressure. This is significant for green riding because under-inflated tires can consume much more fuel. Just 0.5 bars less can increase the fuel consumption by 0.5 liters per 100 km, which can add up. So, make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and inflate your tires according to them. Also, don’t be afraid to slightly overinflate just by 0.2 bars. 


Make The Most of Descents


Another great tip for riding your bike greener is to make the most of descents. When you’re riding on a highway, try to maintain the same rpm whether you’re on the flat, downhill, or uphill. This cruise control technology can help you consume less fuel. When you’re going downhill, close the throttle and work on your trajectory, meanwhile, when going uphill, open the throttle. 

Also, drag is significant in consuming less fuel. In addition, wear garments that fit you. You can remove satchels and top cases if you don’t use them often. However, if you want to save more money, then you can remove the high windscreen deflector since it increases drag and requires more horsepower to maintain speed. 


These are just some of the tips that you can incorporate into your motorcycle riding habits and become greener. Remember, even small changes make a difference and are important for the environment.